Sunday Jan 24, 2010

Double Standard Watch: For bigots, Israel can do no right

Posted by Alan M. Dershowitz
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As most objective observers throughout the world marvel at Israel's efficiency and generosity in leading the medical aid efforts in Haiti, some bigots insist on using these efforts as an occasion to continue their attack on the Jewish state. Both the neo-Nazi hard right and the neo-Stalinist hard left cannot help but to demonize Israel, regardless of what Israel does.

The neo-Nazi Web site features a blog entitled The Zionization of Disaster Relief.  It accuses Israel of "exploiting the suffering of poor, defenseless Haitians on behalf of Israeli Triumphalism." It complains that Israel is rendering medical aid to Haiti only to deflect attention from its crimes against the Palestinians. 

The hard left, even in a Israel, complains that Israel should not be sending medical assistance to such a faraway place. Instead it should be sending it to nearby Gaza. 

Even The New York Times, in an otherwise thoughtful analysis of the controversiality of the aid among some Israelis, failed to note the difference between Israel sending its limited resources to faraway Haiti and to nearby Gaza. Haiti is not at war with Israel. Haiti has not pledged itself to Israel's destruction. Haiti has not fired 8,000 rockets at Israeli civilians. Gaza, on the other hand, has a popularly elected government that has done and continues to do all of the above. Moreover, there is no comparison between the tens of thousands of Haitians who have died from a natural disaster, and the people of Gaza who suffer far less from what is, essentially, a self-inflicted wound.

Nor do the perennial enemies of Israel emphasize the comparison between tiny and resource-poor Israel, on the one hand, and the enormous and resource-rich Arab and Muslim nations, on the other hand.  While Israel digs deeply into its treasury and manpower to send medical assistance a quarter of the way around the world, Arab and Muslim nations are generally missing in action when it comes to relief efforts.  This is true not only in Haiti, which is a Catholic nation, but it was equally true when tsunamis and other natural disasters have devastated Muslim nations. 

For those who argue that Israel is sending this aid to Haiti for its own selfish reasons, there are two answers. First the realpolitik answer: All nations have interests; and all act, at least in part, out of self interest. When the United States government is asked by Americans to justify its multibillion dollar foreign aid grants, it generally responds by arguing that these grants are serving the interests of the United States.  When it comes to Israel, however, a double standard is always applied. Israel must act only out of altruistic motives, while all other countries are entitled to leven altruism with self interest. The second answer is that Israel is doing far more in Haiti than would be required to satisfy its self interests. It is sending more aid per capita than any country in the world. It is doing it with extraordinary efficiency and real impact. Isn't it at least possible that the millennia-long Jewish tradition of tzadakah - that is, charity based on justice - is at least part of the explanation for Israel's generosity? 

The fact that so many Israelis are advocating medical and other assistance to Gaza, certainly supports this latter theory. Has any other country in the history of the world ever provided medical and other assistance to a people with whom it is at war - to people who continue to support rocket attacks and other forms of terrorism against its own civilians? Again, a double standard. The reality is that Israel will be extremely generous to the people of Gaza if and when they stop supporting attacks on Israeli civilians, stop making martyrs of their suicide murders, and stop encouraging their children to don suicide vests. Contrast Gaza with the West Bank, which today has an improving economy, better travel conditions and among the best health care available in any Arab or Muslim country in the area. The peace dividend the Palestinian people will reap from making peace with Israel is incalculable. 

So continue to criticize Israel when it fails to live up to generally applicable international standards, but praise it when it exceeds those standards in rendering aid that has saved and will continue to save many lives. Israel will continue to send disaster relief regardless of how the world reacts to it because Israelis understand how it feels to be subject to disasters. But fairness requires that Israel not be condemned for its humanitarian efforts, and that its rendering of aid to Haiti not be used as yet another occasion for applying a double standard to its actions.

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1  |   DavidM, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
The New York Times correespondent could not refrain from using the Haiti rescue operation as a chance to take a shot at Israel. Here a tiny country sends teams of doctors, nurses, and engineers half way across the world and its reporter finds fault. No wonder the circulation of the Times has plunged. Readers have had enough.
2  |   Hershel Ginsburg / Efrata, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
"Even the NY Times"? Of course the NY Times, that bastion of intellectual dishonesty, especially when it comes to Israel. Hershel Ginsburg
3  |   abe, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
Right on!
