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Ibuki is a typical Japanese schoolgirl, with a twist. She is also a member of the secret Shinobi School of Ninjitsu. While she would rather just be a normal girl, she is also painfully aware of her great heritage and strives to be a great ninja warrior to please her teachers. Her pet cat can sometimes be seen watching her fight her way to victory.

As a final test of her abilities, Ibuki has entered the Street Fighter tournament. By facing the fiercest warriors in the world, she will complete her training as a ninja, and be able to pursue her dream of a normal life with her friends.

Note: Geki, the original Street Fighter ninja, is rumored to be her father, and can be seen hovering after certain rounds in front of her dojo. The ninjas who view her matches in front of her dojo are apparently her teachers, who show concern when Ibuki loses a round.

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Most Similar To: Cammy and Geki

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Street Fighter III: Third Strike
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