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Meet Jana Kemp

Jana Kemp has this Public Service Vision for her term as Governor of Idaho: As Governor, Jana Kemp will be Idaho’s champion.

Her vision is to lead Idaho to be a state with healthy, well-educated, and prosperous citizens, pursuing their interests in freedom, family and business, moderated by good governance.

Idaho is a great place to live – Jana’s vision is to redouble Idaho’s entrepreneurial efforts, educational focus, and governmental effectiveness so that Idaho is also a great place to work. Jana will deliver by listening to the people and brain-power of Idaho and organizing the executive branch of government in ways that work for Idaho’s citizens within a balanced budget.

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  • Lower corporate taxes to create jobs
  • Empower Idaho’s entrepreneurs Build public/private collaborations
  • Diversify Idaho’s economy to create jobs
  • Support the armed forces as part of Idaho’s work force
  • Support early childhood education
  • Protect an appropriate education budget
  • Advance world class teacher education
  • Lead public and private colleges to create finest collegiate nursing program in the Northwest
  • Champion innovation for Idaho energy independence
  • Explore renewable energy from all resources
  • Merge resource agencies for improved management
  • Accountability for state agencies
  • Streamline state services
  • Return the “governor’s mansion” to the donors
  • Build a culture of open government
  • Solve community social needs through innovative partnerships
  • Protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights

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Saving Idaho's parks

“Due to the hard work of volunteers, Save our Parks Facebook pages, state employees, and many contacts with legislators, Idahoans have saved the Parks. Myself, I emailed Legislative Resources committee members last week to share critical information and encourage them to not let the Parks department be gutted and filleted. Despite the current success of keeping Parks, the Governor is still determined to take away some of the best-spent dollars in Idaho for our Parks. Idaho’s park system is both a recreational benefit and an economic engine for our state. I look forward to further work on Idaho’s Parks and park management so that the very resources that make us the “Gem” state remain ours.”