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Taqueria joint serving one of the tastiest burritos in the bay area

Reviewer: Jason
Total Reviews: 1040
Reviewed: 2/3/2004
Rating: 9.5
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Taqueria La Bamba is considered the Holy Grail of burritos! It is my favorite Carnitas or Pollo Asado burrito in my ENTIRE BURRITO experience. That is saying a lot considered I've lived in Ventura County 16 years, San Diego for 4 years, and Bay Area for almost 5 years. Never have I had a carnitas experience like Taqueria La Bamba.

Burrito Breakdown

Tortillas - awesome, almost from a pancake material. Definitely cant buy this in your local markets or mercados.

Beans - Well...I'll let the pinto beans slide, I love refried beans...this is the only improvement La Bamba could work on.

Rice - awesome, no changes needed. They serve it moist.

Meat - I'm obsessed with their carnitas; its cruchy on the outside and tender on the inside. Everybody else f*cks it UP!!! All the other taquerias serve you this chunk of pork surround by big globs of fat. My second favorite meat is a tossup between Pollo Asado or Al Pastor.

Service - Its a treat to watch the infamous burrito roller do his job. Hes my hero, he can make 3-4 burritos at a time, swinging his serving spoon unloading quac, sour, salsa, and other beautiful toppings. Its a mess...its great!!

Taqueria La Bamba serves BIG burritos. I usually have trouble finishing them. Although Taqueria La Bamba is the best burrito in the bay area, I still have to give them a 9.5 due to the beans. If they add refried to their menu, its a SOLID 10!!! Dont miss out on Taqueria La Bamba, one of jatbar favorite bay area restaurant!
  RETURN VISIT for Jason! 11/30/2004 - 10 Rating: holy crap....they added refried beans to their menu. It is now my undisputed carnitas burrito for the bay area if not the entire world.

  RETURN VISIT for Jason! 8/1/2006 - 9 Rating: Although I may only show 2 reviews for Taqueria La Bamba, I've probably been 8 times in the last year with half of them in the 9.5 rated scale. My last 3 visits though have been somewhat disappointing. What happened to the meat filled burritos?

If you look at pictures #7 and #8, those pictures were taken in 2003 and 2004 and overflowing with meat. You look at pictures #11 and #12 taken today (8-2006), where the hell is the meat? The carnitas was still awesome but the rice overwhelmed the burrito. Tortilla was grilled way too long and it was flaking like a quesadilla. Portion size was huge and prices are still respectable at $6 for a super burrito.

Service kicks serious ass. I placed my order in line, got to the register, paid, and by the time I sat down, my burrito was already made! I ask for salsa and received a thimble sized container. I should have asked for 2.

The flavor of the burrito is still holds strong but definitely not in the 9.5-10 range that I'm used to. One of my all-time taquerias falling from grace? I wanted to cry. I consider Taqueria La Bamba a 9 rated burrito but with stiff competition, I ponder if it's in my top 3 anymore.

Reviewer: Terry
Total Reviews: 739
Reviewed: 7/23/2004
Rating: 10
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La Bamba is my pick for the best burrito on planet earth. Its not prepared the authentic mexican way I think. They tend to grill their meat a special way or something that makes it taste sooo good. When I used to eat meat I would order the Super Grilled Chicken burrito and it was just phenomenal. The mixture of the sour cream and and guac with the grilled chicken and soft rice and pinto beans was incredible. Who cares if they dont have refried beans, they got their beans right here. The cheese is top notch. Price is maybe a little steep for a burrito, but youre getting what you pay for here.

Now that I dont eat meat, I go with the Vegetarian burrito which like other places is the super burrito without the meat. Of course the grilled meat isnt there, but the rest of the burrito is every bit as good and even if I was still eating meat, I would go for it once in awhile as its got its own special flavor that is every bit as good but different.

Thank you La Bamba for making the #1 burrito in the world.
  RETURN VISIT for Terry! 10/26/2004 - 10 Rating: I haven't been to La Bamba in many months. In the mean time I have reviewed literally dozens of Mexican restaurants. How does La Bamba stack up? Its still the best burrito on planet earth.