4  |   richard, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
The world needs to recognize that Israel's actions in Haiti is the rule and not the exception. Those who use Israel's assistance to Haiti as yet another occaion to bash Israel have to be confronted and only you, can help Israel. Israel Needs Your Help.
5  |   Steve, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
To quote an old Rod Argent song "and if they stare just let them burn their eyes on you moving, if they shout don't let it change a thing that your doing". continue to do the right thing and pay little heed to those who sit in judgment yet do nothing to improve the situation. Ignore them for the harpies that they are.
6  |   josh werblowsky, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
What Alan Dershowitz doesn't understand that it is not just the 'hard right and the hard left' is Israeli s being delegitimized by ylhe UN,EU AND EVEN HIS PAL OBAMA.
7  |   Morey Altman, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
These critics of Israel would be correct IF Israel had no record of international aid; in fact, the opposite is true. Israel has been sending aid and specialists (especially agricultural) around the world for decades (at least since Golda Meir was PM). An Israeli team, for example, was in Turkey just hours after an earthquake in 1999. Today, these critics, indoctrinated into a narrative full of half-truths (and outright lies) can't reconcile what they see with their own eyes with what they wish to believe; because they want Israel to be in the wrong, she is. It's pathetic, really.
8  |   Janet kasten Friedman Kohav HaShahar Israel, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
No other country CAN send the kind of aid that Israel sends because they have not got the ability. Israeli medics and search-and-rescue teams get a lot of practice! Unfortunately they frequently are called on to rescue people from terror attacks, traffic accidents (which are sometimes terror attacks in disguise; the Arab just uses his vehicle to kill instead of a bomb); natural disasters such as floods; and human-error disasters such as the collapsing of poorly-built structures. Sensible Israelis wish there was not so much of a need for these heroics, but such is life in our crazy neighborhood!
9  |   Janet kasten Friedman Kohav HaShahar Israel, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
Other nations which cannot do what Israel does, should be sending money to help, or equipment, food, water, medicine, etc. I mentioned in my former comment how&why; Israelis know better than anyone else how to help. It starts with CAREING! The men from ZAKA will go to such great lengths to help save a live person or bury a dead one because they truly believe that each person is a reflection of the Divine. Even Israelis who consider themselves "non-religious" are still Jews, "merciful sons of merciful parents". Anti-semites are right: we Jews ARE different! We should be proud of the difference!
10  |   Maya, Sweden, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
Swedish media prefer to not mention Israel's aid efforts at all, in conformity with their habitual suppression of any positive Israeli aspect. I think the suppression or open criticism of Israel's humanitarian efforts just proves the critics' utter disregard for the victims. Imagine your child were in grave danger and somebody would rush to save it: Would you be able to tell people, "Sure, he did save my child, but just out of self-interest?" This callousness you could only muster if you didn't care about your child at all. And it does shed some light on Israel's self-righteous critics ...
11  |   devilish doobey, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
How does the author feel about the treatment of Israeli Arabs in East Jerusalem? [ Link to page ] Entire Palestinian neighborhoods are not connected to a sewage system and do not have paved roads or sidewalks; Almost 90 percent of the sewage pipes, roads, and sidewalks are found in West Jerusalem; West Jerusalem has 1,000 public parks, East Jerusalem has 45; West Jerusalem has 34 swimming pools, East Jerusalem has three; West Jerusalem has 26 libraries, East Jerusalem has two;
12  |   Brenne Meirowitz, New York, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
Dershowitz is absolutely right. Through the eyes of the anti-semite - including misguided, i.e. leftest Jew, Israel is always in the wrong. Therefore, Israeli political leaders must stop acting in the role of 'people pleasers to the international community and start do what is best for its own people. The very core of Israel's mandate to exist depends upon its behavior towards its people as well as the stranger in need. Giving aid to Haiti or any other beleaguered people is acting in accordance to Am Israel's role in the world.
13  |   Jonah in Jamaica, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
If a natural disaster (most probably a major earthquake ) struck Israel, I wonder who besides the US would render assistance?
