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A Matter Of Time

A young patient, barely alive, lies in a deep coma in a California hospital. A transplant team is called in to wait for the man to die, and then to rush to harvest his organs to patients who desperately needed them. But is this man really dying? Get the full story on this case, a first in medical history.

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Your health care questions, answered by an expert

Are you covered in case of a health emergency? Read a Q&A with health care expert Andrew Rubin, featured in Dateline's "Critical Condition" investigation into health care.

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Health care advocate organizations

Get more information about your health care rights.

Read CIGNA's statement to Dateline NBC
Read Blue Shield of California's statement
Health care, close up

  Three experts put health insurance under a microscope, and offer advice every consumer should know.

From CIGNA executive to health care advocate

  Former CIGNA spokesperson Wendell Potter reflects on what made him decide to leave his position at a health care insurance company and instead become a whistleblower, calling for insurance reform.

  Why do health care companies deny claims?
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The Mystery At Empire Lake

  A beautiful mother with a charmed life vanishes. Had she been taken against her will, or was the real danger much closer to home? Find out what ugly secret was lurking. Watch the full hour here.

Bringing Sean Home

For thousands of miles and five harrowing years, an American father battled to reclaim his kidnapped son from Brazil.

Vegas Undercover

Chris Hansen is back with the Las Vegas undercover police operations, and this time, alleged pimps, car thieves, and shoplifters are confronted by Dateline NBC's hidden-camera footage — and stopped in their tracks.

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