The shell is soft and moist and extremely flavorful. The veggie burrito mixture of guac, sour cream, rice, beans, salsa is heavenly. La Pinata comes close, but La Bamba fends off the competition successfully. Way to go La Bamba!
  RETURN VISIT for Terry! 8/1/2006 - 9.5 Rating: Went here with Jason yesterday, because my visit last week was a bit below-par. Did I just imagine a downgrade in quality of their veggie burrito? The burrito was still really good, but it wasn't all-time-hall-of-famer good. There are a few other shops biting at their heels now. The ingredients are still top-notch and delicious, but they are not mixed in the same way in the burrito. I think this is all preparation for me now. Don't get me wrong, still a great burrito, but somethings changed in the last few months with the preparation. I'll still return, as I hold out hope that they will get their stuff together. Lets hope so.
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Reviewer: Brandon
Total Reviews: 16
Reviewed: 7/30/2004
Rating: 9.5
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O La Bamba, what words could describe thy goodness? Werent thou delivered here from some gracious, untouchable deity? Doth the flavor of thy burritos pale like the colors of summer into autumn, or doth it remain eternally steadfast like my love for thee? Methinks it must be as lasting as the stars in yonder heavens.

This is a good burrito, my friends. Flavor, freshness, size, cheapness, theyve got it all here, made by the legendary and mighty La Bamba Burrito Roller. The veggie tacos are very good, too. Youll need at least two and probably three to fill you up. The nachos are average. But why would you order nachos at La Bamba? Get a veggie burrito (which is by default super, with guac and sour cream and perhaps cocaine or something) and marvel at the satisfaction delivered from its purity and simplicity. They have hot sauce that they dont give you unless you ask for it. Its a pretty good addition to a burrito.

Yea, La Bamba, methinks this review might perchance be fancy enough to describe thy wonder and keep JaT from deleting it from the bleedin page.

Reviewer: Julie
Total Reviews: 46
Reviewed: 8/2/2004
Rating: 9.5
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I finally had my first La Bamba burrito. Jason is free to say he told me so, but it was the best burrito I�ve ever had. I ordered the grilled chicken. Also, I didn�t know that you don�t tell them the toppings you want on it as you go down the line, so I just ordered a regular (rice, beans and meat). If you want guac, sour cream and cheese, then you have to order the supreme. Let me break it down:

Tortilla � great! really moist I watched them and they heat it up by putting it on top of the meat on the grill so it soaks up some of the flavors.

Rice � I don�t know what they put in this rice, because it�s not quite the same as rice you get as a side in a Mexican restaurant, but there is definitely a good flavor to it.

Beans � good and not too many I don�t like burritos that have more beans than meat in it and this one followed that rule, and they didn�t have so much sauce on them that they made the whole thing soggy.

Meat � very good almost crunchy on the outside because it was grilled and not at all greasy.

The thing that surprised me most about this place is that they don�t use any cheap tricks � the food is just good. No extra flavorings or sauces or pounds of cheese on things to cover up the real taste. Unfortunately, the burrito roller guy wasn�t there, so I will definitely have to go back and see him in action another time. As for atmosphere, the restaurant was much nicer on the inside than I would have expected. There is limited seating and I realized why as we were leaving the line for this local favorite was out the door.

Reviewer: Eddie
Total Reviews: 47
Reviewed: 8/4/2004
Rating: 9
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First time I had the La Bamba was more than 4.5 years ago. Just moved down here from Seattle and didnt have too much experience with Mexican food. I can still remember the first super grilled chicken.......hmm... Heaven!! It was the bomb. The size, the perfect grilled chicken, the fresh salsa, and the wrap everything about this burrito is just right. Ok, maybe the size is a bit too much for oridinary people but since the regular grilled chicken doesnt have the sour cream and guac, I would recommend to order the super even if you have to share with someone else.

Even after living here for a while and try other different burrito places, I would still give La Bamba my highest rating on burritos. You cant go wrong with the grilled chicken.


Reviewer: Michael
Total Reviews: 40
Reviewed: 8/2/2004
Rating: 9.5
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La Bamba has been a favorite of mine for the past 3 years. I�ve eaten there a least 20 times and have ordered just about every burrito they have on the menu. I have to say my favorite is the Super Grilled Chicken. Everything about this burrito is perfect( size, value, taste). Let�s take size first, at least 2� in diameter and 8� to 9� long! , and for value at$5.50 you�re getting a real bargain. Now for taste, I can�t real explain the taste that I experience when devouring this burrito but it is highly addicting. The chicken is the freshest that you will find and the rice is the best that I have had anywhere.

