Mordechai The Maverick

By motkhehacohen

Mordechai- The Little Man in Hebrew,

Did you think by moving web page that we would not find you,

You have comitted Lashon Hora against a Holy and Upright man,

You have stated that this man in Anti-semetic, well i find that rather confusing, as i am a jew, a messianic jew at that, if this man was against my people, would he have one working in his church, being a part of the church family, i think not,

I think as the name you are using, you are a little man, i have offered to be w ith you at the Bet Din in Finchley Roadm London so you may air your views against the Dr Rev Sizer, but you refuse, you still continue to committ Lashon Hora, well this is my blog for you and all others who are following you slander and diatribe against a Very Holy man,

Yes i would rather sit down with terroists and talk about a way forward in Yisrayl, rather than having mothers sons killed, havin funerals, and more tension in our home lands, Yes i would sit down with Hamas, and yes i would sit with Iran and talk with them about a peacefull solution other than going to war.

I have seen war and it is not a nice place to be, i am a former military man, and war is not the way forward, but talking and praying only then may we make progress to solving the hatred and death that surrounds the Middle east, But with your comments, you are just trying to stir up hatred for a man who trys to calm things down,

A man who would rather use the bible than a Galil rifle.

You have my email address

And remember wehat i said to you, remove the plank from your own eye before you remove the speck from your brothers


Reb Mordechai ben Reb Yaccov Hacohen

3 Responses to “Mordechai The Maverick”

  1. old Labour Says:

    Ah – so you consider J for J to be Messainic Jews, in spite of being a Christian evangelical organisation, led by a Christian pastor, and not following Torah observence? Maybe a better term would be ethnically Jewish Christians.

    I thought you may have been one of the historic messianic jews, from a BMJA congregation. I’m struggling to find accurate numbers for them though.

    • motkhehacohen Says:

      Mr Couthon,
      I belong to no set congreation or political body,
      If i enjoy the sermons of a particular church, i shall attened, and learn from them, at home i follow the traditional jewish life style of eating Kashrut, of having Mezzuah upon my doorways, and in the Morning of Laying Tefillin and reading from my siddur,
      My wife lights candles on Erev Shabbiz, and we enjoy Shabbiz meals together.

      JFJ may have started out with good intentions but like so many groups a lot of things have fallen by the wayside, Some no longer have shabbiz services at all, I attended one in the devon area, and i was shocked is a polite word for my actions, i left the room which they had hired, there was no mezzuah upon the doors, and many other things that are disgusting to any jew,

      I am a frum Jew, i wear my Kippah every day,

      If i can help in any way please do contact me again.

      Yours in Y’shua
      Motkhe Hacohen

  2. motkhehacohen Says:

    If you look up the Jews for Jesus website, you will see a rough guide as to how many.

    Off the the top of my head i would have to put the figure around the 300 mark.

    Mordechai Cohen

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