Re; Nightcap Village Development DA 06/1054

As a Geopathic Stress Consultant I specialize in advising people about harmful or beneficial places on which to build or live. The term Geopathic relates to Earth sickness. Geo being of the Earth and Pathos from the Greek meaning sickness. I can identify places that will be detrimental to the occupant's long term well being and suggest ways of avoiding harmful effects.

 Stress zone symptoms include;

  • Weariness, fatigue and depression.
  • Erratic temperament, most noticeable in children
  • Relationship problems.
  • Restless sleep, propensity to nightmares.
  • Heaviness of body and mind while the spirit cannot find inspiration and joy.
  • Weakened immune response.
  • Vibrational [Homeopathic] medicines do not appear to work.
  • Treatments such as Bowen and Kinesiology do not hold.
  • Plans and aspirations do not work out.
  • Recovery time from injury and illness is slower than it should be.
  • ‘Spooky' feelings and fear for no apparent reason.
  • Uneasy atmosphere about the house.
  • Babies continuously crying.
  • Difficulty conceiving and difficult pregnancy.
  • Severe cases include headaches, nausea and dizziness, increased incidence of domestic violence.
  • Fruit trees and crops are slow to mature with poor yields and are more prone to insect attack.
  • Cats are attracted to these zones while dogs avoid them.

Sources of Geopathic stress include;

  • The movement of underground water through rock strata.
  • Geological Faults and volcanic activity.
  • All underground caves, tunnels and mines.
  • Battle fields, massacre sites, burial grounds and virtually any place where a traumatic emotional event has occurred.
  • Landfill sites where materials have been buried such as metal objects, garbage and pollutants.
  • Power lines, pipes, cables, switch--boards, TV's and computers or anything that radiates an electromagnetic field.
  • Ionizing radiation from radioactive decay.

My clients fall into 2 groups. One group may already have an illness or a relationship problem and no amount of medication or treatment seems to be fixing the problem, so now they are considering the possibility that there is something not quite right with their house and surrounds. People with arthritis for instance know that certain places around the house can exacerbate their condition. Others may feel that there is something causing the kids to always be behaving badly or are always getting sick but can not find an obvious source of the problem. The other group of clients are already aware of ‘the sick building syndrome' and will ask me to survey a house and property , prior to purchase or moving in while others want some help in locating the best possible site for their new home, a site that is free from any form of Geopathic Stress.

Underground water creates the most common geopathic stress field on the North coast. Remedial measures in this case would be to move the bed or couch off the offending water vein but in places on the coast where ionizing radiation comes from decaying Thorium then whole urban areas can be Geopathically Stressed and so are not places of harmony and well being. Landfill sites create stress zones as do places where poisons were applied or stored and geological fault lines can also be a problem around the Tweed Caldera..

Back in 2001 I discovered that all the land on the Nightcap Village side of the Tweed river was Geopathically stressed. The discharging energy signature embedded in this land stretched almost back to Kunghur and also Northward into the Tweed Council plantation. I had spent the whole of 1997 traveling overseas investigating sites of inspiration and harmony as well as places which were geopathically stressed. I found that the battlefield of Culloden near Inverness in Northern Scotland had imprinted into the landscape an energy signature that was identical to that which I had discovered at places in Australia where the massacre of Aboriginal people had occurred. The Culloden battle in 1746 which only lasted 40 minutes left 2000 Scots dead but the imprint of the fight can still be felt today and the geopathic stress field is easily discernable.

When I surveyed the Gallipoli peninsular I also found the legacy of the 9 month battle involving up to 500,000 casualties had also left an unmistakable discharging energy signature that was embedded in the landscape which again was the same as the energy signatures of Aboriginal massacre sites in Australia . Since then I have located and mapped numerous Aboriginal massacre sites along the North coast of NSW and many within the Tweed Caldera.

When the Wollumbin Festival came into being in 2001 I was able to ask the Widjabul Elders about the massacre of Aboriginal people and in particular what had happened on the Nightcap Village land which we knew at the time to be called Mebbin Springs and why does it have such a destructive and harmful energy signature. I was told about the massacre where the bodies of the men women and children had been mutilated and hacked into pieces which so distressed the people who discovered the massacre that they lit up beacon fires all around Mt Warning to call in all the clans to come to this place and to perform funeral rites to try and restore dignity for the victims. I was then told that all the clever men also known as men of high degree of initiation, were assembled and sat down for 3 days and 3 nights to sing a curse into the land that would last for all time. From what I know about Aboriginal Law, it is a very old law which is basically an eye for an eye. The death song or curse is still being sung today from the spirit world and can be discerned by anyone who is into their listening and dowsers will find 5metre squares of discharging energy all around.

The East Ballina massacre occurred in 1853/4 according to the memoirs of my great grandfather James Ainsworth of Shores Bay Ballina. The troopers responsible for the massacre stayed at his father's inn the night before and had traveled down from the Tweed and returned to the Tweed . This indicates that the commissioners and the native police were in the area at that time and were capable of massacring and that the NSW government told the settlers ‘to mind their own business and warned that persistence in the matter might lead to trouble for them', hence there are no official records of the massacres.

If a client of mine or an enquiry through my web site should ask me about the Nightcap Village estate I would in the interest and well being of people today and future generations have to say that the site is encumbered by the destructive energy signature of the massacre and subsequent curse. The curse or enchantment is a death song which is playing like an endless recording right now and will persist for generations to come. This land is being sung form the spirit world of the dreaming which is also known as the Astral dimension.

The only solution to this situation is for the Commonwealth Government to buy back this land and unconditionally return it in full legal tenure to the traditional owners. Unfortunately the death song makes the land unfit for occupation but at least they can be the custodians of their ancestors land. If the development were to be given the go ahead it will attract dysfunctional people as stressed people tend to be attracted to geopathically stressed places. It has also been demonstrated that higher than average incidences of theft and domestic violence occur in geopathic stresses zones.