You truly have not had a great burrito unless you go to Taqueria La Bamba. If there was a burrito Hall of Fame this place would make the top 5 easily. Make this place you next lunch treat. Get there early cuz the line goes out the door by 12:30. 9.5 !

Reviewer: Jennie
Total Reviews: 6
Reviewed: 4/14/2005
Rating: 9.5
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Taqueria La Bamba has by far the best carnitas burrito that I have ever eaten! Their blissful marriage in the #1 Super of perfectly texturized, authentic carnitas (unsure about the validity of 'authentic', but if I were to put money on it, I would think that that's what carnitas should taste like!) with guacamole, sour cream, rice, and refried beans is something every taqueria should aspire to.

For less than $6, this is definitely a good deal for the amount of burrito you get - you could even split it into 2 filling meals as I do!

As far as restaurant ambiance, it doesn't exactly have a 5-star restaurant appeal as it is technically a hole-in-the-wall (but don't they always have the best food?), but it's clean and there are lovely pictures on the wall to stare at as you inhale your food!

Trust me, you won't go wrong if you give this place a try - I found out about it through some co-workers and I'm sure the majority of their customers are repeat business!

Reviewer: tanya
Total Reviews: 14
Reviewed: 4/18/2005
Rating: 6.5
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I tried La Bamba with all the hype and I thought it was not too bad for what it is, but no one seemed to try anything else there! They have kick *ss pupusas! If you never had one, try it there, it's got a nice aroma of the corn masa and a thin enveloped layer of cheese and pork and you eat it with some picked cabbage. I think that's what they should have as their signature food item. My pupusa came out nice and hot; crispy out the outside and hot gooey and savory inside. YUM YUM

Onto the burrito, to be fair perhaps my indulgence on the pupusa first may have dimmed the light on the burrito but I thought it was a normal burrito, a bit above average but kind of unexciting. My coworker accidently ordered a reg burrito without the guacamole and sour cream, which mine the 'super' came with and it made all the difference in taste. So basically smear the burritos with fat and guacamole and it's good. Not quite a 'terrific' burrito in my standards. Granted that thing was heavy and you can taste the fresh ingredients - it just wasn't that 'wow' to me. What's important about burritos is that not only are the ingredients good, but the tortilla MUST be good as well. I'm from LA and have eaten burritos in SD and LA and my favorite places always has tortillas with that special aroma you almost can't describe (probably the lard), it has to have some resistance to tear and when you hold that burrito up to take a bite that aroma will be all you're basking in, until the full flavor of the burrito is introduced as a whole to your senses. Just can't recall that for Taqueria La Bamba's tortilla, sorry. The .5 is the push from the pupusas.

Reviewer: DoctorJZ
Total Reviews: 32
Reviewed: 10/14/2005
Rating: 8.5
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At last! i am ready to give my take on La Bamba.
This has been a long time comming, and took three visits to finally get what i wanted to get....
Visit one, based on recommendation, i new i had to try the carnitas. A friend, not especially abundant in taqueria accumen, was picking up for us. i told her to get me a regular carnitas burrito. she was picking up for three of us. I told her i wanted to write a reveiw on the place and it was important that i got the carnitas, and if she had a problem to call me (cell phones, hooray). there is one block between her place and La Bamba, and wouldn't you know, she forgot what i wanted. So, instead of calling me to confirm, she asked the girl behind the counter 'which is better, carne asada, or carnitas?'....the girl did not hesitate: carne asada.....i was saddened when she got home. I asked her why she didn't call me after i explained what i wanted and that it was important, and that she should call....'but the girl recommended it'....so anyway, that burrito was above average, but totally dissappointing.

visit two: if you want something done right.....well i thought i could take care of this problem by ordering myself- wrong. this time, i ordered the carnitas burrito myslef, and bam! they gave me carne asada, again!! holy crap! still a good burrito. maybe better than average carne asada.

Visit three: success!!.

This place is strange. sparse seating, and out of order video game are not too inviting....takeout seems the norm. The menu is sparse, too. not even half as long as a standard taco joint.
I finally successfully get my regular carnitas burrito, sin arroz. and it was delicious. carnitas done to perfection. a juicy, tasty burrito. i also had a pork and cheese pupusa, and that thingee was ceap and delicious as well....
I think pupusas are salvadoran...not at most taquerias. that could explain some of the quirks in this place. and perhaps being located adjacent to two other famous taquerias is the reason this place does not bother with the full menu.

i prefer pinto beans, so this place makes an ideal burrito for me. i swear though, if you watch them make these things, they are filled almost 50% with rice. no thank you. make mine all beans and meat.

