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Whale Watching in Dominica


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Whale Watching

Dominica's sheer walls disappear under the sea, creating deep sheltered bays along its western coastline: a haven for the Sperm Whale which loves to calve and breed in this type of habitat.

Whale Watching on the island is not difficult. A short boat ride brings visitors into contact with the world's largest toothed animal in the calm turquoise Caribbean Sea. 

Fishermen, yachters, and marine adventurers report seeing the Sperm Whale at Scotts Head, Roseau, Layou, and Point Round. Dominica is the only country in the world where the Sperm Whale resides all year long, although sightings are most common between November and March.

Whale Watching operators follow strict codes of conduct on their excursions. They do not lure the whales and minimize any disturbance. On a rare trip, the whales may be elusive, but such disappointment is usually compensated with acrobatic performances by hundreds of Spotted and Spinner Dolphins.

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