14  |   Scoobey doo usa, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
Hey Devilish Doody...tell the Arabs of East Jerusalem to contact the US gOvt we give money to everybody..the usa is the cash cow to the world...when Arabs stop trying to kill jews..maybe you;ll get some parks..libraries. But if you get USA money ..dont spend it on weapons for Hamas..!!!
15  |   Sam R USA, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
It's a 4000 yr old story...they hate us for giving the world GOD, THe ten commanmdments, Jesus , and Allah! We Jews should have kept god a secret and let the Pagans throw their kids over the cliff for sacrifice to the pagna idols! We Jews talk too much..we said.."be nice to each other" and the pagans laughed at us and still do.
16  |   Martin H. Leaf, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
To #11: That's why we must not continue to make East Jerusalem "Verboten" to Jews and "Judenrein". Once these outrageously racist bars to Jews living in any neighborhood they choose, are eliminated, prosperity will follow. The concept of "Arab land" is racist to its core. Think "white only" land.
17  |   eric solomon,Ireland, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
Yet another world disaster and the UN again diisplays its ineptitude . The UN track record since inception is abysmal.How difficult is it to devise a plan of action for future scenarios? So much talk , but no action. Israel on the other hand,organised as she is, gets things done, no nonsense. Israel simply does what has to be done. Regardless what Israel does , it will always be castigated. I have stopped taking any notice of what the world thinks of Israel. I care about what israel does and will always give her my full support.
18  |   Florence Rabinowitz, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
Is there a difference between and the New York Times?
19  |   William M Ennis, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
Israel has never lived up to international standards or UN resolutions. One good act in Haiti does not change this, despite this obvious propaganda ploy. Until the occupied territories are returned in good faith (which will never happen voluntarily), there will be war. It is most unfortunate that Israel chooses a chunk of land over the safety of her citizens. Sit back, and watch Israel's final stages. Soon, she will go the way of apartheid South Africa, her one-time partner in nuclear weapons development.
20  |   John (SA, TEXAS), Sunday Jan 24, 2010
devlish white trash #11. Maybe if the Muslims would stop attacking Jews long enough, their standard of living would go up. Keep supporting the Jihad you pathetic infidel
21  |   George Rizkalla, Massachussetts, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
It's wrong to bash Israel or any other nation that is helping the people of Haiti in their time of need, it's equally disgusting when media outlets do it. Our world is full of people groups organizations civil cultural and political that have one agenda, "theirs" they advertise themselves as the doers of good and discredit and attack their counterparts every chance they get. It's a blessing to help someone in need no matter what the situation may be. Our world would benefit greatly when people start practicing just 4 important words, HELP SHARE LOVE and COMMUNICATE.
22  |   Tod Zuckerman, San Francisco, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
"Even the New York Times failed to note the difference " between Israel aiding Haiti and its treatment of Gaza." Hey, Dershowitz, what do you mean "even ? " You know that this kind of mishegoss is - for the NY Times - par for the course. You stubbornly refuse to concede that the mainstream left - best exemplified by the NY Times and Obama ( for whom you - shamefully - campaigned ) is anti-Israel ( not just the crazy "neo-Stalinists"). You have been in denial way too long , and your shtick is getting old
23  |   John R, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
I agree with Alan Deshowitz that the Haitian Aid is not only from totally unselfish motives. It is because it comes from the best of what Israel truly represents and the international press should applaud them for it.
24  |   bannister USA, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
Hitler invented the autobahn. Doing good does not get you a pass for the wrong you do. That said three cheers for your Haiti effort! Well done!
25  |   Vladimir, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
Israel had helped a lot, also, to Armenia during the earthquake in the end of 1980th. Israel delivered and operated the anti-burn medical units that were absolutely superb. Even the hostile Soviet commi government (at that time Armenia was part of the Soviet Union) acknowldged that fact.
26  |   Dan Midland, MI, Sunday Jan 24, 2010
@devilish doobey II'm guessing you are an arrogant American college student who gets most of his information from Internet conspiracy videos and Noam Chomsky. You mentioned nothing about the article. You did the exact same thing Professor Dershowitz is bringing attention to and that is applying a double standard to Israel and seizing every opportunity to bash it.
27  |   Negev, Israel, Monday Jan 25, 2010
#11 - what's your point? That Israel should help no one before helping all the poor people in Israel? Is that the reason why, for example, Saudi Arabia sent no one?