You can not beat taquerias for value and flavor. and they all seem to be fresh, too. with all the competition around here, the consumer benifits.

My friends who live nearby, prefer Los Altos. they like the beans (refried) better, and one says the al pastor tacos are also better. i have had a couple of less than stellar expereinces recently at los altos, because i was expiramenting and i guess ordered the wrong things...

i can see and taste a diference in the al pastor, but can't remember which i like better....maybe i'll do a side by side taste test sometime. but the burrito and pupusa were great, and a notch above average.

Best burrito? maybe. i can't really tell. i haven't met too many burritos i didin't like.

i'll be back, but hopefully, in the future, it will take less than three attempts to get the menu item i am aiming for.

Reviewer: pyunnyhana
Total Reviews: 47
Reviewed: 2/4/2006
Rating: 8.5
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If the world was nonexistant of obesity and heart clogs, I would eat here, no problemo. I have to say this place is not for you healthnuts. Rarely do I eat Taqueria food at all, so I don't have much basis on what should and should not be. Here's what I ordered:

Pork Tamale (1.85)
it came with a side of salsa that was too spicy for my taste. I had to stop eating a couple of times to recuperate, but hey, it was fresh. The tamale was softer and creamier than those Ive eaten, but I read a newspaper clipping on the wall saying that it had a �Salvadorian flavor� to it. So I guess thats why it was a little different.

Chicken Taco (1.85)
You could tell the chicken was cooked in a load of grease. It was fried to a CRISP! Along with the cilantro, onion, and corn tortilla, it was my favorite out of the three I ordered.

Pupusa (1.65 or around there)
I decided to throw this in my order the last minute just for the heck of its name. Haha pupuso. With a name like that, youve got to try it. It was good, but Im not a fan of overly fried/greasy food. It was the kind of greasy that if you ate it, you come out smelling like it. With the cabbage included, it was ALMOST refreshing, but by itself, it was just fried tortilla with something stuffed inside. Honestly, its the �sinfully tasty� kind, but I wouldnt order it again due to personal preferences.

If it were closer to my home, I would buy their tacos like crazy. Prices are great, food was great. The fresh salsa was a PLUS, even though it was too spicy for me.

Reviewer: ne00
Total Reviews: 187
Reviewed: 8/26/2005
Rating: 8
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Having read the reviews here, I convinced my friend to go with me to Taqueria La Bamba today for lunch. I love a good burrito and seeing that Jason gave this place a 10 star rating, I couldnt resist. La Bamba is just down the street from my work and within the same complex as La Costena, which means during peak hours the parking lot if full.

We got there around 11:20 and there were a few customers already in line ordering their burrito. The menu is very simple, there are 3 different burritos with choice of meat, a taco with choice of meat, and combo plates, and some other stuff to choose from. The prices were all very reasonable. My friend ordered the carne asada super burrito and I ordered an al pastor taco and a carnitas super burrito.

While we waited for our order, my friend was looking around for some condiments like salsa and hot sauce. I told him he probably had to buy the condiments as it was listed on the menu for 0.25 each. He didnt seem too happy about this as he likes to pour on some hot sauce and salsa with each bite. I can understand his disappointment since most burrito joints give out the free salsa.

We saw our food being made and saw them first slab on the rice, then beans, then guacamole and sour cream, and then salsa, and lastly the meat was piled on fresh from the grill. A lot of places Ive seen first stack on the meat before adding the condiments, so it was something different as the guacamole, sour cream, and salsa are smothered in between the meat and rice.

There are several types of drinks to choose from but sodas are 1.25 which is a bit expensive. There are no tables with seats, rather a counter that surrounds the walls with benches to sit on. This is more of an order and go type of place or a place to have a quick meal. I had originally envisioned this place to be like La Costena where you get to pick your meats and condiments and watch them assemble your burrito every step of the way, but rather you order and they assemble it for you based on the choice of burrito you selected. I noticed after I ordered that all my orders had cilantro. I usually ask that cilantro be kept out of all my dishes, so I was a bit worried that the flavor of cilantro would ruin my burrito experience.

When we got back to work we were excited to try out the La Bamba experience. Would I finally find a go to burrito joint? Would the La Bamba burrito be inducted into the burrito hall of fame? Not just yet, I had to try the taco first as it seemed small enough under the aluminum foil wrapping.

