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Biggest Loser

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Season Finale
Thomas Fritze beats Jake the monkey and makes the big win.

Two Extremes
A single mother from the Bronx works down to $1 and $1,000,000!
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Deal Returns
Iowa farmer Diane Jorgenson brings home the bacon when Deal returns.
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Happy New Year's
Tunde Oyeneyin makes a New Year's gamble and wins. Click here
Play It Safe
Brien Crowder places it too safe and pays the price.
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Laker Fan
Kobe Bryant fan Davon Clark does the right thing.
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Family Deal
The Calhoun Family gets a nice Christmas gift on Deal.
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Merry Christmas
Military hero Matt Zedwick gives his new bride a very merry Christmas deal.
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Four Seasons, One Amazing Show
Celebrate four winning seasons of Deal or No Deal!
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Nick vs. Nick
Nick gets replaced... by Nick! Click here
Model Theater - 30 Rock
The Models recreate a stirring scene from 30 Rock.
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