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imam calls for fight against homosexuality

Last Updated: March 17, 2003

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Justice Darboe, Banjul reports

March 17, 2003: Imam Abdoulie Fatty, has strongly challenged anti-Hiv/Aids crusaders to revise their approach in the blitz against the Aids epidemic to a more realistic way in order to achieve their aims.

Delivering his sermon last Friday to a congregation at State House Mosque, Imam Fatty called on anti-Hiv/Aids campaigners to critically study and change their approach in the fight against the Aids epidemic.

"Why not the fight against adultery, homosexuality and lesbianism?" he queried.

"Aids can be spread through various ways; adultery, homosexuality and lesbianism. Since we don't exercise leniency with drug traffickers I don't see any reason why we should with adulterers, homosexuals and lesbians." According to the venerable imam and social critic, anti-Hiv/Aids campaigners give the impression that the disease has no 100 per cent cure, "but I recommend that to protect ourselves and society, let's shun what Allah frowns on." On the degenerating moral standard in the country especially among young people, Imam Fatty enjoined on all and sundry to consider the Muslim new year as a period for atonement, moral rectitude and redoubling of efforts.


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