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Men Are Better Than Women
The Fundamental Diffrence
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John Mclane

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

MikeeUSA wrote:
?You left the religion because the Law in it allows you to keep some virgin girl if you happened to make a unilateral decision to have sex with her?

Nope. I said it was one of the things. I had a good number of reasons to leave the religion.

MikeeUSA wrote:
Wouldn't a better reason be that the people that proport to follow the religion deny pretty much every law that exists in it which may be to the benefit of men and are largely pro-women's rights anti-men's liberty "manginas"?

I already commented that Christianity has gone soft. A good example is the excuses they make, for the scriptures that they do not like. (As you pointed out). The Law of G-d given to Moses and the Hebrews has a number of laws that Romans (Christians) find distasteful. The rape laws are among them. As well purchasing of female slaves.

It is interesting that laws benefiting men are the very laws that are often found distasteful, yet laws harming mostly men (execution for instance) are mostly not despised by Christians.

MikeeUSA wrote:
I gave up arguing with the religious peeps long ago. I state the Law from their book when said Law seems to be infavor of Men and when they deny their own law or try to get into a quoting contest, tell them to go to hell.

There is little point to it. The Law that G-d gave to Moses is pretty clear. Christianity and Yeshua both have little in common with the G-d YHWH. YHWH is harsh, strong, almost murderous. It is not really an old testament and a new testament, but rather two completely different religions, with the Christians latching onto the G-d of the Hebrews in name only.

MikeeUSA wrote:
The only real aim of the religious peeps seems to be to gain more followers regardless of how much of their law they need to deny. What's the use of such a thing?


What is LOL about the article in question? I read the entire thing and factually Mike is correct in everything he says. You may disagree with the solution he offers on moral grounds but his facts are solid.

For instance his comments to the Debian Women's group. Debian was created by men. The distro and its advances were there by men. There were some women that contributed here and there but mostly it was men. Now, women started to push in and complain that they were greatly under represented in FOSS. So they created the Debian Women's group to promote such participation. Has it achieved anything? Not really. The number of women in Foss is still very small.

How small? They claim about 1% of all FOSS development is women. The claim is made that about 40% of development of proprietary software is done by women. So what is going on here? Surely someone MUST be holding the women back in FOSS no?

Well, no. See, in proprietary development you have to be offered a JOB or an INTERNSHIP to participate in code production. Thus someone has to ALLOW you to do it. Were the percentages above reversed one might claim that women CAN create code but they are being PREVENTED from doing it by men in companies.

However, in FOSS, contrary to proprietary software development, you do NOT need ANYONE'S permission to participate. The software licenses for foss projects generally allow you to download the code, run it for any reason, modify it as you choose, redistribute it and EVEN re-brand the project or product renaming it to suit YOUR OWN desires. Further, the information needed to do all of this is likewise freely available. One does not have to attend college or request permission from a company. Download, install, run, test, download code, study it, modify it for your desires, read blogs and forums (which are oblivious to gender) and then distribute as you wish.

So what is going on? Why are there not more women in FOSS since NO ONE can hold them back? Of course they claim that FOSS developers are not NICE. They are not KIND and are CURT or TERSE in their responses to mailing lists or blogs. They are HARSH in what they say to women. Except, that foss developers are all jack asses. They treat men like shit too. Yet the men, who are likewise treated like shit by the current developers, account for 99% of foss development, and the numbers of men participating, continue to grow. So I ask again what is going on?

Well what is going on is that women are shit programmers and lazy as fuck. There are some that learn, write good code, and produce a lot of code. But most are fuck all terrible at it. Unlike a corporate environment backed by Title VII (affirmative action laws) which FORCE them to hire women to meet certain QUOTAS even if the women are UNSKILLED or UNPRODUCTIVE, a foss project participant remains in the project on the STRENGTH OF HIS OR HER CODE.

When I started using Ubuntu I saw the Ubuntu Women team's blogs OVER and OVER and OVER bitch that men were NOT respecting their CONTRIBUTIONS to the Ubuntu project. The problem with that was, that they were NOT CONTRIBUTING. When you went to the Ubuntu Women website, there were no discussions of code, documentation, training, NADA. Just lots of bitching. You cannot have your CONTRIBUTIONS RESPECTED if you HAVE NONE or if you DO have some, you do NOT DETAIL them. That is the same contribution to the Debian Women project. Boo hoo hooing that men are not respecting their non-contributions.

That's just one example of where Mike is right. Again, setting aside what you view as the moral standing of his proffered solution, his FACTS are on point. I'm interested if someone actually has a challenge to his facts, if not then man up boys and tell him why his SOLUTION is wrong.
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