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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

As the many replacements were announced for the Pro Bowl rosters, one name that did not appear is Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown.

Brown was named a second alternate when the rosters were initially announced and the opportunity was there for him to make his Pro Bowl debut. However, Brown turned down an invitation, citing personal reasons, the Eagles told the Daily News' Les Bowen.

At the time, Brown said he hadn't been counting on making it, though he'd rate this season among the top two or three of his 8-year career. He said he can't fault the role of stats in the process, even if they don't tell the whole story.

"It will kind of mess with you, but it's something you can't control," Brown said then.

The Eagles will be well-represented Sunday in Miami with nine players, after Donovan McNabb and Quintin Mikell were added yesterday.


To read Les Bowen's report from Day 1 of Senior Bowl workouts, click here.



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Posted 08:13 AM, 01/26/2010
Great, nine "Pro-Bowlers", just what we need, another set of talking points for Joe Banner. We'll once again be the "On-Paper" Super Bowl champions despite missing a second pass rusher, a strongside LB who can punish TE's and a secondary who can cover...
Posted 08:23 AM, 01/26/2010
zwarte piet
sheldon should have been named a pro bowl starter. everyone knows it. ups to him for declining.
Posted 08:29 AM, 01/26/2010
I agree. Banner just needs to be quite. The Eagles have a strong roster but are missing some significant pieces. The D and O line need help. This off-season will tell me all I need to know about 2010; baring injuries.
Posted 08:32 AM, 01/26/2010
I can't stand banner, reid & #5 a la the 3 stooges
Posted 08:36 AM, 01/26/2010
dpcoz, get a clue. the secondary can't cover receivers when the QB has all day to throw. it also doesn't help matters much when your rookie starting safety blows assignment after assignment.
Posted 08:42 AM, 01/26/2010
Jack Ripper
what a cry baby
Posted 09:07 AM, 01/26/2010
We had 3 pro bowlers in our secondary this year? This has to be the biggest joke of the year. This just in. Macho Harris replaces Sheldon Brown in the pro bowl.
Posted 09:11 AM, 01/26/2010
I don't agree, I think the media over hyped Brown all season. They should have moved him to free safety. He can't defend the double move and only looked good against non playoff teams, much like McBlabb and the rest of the squad. And dpcoz is correct, the Eagles front office will be delusional enough to believe they have enough talent on this roster to win a Super Bowl and it will be deja vu all over again. Ground hog day part 11.
Posted 09:12 AM, 01/26/2010
"The Eagles will be well-represented Sunday in Miami with nine players" if that's a positive. Anyone not voted as primary Pro Bowl player should not be allowed to be called a Pro Bowl player. Alternates can play in the game but their resume should indicated alternate or some other lesser designation. I'm sick of all-star games being viewed as "exhibitions" that don't matter. The whole point of "all-star" and "pro-bowl" is to confer honor for being the best. I know the games themselves don't mean anything and are just for the leagues to make money, but the actually title bestowed on a player should mean something and be deserved. For example, I have no problem w/AI going or playing in the All-Star game but call it a lifetime achievement award or something. He is clearly not an All-Star this year. Maybe they should call it the "Cal Ripken, Jr. I'm only here b/c I've been in the league so long award and nobody has the balls to tell me I'm not an All-Star anymore" award.
Posted 09:24 AM, 01/26/2010
beegal99, did I not mention a second pash rusher? Oh, look at that, I did, who would have thunk it?!?!? And your comment on the rookie in the secondary only strengthens my point, junior.
Posted 09:26 AM, 01/26/2010
It took 4 posts to mention McNabb. Y'all are slacking off.
Posted 09:49 AM, 01/26/2010
If the game was in Hawaii, Sheldon be packing right now.
Posted 09:58 AM, 01/26/2010
the best team that never wins anything!
Posted 10:00 AM, 01/26/2010
To paraphrase Groucho Marx: "I don't want to be part of any game that would have McNabb and Mikell as participants!"
Posted 10:01 AM, 01/26/2010
VaFan: Be careful. Them Yankees will come down here and rape our women, burn our farms, and kill our young men again...and call it emancipation. We ain'a ready for the Great Counter-attack jus yit.
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