Most Disappointing Game of the Year

Star Wars Rebellion
Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: Coolhand Interactive

"Star Wars Rebellion dies the death of a thousand clicks."
- T. Liam McDonald, GameSpot Review

With seemingly everything going for it, Star Wars Rebellion promised a game that almost couldn't miss. A complex strategy game with a Star Wars theme, Rebellion promised to be Master of Orion in real time, with espionage, diplomacy, and combat in the rich Star Wars universe.

But miss it did. Rebellion's biggest flaw was its interface, a jumbled mess of windows that would have been difficult to deal with in a turn-based game, let alone with a complex game passing you by in real time. As one of our readers so eloquently described it, it was like using Lotus Notes to play a strategy game. But the Interface wasn't the game's only problem. In fact, it was clear that Rebellion's origins lay as a non-Star Wars product, and the use of the epic story was limited at best.

What could have been an intriguing game in the tradition of Master of Orion drawing upon the rich history of its source material did neither.

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