28  |   PROUD PROUD Debbie T. NJ, USA, Monday Jan 25, 2010
Thank you Alan Dershowitz!! Thank you ISRAEL!! I am SO PROUD!! Israel responds to crises around the world, among the FIRST to arrive & assess, the FIRST to SET UP and TRULY help. The media took too long in the USA to report it, but the positive impact couldn't be ignored. And yes, I agree that if/when the Israeli cousins (Palestinians? Arabs?) will recognize and accept Israel's right to exist there's no limit to how good life can be for EVERYONE! Isn't it time already?
29  |   M Shumad, Monday Jan 25, 2010
Israel's inherent criminality cannot be papered over by this gesture in Haiti. The blood of the children of Gaza cries out from the ground.
30  |   not-a-jew, Monday Jan 25, 2010
Israel is a model country for all others, even the U.S.
31  |   Rosalind, Monday Jan 25, 2010
Obama chose to avoid mentioning Israel's aid to Haiti entiirely by lumping Israel under "other countries" in his Haiti speech. Apparently Obama is uncomfortable mentioning Israel at all. Will he upset the Arabists in his party, the Muslim world, or what??? Why is the truth so hard to say. I am disgusted with his public posture regarding Israel and his misguided policies towards same. What a disappointment he has turned out to be for American Jews and Israelis.
32  |   Ruben Misrahi, Beachwood, OH, Monday Jan 25, 2010
The NY Times needs to fit the event with the narrative it already established: Israel is the aggressor and the Palestinians are the victims. There was a time when reporters used to report. Now they make stories with a "human side" to appeal to the masses. This is a malady that has plagued journalism for decades. Add to this 2 ingredients: The inclination to side with the "weak" and Antisemitism in all its forms, and you get the current cognitive dissonance that's so prevalent in the NY Times. I agree, no wonder their circulation is plummeting.
33  |   M. Duvduvani, Monday Jan 25, 2010
When you are right you are right. Alan is right! Good analysis Alan.
34  |   Michael Santomauro, Monday Jan 25, 2010
Prof. Dershowitz I wish to express my outrage of you calling me a Neo-Nazi. How can I if i oppose Zionism? You support Holocaust denial laws not me!!! The Holocaust, unlike any other historical event, is not subject to critical revisionist investigation. Furthermore I deplore the fact that many so-called democratic states have laws that criminalize public doubting of the Holocaust. It is my position that the veracity of Holocaust assertions should be determined in the marketplace of scholarly discourse and not in our legislatures bodies and courthouses. Let's End Thought Crimes in the Twenty-first Century...!!!
35  |   Ozraeli, Monday Jan 25, 2010
#11-Incredible! You link to a page referencing uncorrelated B'Tselem 1999 data, with no context (i.e. what was built pre 1967, when East Jerusalem was in Jordanian hands). Jerusalem has always suffered a relative lack of infrastructure development, due to difficult topography, politics, archeological sensitivity, legalities, & resulting costs. If anything, by using this material, you exemplify the blind, rabid hatred of Israel detailed above. E. Jm, while in Jordanian hands, was a filthy, neglected, backward s__thole. AND-what does this have to do with providing EMERGENCY aid to Haiti?
36  |   David in Jerusalem, Monday Jan 25, 2010
I would add to your examples the announcement, just this week, that Defense Minister Barak will be transferring pension funds to Gazans formerlly emplyed in Israel. These people have lost their jobs because the Hamas-sponsored cross border terror has forced a closure. Yes, their government forced the closure and they lost their jobs, while Barak is sending them money!
37  |   norm g. usa, Monday Jan 25, 2010
alan, i hope you read these comments because there is something i'd like someone of your stature and connection to do. first, i agree with your comments. secondly, there was a time when the arab world, as well as many others, knew exactly where israel stood and how they would react to that which endangered it. over the years this has devolved into a lack of concrete political positions and leadership as well as inconsistent behaviors. i believe that has not confused israelis as a whole, but, has given her enemies license to play and excel at the PR game.
38  |   norm g. usa, Monday Jan 25, 2010
cont'd: there shouldn't have been any peace accord until arafat first signed an agreement to recognize the jewish state as legitimate. israel should also have said, any attack against its citizens would be considered an act of war and dealt with accordingly. this should have been stated loudly and clearly publically in every venue, esp. the u.n. once that was done, the first terrorist act in the WB should have resulted in a cleansing, not massacre, but whomever wasn't fighting should have been expelled. those fighting and left alive should have been jailed as enemy combatants and dealt with.
