Giving Away my Ebooks for Free

Posted on January 27, 2010 07:28 AM by Joel Comm

Over the past five years, I have been heavily involved in proviiding resources to help people make money online, particularly in the content-based blog space.

I believe creating a blog or other content site focused on a niche or micro-niche can draw visitors and repeat visitors.

I believe that content can be monetized a number of different ways creating multiple revenue streams for the site owner.

And I believe that the playing field has never been easier to access. After all, it doesn't cost much to register a domain, set up a hosting account and launch a blog.

During this time, I have written a number of ebooks that have been read by thousands, including AdSense Secrets, Kontera ContentLink Secrets and Chitika Premium Secrets. After all, making money with AdSense is great, but there are other contextual ad services which also bring in nice daily income.

Now, for the first time ever, I am making all of these ebooks available to download for FREE!

as4-book.gifAdSense Secrets v4.0 - Now in its 4th edition and packed with 232 pages of AdSense and money-making tips

Kontera ContentLink Secrets - In-text ads are a great complement to AdSense.

Chitika Secrets v4.0 - These guys have refinded their premium ads to provide what your visitors are looking for.

bawsf-book.gifHow to Build Profitable Websites Fast - A classic with great tips for those just starting up.

What's the catch?

There is no purchase necessary. There is no continuity program. Just enter your name and email to download.

If you choose to provide your phone number, it gives us an opportunity to follow up with you and make sure you received your download. We can also discover where you are in your online business and if there is any way we can assist you.

So go ahead. Grab your free downloads now.

If you know of others who would enjoy these books, feel free to share the love. Just point them to the websites to get their copy.

61 Comments For This Post

  1. sam Says:

    Great Information!

  2. Chef Tony Says:

    Wonderful stuff Joel, I really respect you and your info in the online world, thanks for making this available!

  3. Paul Roekle Says:

    Wow, that is very generous of you Joel!

    Worth checking out thank you very much.

  4. Shane Lowry Says:

    Heya Joel,

    Thanks for the release. I certainly don't mind jumping on a list to get good content.

    Of course it's a great way for you to build your list to even greater heights for your next release.

    Kind Regards,

  5. John Pearson Says:

    Web site is not yet up - building it in the background

  6. Positive Mind Says:

    WOW yes Joel is is a big wow
    Cant believe you are givving away such a valuable absolutely FREE

    Too generous as Paul Roekle say

    Eslam Talaat

  7. Wikus Says:

    Hi there Joel,

    How do I download the books? I tried entering my name and email but the system says I'm already registered?? Is there any other way to access the downloads?

  8. hamster Says:

    thank you veli muchy

  9. Entrepreneur Says:

    Wow, this is great news - getting free ebooks from a genuine internet guru, that's got to be a first

  10. AZ Mortgages Says:

    I've enjoyed your books in the past and look forward to taking action with these new releases.

    Paul Dunn

  11. Darrell Says:

    Hi Joel,

    I've been following you for years. I've learn a lot from you.
    Keep the great information coming. You are a relief in this
    Industry. A great place for newbies to start.

  12. ken Says:

    Good stuff Joel,
    I just hope I'll have time to read them all otherwise they will join the hundreds of other e-books collecting dust on my hard drive ;-)


  13. Deborah Swain Says:

    four books for the price! what can i say but thank you!

  14. Don Deller Says:

    I have enjoyed your work over these past few years. I appreciate receiving these free ebooks and look forward to using them.


  15. Sandee Lembke Says:

    I've read a couple of these and plan on reading the others. Thank you so much Joel. I always learn a lot when I read your books.

  16. Talis Says:


    Thanks again for all that you do. I read every email I receive from you and act on some of them. My company is becoming more important to me than ever. Your efforts so appreciated.

    Talk to you soon,


  17. Rick Kirkham Says:

    Thanks Joel. This should help to promote my hearing aid information site


  18. hendri Says:

    hello joel
    I interest it's..!
    thanks for you e-book, it's good for help me
    newbie to learn business online, i can say
    very very thanks you....

  19. Vijay Says:

    Joel, I am following you since I bought your twitter power book, I still enjoy reading it.

    Now with these four free ebooks I have more reason to admire you.


  20. Denise Tawwab Says:

    Thanks Joel! I feel like I just hit the lottery. I read Twitter Power last year and found it very helpful. Believe it or not I was just thinking yesterday, "I sure wish I had Joel's AdSense book." And today I have it. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.


