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Fast Explorer 2008 v3.1.11.430

Fast Explorer Context Menu Extension DLL v3.1.11.190

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Released: August 24, 2008

“ Right-Click What You Need! ”
— the software for making your interactions with Windows Explorer
instant and enjoyable

This handy utility allows you to manage context menus items of file objects displayed in a file manager like Windows Explorer or any other application that deals with shell's application programming interface. It's a very simple way to make your often used file actions quickly accessible.

Easy context menu management
Easy context menu management
Fast Explorer handles both static and dynamic context menu items and can assist with even more...
With Fast Explorer you can create new context menu items, submenus (cascaded menus), dividers, and optionally specify menu bitmaps and hint text.

For an ultimate control over dynamic context menu items added from within Fast Explorer you can define your own look & feel using the custom-drawing feature.

Fast Explorer-driven context menu items can be associated with any file type registered in Windows shell, including the wide range of predefined shell objects:

  • All files;
  • All files and file folders;
  • All non-associated files;
  • All folders;
  • All file folders;
  • File folder background;
  • Entire network;
  • All network shares;
  • All network servers;
  • All printers;
  • All drives;
  • Audio CD in drive;
  • DVD drive

and a set of perceived types, like Image, Text, Audio, Video, Compressed, or System.

On the other hand, it's pretty easy to detect and clean up orphaned context menu items or remove context menu items added by other applications or context menu extensions without manual digging in the Registry.

Take a look at Fast Explorer screenshots as well to see it in action.

Fast Explorer Context Menu Extension DLL

Fast Explorer Context Menu Extension DLL is the shell extension library that allows third party applications to add sophisticated context menu items. It is configured via plain Ini-file and does not require for developers a deep knowledge in the areas of Windows shell extensions and Windows Registry.

Fast Explorer Context Menu Extension DLL (FEShlExt.dll) may be freely used and redistributed with third party products for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. The only requirement is to mention in the product documentation that the product has it included.

What's new

  • added support for perceived types (introduced in Windows XP) including a set
    of predefined PerceivedTypes: Image, Text, Audio, Video, Compressed and System;
  • copy and paste for static and dynamic menu items;
  • relaxed user priveleges for using of Fast Explorer Context Menu Extension DLL: administrative rights on local machine are required to edit, enable and disable dynamic menu items. Regular users can enjoy installed context menu items;
  • updated installer to NSIS v2.39;
  • fix: Windows Registration Server (regsvr32.exe) crashes after enabling or disabling dynamic menu items;
  • fix: accidental crash on pressing Win+E or right clicking on My Computer;
  • fix: incorrect reporting of Windows Server 2008 in the About box;
  • fix: dynamic menu items didn't appear if the access to the Internet is restricted for Verclsid.exe;
  • fix: crash on click on the Parameters label on the Submenu Items tab;
  • fix: crash on pressing F1 when a context menu is shown.

Read older product history.


  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista or later;
  • x86 (32 bit) or x64 (64 bit) processor architecture;
  • Administrative priveleges on local machine to edit context menu items.


Automatic installation and uninstallation is provided.
Note: use Zip-archive for portable installations.


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Take a look at what the users say as well.

More information


Feel free to contact the author if you have any questions or suggestions on the product, translation initiatives or something else about it.

Frequently asked questions are collected in the Knownledge base so you can take a look before writing.

If you are reporting an issue, please provide as much details as possible before contacting for support:

  • enable the debug logging feature for the Fast Explorer shell extension module;
  • reproduce the problem;
  • click Copy System Information in the About box, and finally
  • include obtained system information report with your mail.

Email support:


This software product is freeware and distributed "as is".

Download links:

click to download Fast Explorer
(1.42 Mbytes)

click to download Fast Explorer archive for portable install
(1.88 Mbytes)

click to download Fast Explorer redistributable DLL
(481 Kbytes)
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