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New Charlotte Gainsbourg (With Beck): "IRM"

New Charlotte Gainsbourg (With Beck): "IRM"

Front page photo by Autumn de Wilde

We already told you about how Beck is all over the new Charlotte Gainsbourg album, titled IRM (French for MRI) and out in January via Because/Elektra. Mr. Hansen wrote the album's music, co-wrote the lyrics, produced, and even mixed the whole thing. But it's still a Charlotte Gainsbourg LP-- a fact that becomes clear after listening to the title track, now available as a free download on her website.

"IRM" is a shambolic psych-out based on Gainsbourg's frequent MRI trips after she suffered a brain hemorrhage following a 2007 water-skiing accident, according to a behind-the-scenes video. You can watch the video after the jump. (It features Beck looking très chic with short hair and a bandanna knotted around his neck).

"I had to do so many [MRIs] and every time I was in that tube I was thinking it would make great music," she says, referencing the song's stuttering, machine-like rhythm. The lyrics chronicle her trips to the brain-buster with acute detail: "Following the x-ray eye from the cortex to medulla," she sings in a Beck-y, spoken-word cadence. Fact: MRIs have never been as cool as they are right now.

"IRM" isn't the album's first single, however. That would be the Gainsbourg/Beck duet "Heaven Can Wait", which is coming soon.

"IRM" teaser video below:


Thursday, October 8

Check Out Images From Kanye West's New Glow in the Dark Tour Book

New tome features candid shots and an interview with Spike Jonze. Check Out Images From Kanye West's New Glow in the Dark Tour Book

All photos by Nabil Elderkin

Let's try to ignore Kanye West's current woes for a moment and think back to a time when he was triumphantly traveling around the world with his sci-fi-themed Glow in the Dark tour. The 2008 show had tons of blinding lights, a vaguely pornographic alien, and Kanye rampaging like the last man on Mars. It was incredible.

Now, we're going to get a really nice belated program in the form of the 288-page book Kanye West: Glow in the Dark, featuring photos by Nabil Elderkin (director of Kanye's "Paranoid" and "Welcome to Heartbreak" videos) and designed by the graphic team Base. Along with on stage and behind-the-scenes shots, the book includes conceptual sketches by West, costume designs, and stage models. The book comes with an audio CD featuring the previously unreleased live instrumentals for "Hey Mama", "Touch the Sky", "Jesus Walks", and "I Wonder", as well as an interview with tour collaborator Spike Jonze. It's due out this month via Rizzoli.

Click on to see a few choice pics from the book, including one of Kanye apparently being eaten by an overgrown lizard:


Liam Gallagher Confirms Oasis Split

"Oasis is no longer. I think we all know that." Liam Gallagher Confirms Oasis Split

Back in August, we reported that Noel Gallagher had quit Oasis, issuing a brief statement that he "simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer." Given that Noel served as the band's co-frontman and its guiding artistic force, it was tough to picture Oasis soldiering on without him. But up until now, we hadn't heard whether the band had ended or not.

In an interview with the London Times (via Billboard), Liam confirmed that Oasis is kaput: "Well, Oasis is no longer. I think we all know that. So that's done."


News in Brief: Songs From the Point!, Bell Orchestre, Holopaw, Half-Handed Cloud

News in Brief: <i>Songs From the Point!</i>, Bell Orchestre, Holopaw, Half-Handed Cloud

-- Benefit albums are good, and tributes to weird, half-forgotten culty things are good. The compilation Songs From the Point is both. On the album, folks like Andrew Bird, Nada Surf, Martha Wainwright, and DeVotchKa cover songs from Harry Nilsson's 1971 soundtrack to the animated TV movie The Point!. Proceeds go to the kids' writing nonprofit 826NYC. The album is due October 27 from Amano, and you can listen to snippets here.

-- Also on October 27, Arts & Crafts will release Who Designs Nature's How, a new remix EP from the arty, Arcade Fire-affiliated Montreal crew Bell Orchestre. On this EP, folks like Tim Hecker, Mad Professor, and Kid Koala rework tracks from Bell Orchestre's As Seen Through Windows album.