  21. Brad Says:

    Thanks for the books. I am using some of your ideas from an earlier Adsence book that I download from you. Although, I don't yet have a lot of clicks per day, I noticed a little more consistancy in clicks.

  22. Jpondry Says:

    I discovered you thro one of my web building forum. I haven't had a chance to read all of your books but I will. After paying for useless learnings I have become very sensitive to anything that ask for money or ask for partial and then satisfy after a period of time....usually I forget to stop payment they auto-charge my credit card. You seem honest in your offers.

  23. ethel black Says:

    What a breath of fresh air!
    Finally on the internet I see the word "Free" means FREE

    It appears that every email sent out says free in there somewhere, however it usually means "read on to see what I really mean"

    So I don't expect any thing in life for free, everyone works hard at what they do to succeed, and I am not asking for anything for free!. Just call it by what it is.

    I've wanted to say this for a long time.

    So Joel Thank you for your very generous offer, I really appreciate it.
    Ethel B.

  24. Jake Says:

    Thanks for your generous offer. Will make full use of them soon.

  25. Patrick Wagner Says:

    This is a can't miss offer! Also shows us the growing need for b2b lead generation using quality valued product to get these great leads.

  26. Deborah Says:

    Thanks Joel! This could not have come at a better time for me. I've recently lost my job and am getting serious about trying to earn money online. Your books should help me implement additional streams of income.

  27. Helen Riley Says:

    Hi Joel,
    Wanted to let you know you are the only "guru" I follow on Twitter. (Pardon the term, but as I am a "Newbie" that is what you are to me). Thanks so much for these FREE ebooks. I had already downloaded Adsense some time ago, and regret to say I have not had time to read it. Busy reading emails for credits so I can do free mailings since I only have 12 people on my list. (lol). I agree with Ethel. I had asked for a free book via mail for $1 for postage. Did not read carefully enough to see that if I did not unsubscribe I would be automatically subscribed in 30 days to 2 different items. It was a hard lesson learned.
    You are a credit to the internet marketing arena.
    Helen Riley

  28. Roger J Says:

    Thanks Joel.. your generosity is much appreciated !

    God Bless!

  29. Dee Says:

    Thanks Joel, this is great.
    I am extremely grateful for your generosity and look forward to the great reads.

  30. John Says:


    You've done it again ... awesome ... thanks for leading the way!

  31. Kristi Sayles Says:

    You just proved once again that you're one of the "good" guys. I can tell you truly enjoy helping people. The books are awesome.
    You're a sweetie. Thanks, Joel.
    Kristi Sayles

  32. Wibowo Tunardy Says:

    Thanks Joel. I really love your ebooks. I hope my blog visitors also love it :)

  33. Linda Says:

    Thanks Joel for the free ebooks.

    Only problem is that I could not get Kontera ContentLink Secrets. I tried entering my name and email but the system says I'm already registered?? But I was able to get the other 3 ebooks by opting in. Is there away to get this ebook as promised by you that we would get all the ebooks? Here is a thought I had Why didn't you just have one optin to get all 4 ebooks at once? This way nothing could get messed up. Anyway this was great of you by doing this. Hope I can get the last ebook!

    Is the secret classroom offer a one time payment for all this good education?

  34. Rose Says:

    Thanks you so much for this treasure trove. Much, much appreciated! You totally rock!
    God bless!

  35. hamster hamster Says:

    Thank you veli muchy.. really appreciate your kindness and generosity.. reaallly great books.... really love em...

  36. Bob Gill Says:

    Many thanks for the free downloads.

    Bob Gill

  37. sabri Says:

    Thanks for the great and useful info which hardly available anywhere

  38. Jonathan (The Brain Teacher) Crabtree Says:

    From one JC to another...

    This is a fantastic gift.

    Thank you!


  39. Murali Krishna A Says:

    But where should I sign up? I signed up on Top Righthand side at "Subscribe to, Free!", but got some other PDF Document. I did not get Download link to these 4 E-Books.

    Murali Krishna A

  40. Diane Corriette Says:

    Wow! that is some gift. Thanks
    Looking forward to reading them.

  41. Winnetta Byford Says:


    Thanks for your generosity. You are one of a very few guys out there that I trust completely! Knowing you have Christian values and are as open and honest as you are makes it easy. You are certainly building treasures in Heaven.


  42. David Carter Says:

    Nice move. I don't do products but I sell services online via my many domain names. In many of these cases, I have found that free brings in far more money than any other business model - and it's not an Internet riches kind of model either, it's real world, business to business selling. Example, I just yesterday opened a UK commercial property portal and am giving unlimited advertising to real estate agents on a site that is completely bare of all advertising, not even Adsense. The model is unique, just like this one.