39  |   norm g. usa, Monday Jan 25, 2010
cont'd: as for gaza, israel should've said the same as earlier stated, the next rocket that flies will result in the retaking of gaza completely and anyone left alive would be expelled. israel should have said this loudly and publically and challenged the u.n. that if they really cared about gaza they should send troops in to clean out the rockets/motors, etc. and arrest hamas and their cohorts for war crimes. then if nothing happened israel should have pounded the crap out of them. untill israel draws a line, it will always be crossed by her enemies!
40  |   Dee, Monday Jan 25, 2010
Mr. Dershowitz forgot to add that Israel didn't invade Haiti to steal land for itself and to opress/expell the natives, not leading a continous war since 60 years, so of course there is everything peachy between Haitians an Israelis, how could it not. Take better care of your neighbours Israel and try to come clean with them first then nobody will wonder about Israel helping others too. Now it looks more like at wanting to get better hasbara as in "Hey, world...look what nice people we are" but reserving all your nasty doings for "home". And you really wonder why the world doesn't buy it?
41  |   Maura Collins-Italy., Monday Jan 25, 2010
11 Mr. Ennis. International standards? What are they, those practiced by thugs in the Middle East and worshiped at the altar of the UN by your pals? As for a propaganda ploy, my own country, Ireland, has been congratulating herself for work done in Haiti, as other countries have who are involved in this massive act of selflessness. Take a step back and see what you are saying of the people who performed flawlessly in adverse conditions and the lives saved by them. Have a little grace, thank them, and not forever hold a cudgel in your hand waiting to smash their best efforts. Well done Israel.
42  |   Sharona Jerusalem Israel, Monday Jan 25, 2010
19 ENNIS Your education is deficient. Safety of our citizens?? Returning the Gaza strip to the terrorists living there got us 10, 000 missiles on our heads. Is that safety? And that was BEFORE Hamas and the quarantine. No borders have EVER been negotiated. The 1967 lines were and are armistice lines NOT international borders. Leaving the West Bank would only mean thousands upon thousands of missiles on central Israel. Not exactly safety. 34 Santomauro YOU are nuts. Holocaust Denial is a crime & should remain so. In Haiti Israel was the fastest with the mostest. Now others can pick up the load
43  |   Jay, Karmiel, Israel, Monday Jan 25, 2010
I am truly proud that Israel (my adopted country) has aided Haiti in its time of need. I say this without any reference to my feeling about any other issue (Hamas & Gaza, the Holocaust, etc.). Moreover, Israel's aid efforts require no comparison to those of other countries. All countries ought to be guided by that paraphrase of Rabbi Hillel, “If not me, who? And if not now, when?” On those occasions when my country is so guided (rare though they might be), I can stand up and be proud to be an Israeli citizen without apology.
44  |   Jerry, Den Haag NL, Monday Jan 25, 2010
"The blood of the children of Gaza cries out from the ground." is the typical hypocrit battlewhine from the islamics and the leftie haters. We all know that of the 1.450 persons killed were 1.250 Hamas, Iranian volunteers and Izzadin Brigades terrorists and no "children"
45  |   Philippines, Monday Jan 25, 2010
Let my voice be counted among those who thank Israel for its charity founded upon justice. You can't win over bigots because the only reasoning they heed is the logic of hatred. They refuse to see objectively what Israel does in Haiti because their religion is Cynicism -- which means seeing humans as evil and selfish. Oh no, I was wrong, the only humans they see as good and unselfish are those who fire rockets from Gaza and Lebanon. May HaShem bless Israel and the Jewish people!
46  |   Miriam, Monday Jan 25, 2010
#35 Ozraeli.... BTSELEM cannot keep up with ALL data - It ends with 2003 NOT 1999. Writer #11 was talking about LACK of SERVICE in E. J'salem. TAXES PAID but services are NOT rendered. 1st Intifada (80s) strike over same issues. IDF seizes homes & installs Settlers in them. Some in the middle of the night! Apartheid in W. BANK Jew-only roads/settlements/services. NO Sewage or water pipelines for E J'salem Palestinian neighbors. Further Dershowitz tells lies about ZAKAT Has reached MILLIONS of dollars for Haiti. Even GAZANS GAVE just no PR campaign to brag about Charity ! What a. SHONDA!
