Welcome to the Carnitas Shootout. If it is not apparent by now, Jatbar takes the bay area food scene very seriously - and sometimes the gauntlet is thrown down causing Jatbar to toe the line and cut to the heart of the truth. We were having lunch with Dominic one day a few weeks back and we got to talking about the carnitas quality at a few of the heavy hitters in the south bay. The idea was hatched that we would take one lunchtime and do the definitive test of 4 high quality taquerias - proving once and for all the winner.

To make things more interesting, we decided that we would have a 5 person review committee, with no talking to each other about the food during lunch - and combine the results for publishing on the website. Everyone would take notes (written or mental) and build a score based on their impressions in 4 key categories (taste, texture, portion/price, appearance), along with a few quick words. And we had to do this in 1 lunchtime, since - well- there's work to be done. We couldn't waste all day on this.

Jason carefully mapped out all of the locations ahead of time, optimizing for a slightly longer-than-normal lunch hour. The 5 men assembled for duty. We had Dominic, long time foodie, world traveler, and expert of the carnitas. We had Jose, sailor of the high seas and Jason's Mexican food advisor. We had Mike, with his bottomless stomach, has the ability to find the diviest place in any city in the bay area. And of course: Jason and Terry.

And the transportation for these 5 supreme eaters of the taco? Jason's old beatup Toyota Corolla. On a good day (where there are only 3 or 4 people in the car) the rear occupants are hurting for space, suffering cramped legs, stiff backs, and questionable safety. Today we were asking the Corolla to provide us with the seemingly impossible: 5 guys crammed in there, possibly eating greasy, stinky carnitas. Lets see how they hold up. Continue Reading