Al Pastor Taco: Two soft taco tortillas, marinated BBQ pork, onions, cilantro, and Salsa Verde. The tortillas was not piping hot nor were they even warm, they tasted stale and room temperature by itself. The Al Pastor made up for the poor tasting tortillas as it was filled full of flavor, all the ingredients blended in. I couldnt even taste the cilantro and there were enough of it to see. The taco was a bit expensive for something so tiny but it was well worth the price after having tasted the al pastor. The over all experience would have been better had the tortillas been warn and moist. (7.5/10)

Carnitas Burrito: This wasnt a fat burrito, but it was a big burrito. Every inch of the tortilla was filled with something, whether it be rice, beans, or meat, there was no room for the tortilla to be just by itself. My first few bites were a bit salty as I all I bit into was rice, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa. I think the salsa had a bit too much salt. There was not that much carnitas in the burrito but still enough to sample throughout the burrito. The burrito was very fulfilling and I had a hard time actually finishing it off. This is well worth the cost and would definitely come back for more. The burrito here is actually cheaper than La Costena but in terms of taste, it really depends on the choice of meat. (8/10)

Carnitas: Ive tried carnitas in several places and La Bamba definitely makes the best carnitas thus far. Most places the carnitas taste try or over cooked. But at La Bamba the carnitas are moist. The cranitas in my burrito were not crispy, but they were moist and tender. At one point while chopping away on my burrito I noticed some pieces of lard after having just swallowed a piece accidentally. (7/10)

Plus: Accepts credit cards with a minimum order of 5.00. Meats are made fresh to order. Good value.

Minus: Lack of parking during peak hours. Extra cost for Salsa or Hot Sauce.


Reviewer: Dan
Total Reviews: 84
Reviewed: 4/26/2007
Rating: 8.5
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No doubt about it. This is one great taqueria. Being very close to my work, I am now a regular customer. The food is excellent and the service is fast. I have to disagree though with the extremely high rating for this place, especially when I don't believe in rating on just the food. I have three main problems with La Bamba: lack of parking, lack of chip/salsa bar, and the poor eat-in options.

I had driven by La Bamba several times before, and I was always put off by the long lines of people I saw. After reading about it on Jatbar, I finally decided to give it a try. On my first visit here I had so much trouble parking that I eventually parked illegally. The line was huge and snaked out the door, but moved amazingly fast. I literally got my burrito within 5 min after getting in line...bloody amazing! The people in the open kitchen have got an assembly line system and they stick to it. It was a wonder to behold. Once I got my food, I was able to squeeze at a spot along the wall. My regular chicken burrito was very good; Nicely flavored, moist chicken plus fresh cilantro and onions. Beans and rice were good. Not too much rice. Tortilla was moist and a little chewy. Definitely a top tier burrito. Cost was $5.25 incl. tax which is more expensive than other taquerias in the area, especially considering La Bamba does not include chips and salsa. These are only offered as a menu item for $1.50. Point loss for value.

On subsequent visits here I figured out there was additional parking along the street and at some abandoned office buildings next door, but sometimes this is closed off, so parking is still an issue. If I go at peak lunch hour I usually have to park a block or two away. Otherwise I go at off times (1:00 is usually safe except on Thursday and Fridays).

As for meals, I have tried almost everything here, including the carnitas tacos and the pupusas. The carnitas were good but not a 10 (More like an 8). The pupusas are a Salvadoran specialty, and are basically like very thick corn tortillas stuffed with filling. La bamba offers cheese or pork pupusas on the main menu, but they actually provide more choices (look for the tiny sign behind the cashier). The pupusas are very good (my kids LOVE them) and come with the requisite salad you are supposed to wrap around. As on my first visit, the speed of service is always astonishing.

La Bamba is the ideal taqueria for takeout, mainly due to its super fast service and efficient people flow. As for eating there, it is less than ideal. If you choose to do this, you are likely to be crammed in with others on a narrow shelf, facing a wall. Recently they have added tables in the center of the room, but then you are normally surrounded by standing people who are milling around, waiting for their food. Either that, or you are right next to the order line. Both are a little claustrophobic.

La Bamba gets a high rating, but not as high as Tres Potrillos, my favorite taqueria in the Sunnyvale/Mountain View area.