47  |   yves Miedzianogora Brussels,Belgium, Monday Jan 25, 2010
Prof. Dershowitz I am an admirer of yours but you should ditch the Obama gang. If you do not know why please read Podhoretz'"Why are Jews liberals".!!!!Stop condoning a gang that is totally hostile to the Jews and Israel their "minyan"notwithstanding (they are worse than the true antisemites as they argue that what they do is good for Israel!!!!!)Obama is the pure cultural product of a debased left whose sole achievemnt is to persuade naive student that antisemitism ( er,post-modern,post-colonial relativism and multicul. a la Edward Said) is a true HUMANISM!!!!!!!Please wake up!Shalom!!!!
48  |   Mia US, Monday Jan 25, 2010
My message to Israel; stop being so touchy - the US ....and even Norway has been accused of helping Haiti for their own selfish reasons!!!! It has turned out to be a world competition and it’s ridiculous. Every person that can read knows how the Israelis have helped to save many lives in Haiti, and the only way to deal with such nonsense is to plainly IGNORE the imbeciles who can’t even seem to help themselves - much less a country in need!!
49  |   Sherlock Holmes London, Monday Jan 25, 2010
Why is it I always feel Alan has taken the words out of my mouth? An early report said Israel responded quickly because Haiti was one of the UN members who voted for the creation of Israel and is a genuine friend. This could, of course, also explain why the Arab states have done next to nothing to help Haiti. Regarding Gaza, what other state at war, has a daily three hour ceasefire to allow supplies to enter the enemy camp ? or brings injured enemies across the border to give them better medical treatment ? The Gazans democratically elected Hamas genocidal terrorists to govern them.
50  |   James, Monday Jan 25, 2010
#24 Bannasster, you are a perfect example of what Dershowitz talks about. With every post, you wait for the opportunity to lambaste Israel. Good or bad; it simply doesn't matter to you. My oh my what a pathetic, empty existance you must lead... Not only are your arguments anti-Semitic but darnright stupid and not worth responding to. Still, I feel its my duty to answer your idiotic post.
51  |   Oren Florida, Monday Jan 25, 2010
The name of the NY Times Correspondent is ETHAN BRONNER. to comment on his lack of journalistic professionalism and bias write here~ [ Link to page ]
52  |   Mikka , USA, Monday Jan 25, 2010
to # 34: I read your article and am familiar with your site. You are a neo-nazi. If Israel sent 500 toilets instead of doctors you would accuse her any way. Nothing is good for your likes.
53  |   Shalom Freedman, Monday Jan 25, 2010
How absolutely insane and stupid is it when a nation has to defend itself for aiding another people during a time of crisis and emergency. How evil and perverted are those who take a righteous action and turn it into something disgraceful. The enemies of Israel continue to invent new ways to show their inhumanity and evil.
54  |   Sonny, Monday Jan 25, 2010
There are people who hate Israel and the US because they exist. This is the sole focus of their lives and believe me they are gaining power ever sense Obama became president. Now the country is seeing the true BHO they don’t like him; that’s sending all the liberals scattering for protection. The next election will completely isolate the Obama Administration and their efforts to change everything they find offensive about the US. I just hope that the younger people who believed the dream that Obama spun will not be discouraged by the lack of substance Vs rhetoric. We need their involvement.
55  |   Wally Hayman, U.S.A., Monday Jan 25, 2010
Let me preface my remarks by stating I have never been a big fan of Mr. Dershowitz's politics. However, on this subject, I could not agree with him more. Israel has no friends on the fringes of the political spectrum. Much of today's American Left is Anti-Israel, but as Mr. Dershowitz has correctly stated, the same is true for the self-serving American Right. The Right doesn't love Jews - they merely hate Muslims. and the assumption that the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" is a foolish and dangerous conclusion.
56  |   Adam, Monday Jan 25, 2010
A semantic alteration is needed in order to link Mr. Dershowitz's statement to reality: The peace dividend the Palestinian people would reap from making peace with Israel would be incalculable. The problem is that Israel, at leas its current government, care first and foremost acquiring pieces of Palestinian land with the resuling reduction of Palesitnian-controlled territories to a isolated Bantustans. The argument that Palestinians on the occuppied territories are doing better than their Arab and Muslim brethern parallels arguments used to justify the apartheid in South Africa.