-- Gainesville, Florida indie crew Holopaw have clearly thought long and hard about how to punctuate the title of their third album, Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness. The album comes out November 3 on Bakery Outlet. Right-click to download the opening track "The Art Teacher and the Little Stallion" here.

-- Cut Me Down & Count My Rings, the new odds-and-ends collection from bedroom pop weirdo Half-Handed Cloud, collects 46 songs that, for one reason or another, haven't shown up on any Half-Handed Cloud albums. The collection is due November 3 from Asthmatic Kitty. Sufjan Stevens helps out, as do members of WHY? and Cryptacize.

Posted by Tom Breihan on October 8, 2009 at 3:45 p.m.

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Take Cover: Rain Machine

TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone on his hallucinatory solo album art. Take Cover: Rain Machine

Notable album covers catch the eye, dribble it around a little, and then snap it back into place, forever skewed. They can be funny, gross, shocking, stunning, or just plain wrong. They can define artists.

With Take Cover, we aim to track down the most striking new album covers taking up web space and vinyl bins and get the story behind them. In this installment, we check in with Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio, Iran), who drew the fantastical cover for his new solo album as Rain Machine. "There's a highly psychedelic aspect to African cultures that's largely untapped as a creative inspiration today," he explained. Also: He was apparently not high when he created the sleeve. Believe it.


New Release: Various Artists: Kitsuné Maison Compilation 8

New Release: Various Artists: <i>Kitsuné Maison Compilation 8</i>

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Kitsuné Maison Compilation 8
Release Date: November 30
Label: Kitsuné


New Release: Mulatu Astatke: New York - Addis - London

New Release: Mulatu Astatke: <i>New York - Addis - London</i>

Artist: Mulatu Astatke
Album: New York - Addis - London: The Story of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975
Release Date: October 27
Label: Strut


Animal Collective to Release "Brothersport" Single

Animal Collective to Release "Brothersport" Single

It isn't the mysterious Fall Be Kind, but on December 8, we will definitely have a new Animal Collective single. The "Brothersport" 10" is due on Domino, featuring the Merriweather Post Pavilion track backed by the live B-side "Bleeding".

Thanks to Bryan Ziliox for the heads up.

Posted by Amy Phillips on October 8, 2009 at 1:10 p.m.

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Sonic Youth Plan "Gossip Girl" Single

Sonic Youth Plan "Gossip Girl" Single

Front page photo by Michael Schmelling

Set your TiVos: Downtown art-rock titans Sonic Youth will appear on an episode of the uptown snark-soap melodrama "Gossip Girl" this coming Monday, October 12. They'll perform an acoustic version of the EVOL oldie "Star Power", and hopefully they won't have to interact with ultra-annoying ex-rocker dad Rufus Humphrey at all.

Now, the band's website reports that they'll release that acoustic version of "Star Power" as a single the very next day. On October 13, we'll be able to download the song from the Sonic Youth website and iTunes. On SY's site, you'll be able to buy it with a limited edition, hand printed and numbered "Star Power" poster, pictured above. (It is exactly the sort of thing that would decorate Vanessa Abrams' dorm room wall.) You'll also be able to buy a "Star Power" t-shirt, or a song/poster/shirt bundle.

On iTunes, "Star Power" will come with The Eternal track "Antenna" as a B-side.


Brian Wilson to Complete Unfinished George Gershwin Songs

Brian Wilson to Complete Unfinished George Gershwin Songs

Troubled Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson belongs on any list of the most important musicians of the 20th century. So does composer/songwriter George Gershwin. So the news that the two are coming together for a collaboration is pretty impressive. (No, it's not an in-person collaboration; Gershwin died in 1937, five years before Wilson was born.)

Today, the L.A. Times reports that Gershwin's estate has authorized Wilson to complete unfinished songs that Gershwin left behind when he died. According to the Times, Wilson "plans to finish and record at least two such pieces on an album of Gershwin music he hopes to release next year."


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