Pros: Great food; pupusas offered; super quick service; great for takeout
Cons: limited parking; no chips included with burritos; poor seating options; somewhat limited menu

Reviewer: jsatre
Total Reviews: 75
Reviewed: 8/5/2006
Rating: 9
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Waiting to eat lunch until 3 pm creates hunger - like the kind that makes your tummy ache... My husband and I were in the area and he suggested La Bamba. HELL YEAH!

We roll in and already knew what to order: a carne asada super burrito. Mine sans the guac.

We grabbed two Arizona Iced Teas and sat down awaiting our 'presto log' sized gut busters. Our teas were cheap $1.64 each, for the 20 ounce size.

One thing that I turn off immediatly was having to pay 70 cents for a thimble sized hot sauce. COME ON you guys! That's lame... REAL LAME! Is it made out of some secret ingredient? My husband knew about this before ordering and I asked him how long they've been doing charging for 3 cents of hot sauce. He said a while... Sad.

Our order was up in less than 10 minutes. I tear back the foil and chomp down.... rice, rice and more rice. Then some sour cream. Oh, what a tease! Where's the meat?

Rice - Tad overcooked and slight mushy and lacking any real flavor. WAAYYY too much rice. The quantity of rice should have been half as much. I didn't read Jason's review before going so obviously this is a current trend. BLAH...

Tortilla- Tasty and grilled! The standard which all taquerias should go by.

Carne Asada - One I got in a few bites there was delicious well marinated char-grilled meat. Awesome stuff. Legendary... I might even come back some time and just order the carne asada plate. I could have used more of it though. The first and last bites were void of the good stuff.

Beans - a cross between whole pintos and refried... soft tender and almost creamy in texture. VERY good.

Cheese - I think it was melted into the tortilla - couldn't see it but it was in there.

Salsa - Tasty, freshy and the tomatoes were sweet. It's nice to have real salsa with jalapenos, cilantro and onion. I'd eat this stuff with just chips.

Sour Cream - Since I took out the guac I figured they wouldn't skimp on the crema, but they did. The first few rice only bites had some but it was pretty scant in the rest of my burrito.

70 cent Hot Sauce - Good hot sauce, but not 70 cents good. I'm still a little erked about this.

SO, I've been to TLB several times before and I agree with Jason, they're skimping on ingredients and adding too much rice. And paying for Hot Sauce at 70 cents a thimble is robbery. I love this place, but I'm wondering if their rent increased or something?! Increase the price on beverages and just GIVE a stupid thimble of hot sauce of free, with purchase. Burrito price was a good value for the size however.

Overall, the best place for carne asada, but TLB has room for improvement. I remember meat falling out of my burritos on all my past visits. I'm stretching to give them a 9.

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sbay2006 ate...


City of Mview made them remove all furniture due to some violation. Now its a take out place. But, you could stand by the wall and eat. Pretty baddd... I was not really sad, as the quality of the food was really low.. quantity & quality both DOWN.

12/12/2007 2:43:14 PM

theDude ate...

Carnitas Tacos and Chicken Burrito

Oh so sweet crispy carnitas goodness! I really wanted to try the carnitas burrito but the tacos won out. Tacos were the usual meat/onion/cilantro but the meat was mighty tasty. Girlfriend got the chicken super burrito and loved it. Will cert. be back

7/24/2007 2:06:34 PM

Bozz1991 ate...

Burrito Heavan

The BEST Carnitas burrito in the SB, hand's down. Also tried the asada quessadilla and the pupusas and they too are an absolute home run. This place defintely well worth the nearly 10 score they average.

6/6/2007 8:19:40 AM

Amoreena ate...

veggie burrito

The first time I ate at LB was in 1992, and I was blown away. Aside from a respite during college, they have always been a fav. I was craving their food on Sunday, so drove up from the SB. WHAT have they done? It was good, but not amazing = (

5/1/2007 9:27:03 PM

pyunnyhana ate...

Regular Carnitas Burrito

Holy crap, this was so good. Last time I bought a chicken burrito and didn't like it. Haven't been here since last year. Today, got carnitas to-go. Bundle was tight and DENSE. Every bite was flavorful and contents evenly distributed.

4/13/2007 1:11:04 PM

GutBuster ate...

Papusas From Heaven!

If you go to LaBamba and do not order a Pork and Cheese papusa you have cheated yourself out of one of the Bay Area's highest salivatory inducing experiences! Be warned "You will want More, Oh YES you will want more!"

12/4/2006 12:23:15 PM