/ aka She Diao Ying Xiong Chuan, Legend of the Condor Heroes /

This is the first novel of the Trilogy. It began with the decline of the Jin Dynasty and the Song Dynasty, and ended with the death of Genghis Khan.

Minglei Huang, Foreva, Strunf, Patudo, Taihan, Du Gu seeking a win, SunnySnow, James Worsley, Rayon, Xuelian, Xfiberloss, Hugh aka IcyFox), William Lee Chong Beng, Daniel Shultz, Bluebook, Owbjhx, Gimel Gimeno and Frans Soetomo

James Gataiant, Percy Cael, Qiu Shuyi, and Elif Kaya

Cover Picture of Eagle Shooting Hero

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Eagle Shooting Hero: Book 1
Eagle Shooting Hero: Book 2
Eagle Shooting Hero: Book 3
Eagle Shooting Hero: Book 4