57  |   Don Rosenberg, Monday Jan 25, 2010
#19, Ennis, you need to get educated and learn true history. Everything you said was incorrenct and is the true mark of a racist fool. We Jews have survived many like you, and you and your ilk will be gone before the Jews. By the way, Israel gave gaza back to the terrorists for peace, what happened?? can you answer this simply question fool ???
58  |   Laine, Monday Jan 25, 2010
To the Haters of Israel iy doesn't matter what Israel does,it will always be in the wrong.If Israel had ignored the disaster in Haiti they would accuse it of callousness.Since it provided help they are accusing it of trying to improve its image.Let's just ignore them.
59  |   David USA, Monday Jan 25, 2010
To Jerry # 44 who writes: "We all know that of the 1.450 persons killed were 1.250 Hamas, Iranian volunteers and Izzadin Brigades terrorists and no "children" . REALLY ?? We ALL know ? No, "we all know" that there were 1400 + corpses of whom 300+ were your (invisible ?) children, same number of women, lots of just plain civilians - not to mention the untold "just maimed" for life. Watever lying propaganda you read doesn't change these facts. But Ok - if such self-delusion makes you feel better !
60  |   Sy Dill-Providence, RI, Monday Jan 25, 2010
When Haiti starts shooting rockets into Israel, then we'll cut off aid. Dershowtitz is always a lagging indicator. Oh my Lord, the NY Times is slapping Israel around? What a sunder. What next, Obama has been worked over by the Wrights, the Alinskys and he entire radical left? Oiy
61  |   Michael Greenberg, Monday Jan 25, 2010
It is a sad truth that when Israel acts dis-proportionally both in sef-defense action ( IDF v. Gazan rocket fire) OR in "humanitarian aid" action (Haitian relief effort) these actions get dis-proportional criticism by the PAID-OFF SELF-DELUDED and ENVIOUS anti-Semites of the comfortable fashionable left,the pompous holier than thou euros,the trade union ignoramouses,the in the Saudi pockets professors and media ,the terrorist supporting gullible Islamists,the tyrannical regime autocrats who claim to lead the "World Community" in" Humanitarian Rights" and Anti-Rascist Conferences.
62  |   Stanley T Canada, Monday Jan 25, 2010
46 Miriam, a few corrections. 53% of Jewish israelis pay taxes - only 18% of Arab israelis do. Taxes are based on property size and value, and Arab property is not insignificant, so your complaints about "taxes paid, service not rendered" is BS. Also, the roads are NOT Jew-only, they are Israeli only. Israeli Arabs, Christians,Druze and atheists are free to travel them. And Gazans had plenty of PR, even here in Canada - showing Gaza children donating toys to Haiti children. Big help that! Miriam, you are a bigot.
63  |   J,. S. Edmonton, Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
If someone cannot find it in his or her heart to praise Israel for its humanitarian relief efforts to the stricken people of Haiti -- then, imo, these are evil, evil individuals...(to withhold a benefit, just a compliment, a word of praise -- is that too much to ask? -- even though it would cost them nothing, no, they can't bring themselves to do so. How disgraceful and pathetic. middat sedom )
64  |   Zeev T Israel Beit She'en, Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
I could not agree more, thank you Mr. Dershowitz for speaking the truth.
65  |   John Crumish NYC, Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
The Ukrain Holocaust had over 7,000,000 victims.Stalin and Jews were very involved in the show.I have heard,read and seen 9,755 "Jewish Holocaust " stories in my 55 years. I had to dig hard to find 11 Ukrain stories. Why the big difference? Inquiring minds want to know!
66  |   Jen USA, Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
For poor blind fools, Israel can do no wrong. To all of the posters who seem to believe that Israel can do no wrong (#44 I am talking to you): What is wrong with acknowleging both the faults and the successes of Israel? With deciding to behave morally and brave? With respect for others? Knowing when you have done something wrong and doing everything you can to make it right? And what is wrong with being brutally honest about it all? Israel can only be made stronger if she does the right thing far away and at home. Then, she can hold her head high with clear concience.
