Web Traffic Machines

Posted on February 29, 2008 12:57 AM by Joel Comm

You can have a great idea for a web site.

And developing the site can be a very rewarding experience.

But without one thing, it doesn't matter how nice your site is...

That thing is traffic.

Traffic is really the "life blood" of our business.

Without traffic you can't make sales, you can't generate affiliate commissions, you can't build a list... (you get the picture).

So today I want to focus on traffic, and tell you about some new tools to help you get more of it.

I recently heard about a man by the name of Bishop, who is basically an "underground" internet marketer from Texas. I say he's underground because he's been making a good living from the Internet, and until now he has remained unknown in our industry.

Over the past few years, he has invented many different software programs, each of which is designed to help get more traffic to his websites. Using his own programs, he has dominated his niches, and captured top search engine rankings for many keywords.

Today he is revealing those "traffic machines" to the world, and he's going to allow a select number of marketers to actually USE his machines to grab top search engine rankings and bombard their own websites with traffic from all over the internet!

Web Traffic Machines

I will make one disclaimer. His tools can be very powerful, and like almost any good technology--the potential for abuse exists. So please pay attention to his instructions and guidelines, and you'll stay out of trouble.

With the rising cost of pay-per-click and other advertising, these alternative traffic methods are a good way to grow your online business without spending a fortune on traffic.

Take a look at what some people are ALREADY saying about this program...

"...a few days later I started to see more traffic hitting my websites and more comments left on my blogs!" - Marc Sibille

"Within 2 months they were all on the front page of all the major search engines for many different keywords." - Floyd King

"It gets me listed in minutes. I use this software to launch every campaign." - Clifton Boston

"I have never had as much success with any other software as I have with yours. In just one day I managed to make 2 sales of a big ticket item" - Patrick Bankay

"This software is revolutionary in how fast it got my websites ranked in the major search engines!" - Lamar Owens

"Using your software I was able to double my views almost overnight!" - Marcus

"This will create a tsunami of traffic and subscribers!" - Rick Macaulay

"Ran it through the software once and now the site gets hits every day." - Wallace Schempp

"More unique visitors in one day than in 6 months using traditional methods!" - Sky Benson

It's definitely worth a look...

Web Traffic Machines

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15 Comments For This Post

  1. Shiva Says:

    Hi joel,

    I accept that you are definitley the elite member of Internet Marketing and that every word you speak is a gem. Now i received your promo mail for "Web Traffic Machines" which ofcourse i recieved many other big names. I literally failed on all my previous traffic building strategies whether free or paid. May i know how really and quickly i can benefit from this system. I have been struggling to make ends meet for my online business. I would feel great if i can get assurance from you. This is my first mail to you and i did immediatley after watching your video Success Secret which is great.


  2. Sandi Krakowski Says:

    Joel! 1- comment?? Obviously your audience doesn't realize how useful this Web Traffic Machine stuff is! But that's ok.... many of them are my competition.. so just keep posting other stuff and I'll hope they don't come back to this page and find out how really useful this tool is! :)

  3. jack Says:

    the pitch seems spammy, but interesting. Can you say anymore about their products?

  4. Henry Says:


    Enquiring minds want to know.

    Do you use this software?

    I have a lot of respect for you. But, even if the methods work, I can't believe you recommended software that has the following issues:
    1) Can't use a keyboard to navigate. Specifically, on many of the programs I used, the tab key does not take you from one control to the next in any logical order.

    2) Default button not implemented. ie, When I'm using a dialog, I should be able to use the ENTER key to "click" the OK button (or whatever the default button is)

    3) On Windows XP, labels are truncated or clipped so that you can barely make out what the text is.

    4) Resizing the Windows is allowed but the controls don't scale within the window. Either the window should not be able to be resized OR the controls within the window should scale. Given this was written in .NET 2.0, there is no excuse for this.

    Kind of makes you wonder what the quality of the code inside is like if the stuff on the surface is so obviously wrong.

    I'm still testing the methods, but before you pitch a product, next time have someone USE it.

  5. Sarah Branson Says:

    Hi Joel,

    I am wondering how ethical this type of software packages are as in a lot of cases it bypasses what the organisations want and tricks.

    Are you using such software for your business?

  6. jack Says:

    I tried it eventhough it looked spammy...I am deinstalling primarily because the software is very buggy; many of the "machines" appear to work on old techniques that don't work as well now; and I don't understand the ongoing expense value proposition.

    I know you don't use this junk, maybe you use some of these tactics but not this software. You only get 1 of these types of sales from me Joel.

  7. steve Says:


    Thanks for the informative review by other people looks like this product is another over hyped bit of junk.

    Gee there is so much crap out there today, why do people put this stuff out, they must get refund requests in droves if its this bad??


  8. bensto Says:

    Im not sure about this software, since its doesn't look like naturaly traffic.worry will be caught by google.

  9. Web Traffic Says:

    Interesting article to read which delivers important note regarding web traffic .The way things are elevated in simple and step by step manner .Beside this you will also hire expensive SEO (Search engine optimization service) provider to gain search engine free web traffic.

  10. Maathew Says:

    Buying Traffic has been a real question for me from the start and its not easy to get really targeted quality traffic but one day i gave a shot on Buy Traffic and seriously my ROI and investment was in super dooper profits, u guys need to try it !

  11. Tom Says:

    I used this software and most of the machines do not work.The tabs inside most of the programs are cut off, or none existent.Their tech support is horrible as well.Joel I doubt that you even used these machines, because if you did you would know how bad they were.BUYERS BEWARE.

  12. 3d animation studio Says:

    Web Traffic Machine is not very good. The programs were buggy and I had it refunded in a jiffy. Tech support was very bad and slow. The video tutorials were also awful and Bishop (the programmer) presumes a lot of thing - including presuming that users would know how to use his unfriendly programs easily. I wouldn't recommend it at all!

  13. Jerry Navarro Says:

    Hi Tom / 3D animation studio,

    Thanks for the red flag. I'm about to purchase this product.

  14. danny Says:

    I have got a chance to trial this product for $37 dollar I going take my chance

  15. free virtual worlds for kids Says:

    Hey this is useful. Getting your page infront of major search engines is definitly one thing you will like to have when you set up a website =]

    Thanks for the share

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