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Long before there was a /b/, long before there was an ED, long before there was internets, long before anyone reading ED was born, Internet users would gather on Usenet to swap computer support tips, erotic stories, recipes, political opinions, and other bulletin-board material. alt.tasteless was the /b/ of Usenet, a group inhabited by self-declared pedophiles, BDSM freaks, scat enthusiasts, IRL guro aficionados, medical fetishists, and other upstanding members of the Internet community. As one contemporary described it:

It's unbelievable the filth they talk about on that group! Mostly about taking big shits, like that's something to be proud of, right? Then some lady was talking about stretching out her boyfriends testicles as a form of sex play. Plus a lot of articles involving murder crimes and substance abuse. Gay men offering themselves for sex. They also were discussing what would be worse, getting hit in the face with a shovel or getting a cactus stuffed up your behind. --[1]

In 1993, alt.tasteless members orchestrated one of the first forum invasions, in which rec.pets.cats (a newsgroup for cat-lovers) was mercilessly trolled. The thread is archived by teh Google here: [2]. The thread was an epic win to the extent that the butthurt members of r.p.c. conspired to get the original posters b& from the Internet.

Notable personalities include PRED, a self-proclaimed IRL sexual predator and pedophile. Author of the "Lolita Method", a guide for seducing underage girls, numerous guro stories, and a number of highly racist and misogynistic essays, namely [3] and [4]. Disappeared from the Internet years ago, presumably in prison. THEN WHO WAS REGISTER??? [5]

Scatological themes are heavily discussed on alt.tasteless, some famous threads include stories of diarrhea [6], constipation [7], extreme constipation [8], sewage plants [9], shitting one's self [10], anal surgery [11], and gigantic fucking enemas [12].

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