Sailor Moon meets Kamen Rider

Bootlegs and knockoffs

Beyond licensed items

Candy Topper
This candy topper (which I believe bears the likeness of Sailor Neptune) was found in a small shop in Tozeur, although I saw similar (non-Sailor Moon) items all over Tunisia. The cool thing is, this piece is licensed (it's got a Toei copyright on the back) and it's got Arabic writing on the wrapper--a genuine Tunisian Sailor Moon item. Proof positive that it's easier to find Sailor Moon stuff in North Africa than it is in the United States!
Digital Watch
I found this watch at a stall in the Medina (or rather, my smart and good-looking husband spotted it). It's probably a bootleg, and similar to a lot of stuff I've seen in Seattle's own international district. However, I think it's interesting mainly for the novelty of having bought it (and spent some time haggling for it, no less) in a Tunis souk.
Beauty Warrior
This attractive knockoff, featuring a Sailor Mars-like mask and some role-playing toys, would be kinda cool even if I hadn't happened to have found it in Carthage. I especially like the image of two senshi packing heat. Interesting story about this piece: my Star Wars-obsessed spouse had picked up a Star Wars item or two during our journey, and as is our custom, the two of us packed our collectibles in our hand luggage for our flight out of Tunis. (We ended up spending the night in London without a change of underwear, as our checked luggage made its way to Seattle, but hell, our bubbles remained undented!) Anyway, I should also explain that Tunisia is somewhat of a benevolent dictatorship, and police checks are a way of life. Our last police check came just before we were to board our flight. Gus bit his fingernails as our hand baggage was taken from us, and his beloved props were sent through the X-ray machine. Suddenly, one of the policemen shouted whatever the Arabic equivalent of "Aha!" is, and shopping bag. He'd spotted the Sailor Moon gun! The look on his face as he opened the bag and saw that not only had he spotted a plastic toy guy, but a flourescent pink one at that, was simply priceless.
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Saturn
Sailor Venus
These buttons from Singapore depicting SD characters are kawaii. Thanks to Scott ( for the images!

Planet Girls
I love a good Sailor Moon bootleg. These are pretty cool, with a silly name, creative box art (love the little stitching the added to Sailor Moon's boots), and a special prize for the worst odangos I've ever seen.
Annie Pretty Sailor
From the sublime to the ridiculous, this is a pretty funny bootleg. The box is pretty elaborate for a boot, and shows Jupiter, Mars and Mercury plus a pink-clad Moon (Venus is not pictured for some reason). But, all of the dolls themselves are blond Usagi, wearing a variety of different costumes (I got pink, blue and green). The little cresecent moon pattern on her blouse is a nice touch. And at $3 a pop, the price was right.
Kids outfit
I don't know if it's licensed or not (I would guess not), but I love the Moon applique on this little kids outfit.
Sailor Mary
These bootlegs are actually famous, having rated a picture in Figure Oh mag a couple months back. The dolls are about 10" tall, with molded hair, and actually resemble large action figures. The box promises, "Fully vinyl head."
The Sailor Senshi roar out on pastel-colored bikes! Sailor Moon meets Kamen Rider? This one features hilarious graphics of a surprised looking Moon and Chibi Moon.
Fly Dancer
Looks like someone had the same idea as Giochi Preziosi. Only unlike the Italian company, they didn't want to bother with all that boring licensing stuff to make a Sailor Moon skydancer. This looks to be Sailor Uranus, although other senshi (including Neptune, Moon and Chibi Moon) are pictured on the box. It's amusing that though the people who made this toy obviously had no compunction about using the "Sailor Moon" name, they kinda wimped out and called it a *Fly* Dancer.
"Magic Feeling" wand
This hot pink wand is supposed to be musical, but batteries, alas, are not included. I'd love to know what theme it plays. Knowing these folks who make bootlegs, it's probably the theme from Shaft!
Sailor Uranus action figure
The card says Sailor Moon S. The figure is obviously Sailor Uranus. But what's with the Magical Princess pictures mixed in with the Sailor Senshi? Looks like she's trying to stab Luna!
Beauty Soldier Shirley Moore
What's inside is yet another Sailor Uranus action figure. What's on the box? "She is the one called Shirley Moore?" "I fight for love and for justice--I'm Shirley Moore."
Sailor Sweetie
Sailor Sweetie indeed! These SD figure knockoffs feature pastel colors, as well as a baffling tropical motif. This one has Jupiter (wink, wink) and Venus (wink, wink), a little sail ship, and palm trees. The all feature palm trees actually. There is another one that includes Moon and Chibi Moon, as well as an Artemis-like cat.....and a monkey. The third version hasblue-haired Mars and green-haired Mercury.

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