    Well done for bring free back to the masses.

  43. Joseph Says:

    Hi Joel,

    Thank you! I have most of these ebooks already and have read, used and recommended them to my subscribers as well. I appreciate you.

    Thanks again,

  44. Brian Baulch Says:

    Hey Joel thanks very much for the 4 ebooks had already read purchased adsense secrets but l will check if you have updated it for sure and will enjoy been able to sit down to read your 3 other ebooks

  45. Alan Says:

    Giving away ebooks..? You got me curious :)

  46. Chris Says:

    Thanks, Joel. Let's see if the Adsense Book can help me to go from low 4-digits in Adsense profits to a full-time income.

  47. Hooshmand Moslemi Says:

    Joel Comm is an entrepreneur who has been successful by helping other people. I know him since 2005 and I must say what he is doing now is a rare opportunity for many online marketers. Getting our hands on a package of the most wanted and powerful e-books is not an ordinary occasion.

    Joel, I really thank you for giving us the chance to have access to these wonderful products which I called them a unique Minegold.

    To Your Success!

    Hooshmand Moslemi

  48. Tom Harvey Says:


    Superb, have signed up for all the books and can't wait to check out the content. Great free content.


  49. Sultan Says:

    Joel's Adsense book has a lot of useful tiops even for more experienced adsense users. I look forward to checking out the other books as well.

  50. qurtubhy Says:

    thanks joel, you give a good information for free, but may i know how long adsense will be continue ?


  51. Laurie Neumann Says:

    Thanks Joel. Very generous of you.

  52. Keith Jacob Says:

    Thanks for the free downloads Joel.

  53. Tom Says:

    Thank for sharing this valuable information!


  54. Connie Sanders Says:

    Thank you for this Joel. I have all your books but I am trying to let others in my family understand how easy it is, ... not meaning there is no work involved. It is common for people to get lost in the "too much information" syndrome. When they do, they accomplish nothing.

    I lost two years in that TMI mode. I am on track now because of your books and knowing that you have to "stay the course". I'm making good money now but I am ready to take the next step. Your books got me here.

    Thank you for being the person you are. I have followed you for a few years. You have high standards, integrity, and moral standards that you live by. And, you tell folks that upfront and it is true. I have watched you!

    I follow several internet marketers. They have some good information but they don't have your commitment to integrity, honesty and values. (where is spell check when you need it?)

    You have given me so much! I know I am no one important and have no influence but if I can ever help you, let me know.


  55. Brian Lawrence Says:

    Hi Joel,

    Thanks so much for the free ebooks...Your materials are always so enlightening...Just hope that I can get through your v4 of Adsense Secrets before you come out with v5 :)

    Brian Lawrence

  56. Peter Says:

    Thank you for all the great info

  57. Brenda Says:

    Thanks Joel!

    For this Free Ebooks Download...

    I really love your ebooks!

  58. Cheri Sigmon Says:

    Thanks, Joel... very kind of you. I'll read these on the plane.

    Doing good stuff!


  59. Ed Says:

    Just wanted to rant a little. I get tired of marketers saying
    that the product they offer is a free download, than say just
    give me your name and address, it will cost you nothing.
    That is an insult to me, they are saying that my name and
    email address is of no value which says I am of no value.

    I have value and my name and email address has value. I consider
    these types of offers to be insulting to me as a person. I am to
    the point that I automatically click away from these pages. I am
    also thinking about unsubscribing from email list of marketers list
    that make these offers of free products that only require my name
    and email address.

    Just thought you needed to know how I feel, because if I feel this
    way, how many others do and just unsubscribe or click away.

  60. Howard From Best Internet Marketing Tools Says:

    Thanks Joel!

    These will make a great addition
    to your other products I have
    bought in the past! Always great info!


  61. Rick Says:

    Ed, regarding your rant, of course your name and email are of value. For an internet marketer, it is all about their list, so the approach is to offer something of value (free report, video, ebook) in exchange for your name and email. If you don't think the offer is of any value then it is your choice to not exchange your information. I know it is a hassle but you can always unsubscribe from their list. Who knows, you might learn something of value in the content they offer.

    So don't take it as an 'insult'. Exchanging your name and email is a fair offer and it does cost nothing in a monetary sense...and a standard practice on the internet and not going away anytime soon. If you aren't interested, don't opt in. Pretty simple.

    Good luck...

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