Assistant Coaches

Name Position Years
Baker, Brian Defensive Line 2009-
Bayless, Martin Defensive Assistant 2003
Boudreau, Paul Offensive Line 2001-2002
Breaux, Don Tight Ends 1995-2002
Burney, Jacob Defensive Line 1999-2001
Bush, Blair Assistant Offensive Line 1995-1997
Catavolos, George Defensive Backs 1995-1997
Chryst, Geep Offensive Quality Control 2006
Tight Ends/Offensive Quality Control 2007-
Crossman, Danny Special Teams Assistant 2003-2004
Special Teams Coordinator 2005-2009
Davidson, Jeff Offensive Coordinator 2007-
Davis, Billy Outside Linebackers 1995-1998
Del Rio, Jack Defensive Coordinator 2002
Fangio, Vic Defensive Coordinator 1995-1998
Ferraro, Paul Special Teams Assistant/Strength and Conditioning Assistant 2005
Flajole, Ken Linebackers 2003-2008
Gill, Ted Defensive Line 1996-1998
Gillhamer, Mike Defensive Assistant/Secondary 2004-2005
Secondary/Safeties 2006-2008
Secondary 2009-
Godette, Cary Defensive Line 1995
Harris, Chick Running Backs 1995-2001
Haskell, Gil Offensive Coordinator 1998-1999
Henning, Dan Offensive Coordinator 2002-2006
House, Matt Special Teams Assistant/Strength and Conditioning Assistant 2008
Levine, Tony Special Teams Assistant/Strength and Conditioning Assistant 2006-2007
Lewis, Tim Secondary 2007-2008
Magazu, Dave Tight Ends 2003-2006
Offensive Line 2007-
Mainord, Carlos Defensive Backs 2000-2001
Marshall, John Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator 1999-2001
Maser, Mike Offensive Line 2003-2006
Maxie, Brett Defensive Quality Control/Assistant Defensive Backs 1998
McCoy, Mike Offensive Assistant 2000, 2002
Wide Receivers 2001
Quarterbacks 2003-2006
Quarterbacks/Passing Coordinator 2007-2008
McNally, Jim Offensive Line 1995-1998
Meeks, Ron Defensive Coordinator 2009-
Mills, Sam Defensive Coaching Assistant 1998
Linebackers 1999-2004
Mills III, Sam Defensive Quality Control 2006-
Milus, Ron Secondary 2009-
Morton, Chip Strength and Conditioning 1995-1998
Musgrave, Bill Quarterbacks 1999
Offensive Coordinator 2000
O'Brien, Scott Special Teams 1999-2001
Assistant Head Coach/Special Teams 2002-2004
Pendry, Joe Offensive Coordinator 1995-1997
Perry, Rod Secondary 2002-2006
Reynolds, Alvin Defensive Assistant 1999-2002
Rodgers, Jeff Special Teams Assistant/Strength and Conditioning Assistant 2009-
Roman, Greg Defensive Quality Control/Strength and Conditioning Assistant 1995-1997
Offensive Quality Control/Strength and Conditioning Assistant 1998
Offensive Assistant 1999-2001
Scherer, Rip Quarterbacks 2009-
Schonert, Turk Quarterbacks 2001
Seely, Brad Special Teams 1995-1998
Shafer, Steve Defensive Backs 1998
Shoop, John Offensive Quality Control 1995-1996
Quarterbacks 1997-1998
Simmons, Darrin Special Teams Assistant/Strength and Conditioning Assistant 1999-2002
Simmons, Jerry Strength and Conditioning 1999-
Skipper, Jim Running Backs 2002-2005
Assistant Head Coach/Running Backs 2006-
Smith, Richard Linebackers 2009-
Steele, Kevin Linebackers 1995-1998
Sunseri, Sal Defensive Assistant 2002
Defensive Line 2003-2008
Tolbert, Tyke Wide Receivers 2010-
Trgovac, Mike Defensive Line 2002
Defensive Coordinator 2003-2008
Valesente, Bob Defensive Backs 1999
Williamson, Richard Wide Receivers 1995-1999,
Wide Receivers/Assistant Head Coach-Offense 2000
Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator 2001
Wise, Tony Offensive Line 1999-2000