Svalbard Museum 
P.O. Box 521 / NO-9171 Longyearbyen
Phone 79 02 64 90 / Fax 79 02 64 91

The museum is located in the Gateway to Svalbard (Svalbardporten). The exhibition presents fragments of Svalbard's 400 years history and describes factors that help support life and the activities taking place here, which together reveal the close relationship between sea and land, nature and culture history. At the museum, you can get an insight into everything from the discovery of Svalbard, 17th century whaling history, expeditions, winter trapping techniques,  flora, fauna, and geology and mining history. In connection with the relocation, many objects are transported back to Svalbard to be included in the museum expositions. There are also smaller museums in Barentsburg and in Ny-Ålesund.



Spitsbergen Airship Museum
P O. Box 89 / NO - 9171 Longyearbyen
Tel +47 957 357 42 / +47 913 834 67

Spitsbergen Airship Museum opened in November 2008 and presents the history of three airships trying to reach the North Pole, all starting from Svalbard: “America” in 1906 – 1909, “Norge” in 1926 & “Italia” in 1928 as well as the search and rescue expeditions where among others Roald Amundsen lost his life. The exhibition consists of pictures, documents, film, and different models of landscape, ships, aero planes and airships. The museum is located in the older part of Longyearbyen, close to the church. The museum shop offers books, plane models, magazines airship jewellery and other related material.




Gallery Svalbard
P.O. Box 350 / NO-9171 Longyearbyen
Phone 79 02 23 40 / Fax 79 02 15 57

Located in Nybyen. Gallery Svalbard displays a number of artworks made by Kåre Tveter featuring wonderful Svalbard motifs. Svalbard’s resident artist Olaf Storø has a permanent sales exposition in the gallery. The gallery also houses a unique map and book-collection - the 'Svalbard- Collection' and the 'Recherche-collection', paintings from the great expeditions. Occasionally the gallery organises temporary exhibitions and concerts. There is also an art centre at Gallery Svalbard where artists produce handicraft items as well as other artwork.



Atelier Aino
P.O. Box 372 / NO-9171 Longyearbyen
Phone 79 02 10 02 / Mobile 481 20 227

Located in the town centre. Gallery in the House with the green door. The artist Aino Grib exhibits paintings, drawings and prints inspired by, and painted at Svalbard.



Svalbard Kirke
P.O. Box 533 / NO-9171 Longyearbyen
Phone 79 02 55 60 / Fax 79 02 55 61
Email: / /

In addition to the regularly scheduled church services, Svalbard Church is also used for a number of other activities. A large and cosy fireplace lounge in the church is open daily. A couple of evenings a week, you can stop by for a cup of coffee, delicious, Norwegian waffles and daily newspapers. Both concerts and lectures are offered from time to time on the church premises. Svalbard Church also organises excursions featuring outdoor church services.




Funicular centre



Historical sites and monuments





All over the archipelago you will find a number of monuments and historical sites. More information about this can be found in brochures and literature available at the Svalbard Museum. Please take the time to read about the special rules regarding the protection of historical sites on Svalbard (see section on Nature and Environmental Protection). Communication about conservation of Svalbard’s cultural heritage is of vital importance. In collaboration with Svalbard Tourism, the Governor of Svalbard has prepared five brochures on the historical monuments, which describe the locations of historical monuments and sites on the archipelago. The brochures can be purchased at several places in Longyearbyen, for example at the Tourist Information Centre.

In connection with Svalbard Museum there is a very characteristic building which houses the funicular railway that was used in earlier times to transport coal in Longyearbyen. The building now features a mining exhibition.





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