A Letter To Prospective Students: Why SEED Matters

Cory Doctorow is an award winning Science-Fiction author and SEED graduate

SEED is about making an education for yourself. if you can learn to do that, you're set for life. It took me seven years to graduate from high-school and every minute of it was time well-spent. I owe who am I today to a school where I was expected to write my own curriculum, de
sign my own courses, hack the system to get credits -- I took home ten credits in ten days during my last year when I decided it was time to graduate. It was a school where I was surrounded and supported by other people also wooing their own muse of the odd.

The science fiction writer Bruce Sterling says that "if you can describe what you do for a living, it's already been outsourced." The winners in the 21st century are people who are comfortable with unstructured environments where the point of the game is to figure out what the point of the game is. You'll find no better preparation for such a life than at a school like SEED.

SEED is a school where the students are free to design classes. Where they are encouraged to find people who can teach them what they want to learn and *learn it*. Where when a teacher doesn't show up, the students can teach themselves.

Half the careers in the world you graduate into won't have been invented when you start high-school. You will spend your entire life teaching yourself. SEED will teach you how to do it.