Star Wars Galaxies Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege Game Update

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January 26, 2010
Beginning today, the Star Wars Galaxies Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege game update is available for Rebels and Imperials alike. Sony Online Entertainment is also offering eligible former players the opportunity to come back to Star Wars Galaxies for free between February 1 and March 1. With the balance of power in the galaxy at stake, anyone who can tote a blaster or lend support is needed on the front lines! Eligible player accounts will be automatically reactivated -- players can simply log in to rejoin the action! For those who choose to re-subscribe before the free period ends, a special in-game painting will be given as a reward.

Come back now to join in massive invasions and build a legacy in the battle raging across the galaxy -- where the movies end, your adventure begins!

Star Wars Galaxies Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege includes new, massive invasion warfare scenarios in three major cities featuring:

    New Gameplay:
    • Cities will display Imperial or Rebel banners and faction-specific NPCs, quests, terminals and pylons depending on which faction is in control

    • Added support for Factional Mercenaries. Neutral players can align themselves with either faction to participate in city conflicts and earn rewards

    • Mayors of player cities are able to set their city's factional alignment from the management terminal

    • Fight battles within newly implemented Planetary Regions to determine which faction controls a planet

  • New Interactive Structures:
    • Defend cities by manning barricades and building defensive turrets

    • Assault enemy cities and take out defense structures and key enemy personnel with the might of AT-AT or Hailfire missile attacks

  • All New Profession-Based Quests:

    • Contribute to the battle with profession-specific quests that let players bolster defending or invading forces

    • Improve and repair defensive structures, revive fallen soldiers, heal fatigue, entertain demoralized troops, slice terminals, scout and sabotage patrol points, and more

  • Epic New Rewards:
    • Battle-specific quests such as manning barricades, building turrets and treating wounded soldiers, now grant tokens that can be cashed in for new rewards, including: faction-specific clothing including capes, cloaks and battle-scarred armor; Entertainer glow sticks; bombing-run binoculars; an upgraded personal shield generator and multiple new weapons

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