67  |   Maxie Kochner, Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
Ethan Bronner of the New York Times can not write a positive article about Israel. He never has and never will. Instead, he juxtaposes what Israel has done in Haiti with Akiva Eldar's far left pro Arab positions. Akiva Eldar has virtually zero supporters in Israel or elsewhere. Yet when writing about Israel's aid to Haiti, Bronner trumpets the views of Eldar. Can anyone imagine that the New York Times would write an article about Assad and prominently mention the views of critics of the Syrian leader? Of course it would never happen.
68  |   Jack, Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
To #29 M. Shumad The "blood of the children of Gaza is crying from the ground" ? Really? Which children would those be, the ones who Hamas murdered in its suppression of the people or would it be those children it was hiding behind and using as human shields during operation Cast Lead?
69  |   EVI SPEAROW ST. LOUIS MO USA, Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
70  |   Mark Annapolis USA, Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
Why is there such a disconnect between American Jews and Isrealis? American Jews are solidly behind Obama even as he bows to muslim hate mongers and tries to force Isreal to accomadate those that want them dead.
71  |   Tessa Auman, Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
How could the US send aid while fighting in Iraq and Afganistan? According to this reasoning-the Moslem countries are the real humanitarians. Since they want global Jihad, it's consistant of them not to help Haitian infidels.
72  |   Ozraeli, Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
#46 Miriam: 1) I referred to 1999 because it is the date of the supposed "infrastructure audit", not the date of Court decisions etc. 2) "B'Tselem can't keep ALL data current". Golly, it is only 10 years old, unreferenced, & out of context. You purport to be "Human Rights" organization, supplying current, accurate data to the ever so concerned world. 10 YEARS OLD? Puhlease... 3) Re offices-given the Mandatory era-1960's buildings most Govt Depts occupy, where do you expect to find lifts? Stroller access?? In my experience, the Interior Ministry is an "Equal opportunity abuser" everywhere. TBC
73  |   Louis Calabro, Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
Many Jews and Gentiles simply do not trust Israel, period. They admit to the incredible influence that world Jewry has over Gentiles. It really is difficult to warm up to many Jews---while realizing that there are some "good" Jews.
74  |   Ozraeli, Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
#46 Miriam Cont: 1) The phrases "Apartheid" (&"Nazi") are being thrown around FAR too easily, & are not only grossly untrue, they polarise any debate. 2) There are no multilingual forms in Arabic (aren't most forms tri lingual?) for such hard questions as Name, Address, ID#, etc? Why can't B'Ts place a volunteer translator? It appears that B'Ts is more interested in publicity than action-perhaps EU NGO cash is drying up? 3) I have waited in lengthy lines in Ashkelon, Hadera, Rehovot...& NY, Sydney, London. So? As for "Shondaot", I will worry about it when Arabs speak Yiddish! Oy Gevalt!
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Ozraeli: #46 Miriam Cont: 1) The phrases "Apartheid" (&"Nazi") are being thrown around FAR too easily, & are not only grossly untrue, they polarise any debate. 2) There are no multilingual forms in Arabic (aren't most forms tri lingual?) for such hard questions as Name, Address, ID#, etc? Why can't B'Ts place a volunteer translator? It appears that B'Ts is more interested in publicity than action-perhaps EU NGO cash is drying up? 3) I have waited in lengthy lines in Ashkelon, Hadera, Rehovot...& NY, Sydney, London. So? As for "Shondaot", I will worry about it when Arabs speak Yiddish! Oy Gevalt!
Louis Calabro: Many Jews and Gentiles simply do not trust Israel, period. They admit to the incredible influence that world Jewry has over Gentiles. It really is difficult to warm up to many Jews---while realizing that there are some "good" Jews.
Ozraeli: #46 Miriam: 1) I referred to 1999 because it is the date of the supposed "infrastructure audit", not the date of Court decisions etc. 2) "B'Tselem can't keep ALL data current". Golly, it is only 10 years old, unreferenced, & out of context. You purport to be "Human Rights" organization, supplying current, accurate data to the ever so concerned world. 10 YEARS OLD? Puhlease... 3) Re offices-given the Mandatory era-1960's buildings most Govt Depts occupy, where do you expect to find lifts? Stroller access?? In my experience, the Interior Ministry is an "Equal opportunity abuser" everywhere. TBC