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Lincoln News and Information

8-2009: New stuff coming, hang tight.... -m

7-22-2008: The last Wixom, Michigan-built Town Car rolled through today. Definately the end of an era! -m

3-17-2008: Please post any news or pics from your local auto shows! -m

2-21-2008: The 2008's are shipping! -m

12-31-2007: Happy New Year! Be Safe.... -m

11-21-2007: Happy Thanksgiving from all of us! Send us your road trip pictures! -m

10-11-2007: Interesting bit on the prototype 2009 MKS from -m

9-18-2007: Lincoln to drop the Mark LT truck. How many of these were really ever sold anyway? -m

9-18-2007: Noticed we are referenced in Wikipedia's Lincoln Town Car entry! We are a historical fixture on the internet! :) -m

9-1-2007: Happy last weekend of summer!

8-24-2007: My internet provider is requiring some changes this weekend. The site may be down for a while on Saturday, but I am expecting it to be up on Sunday. Thanks for your patience! Happy End of Summer! -m

8-24-2007: A YouTube posting of a 1990 Town Car commercial. Pretty cool! -m

8-23-2007: The Chicago Sun-Times writes, Thumbs Up for the MKZ...

8-9-2007: Polish Don forwards, Name for Lincoln cars off the mark, from the Detroit Free Press.

7-3-2007: Have a great Fourth of July! -m (we're racking up the holidays here, heh)

5-26-2007: Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend... -m

4-29-2007: Spy photos of the MKS from Winding Road.

2-20-2007: MotorTrend has an article about Ford's name game.

2-20-2007: Interesting survey in Tampa Bay Business Journal about the 'power car' of choice.

2-20-2007: A favorable talk about the Town Car at The Washington Times.

12-30-2006: Behold the MKR from AutoWeek! (Thanks Daniel)

12-21-2006: BusinessWeek's take on Saving Lincoln.

12-16-2006: Ford to reveal Lincoln RWD concept in Detroit, reports

11-22-2006: Please have a happy and safe long Thanksgiving weekend! Take some pics of the fam loaded in your TC!!

11-7-2006: Get out and vote!! Been seeing some Lincoln MKZ's on the street--nice grille! Can we get that on the TC, please?

10-14-2006: Just changed the system to a new server. Time issues fixed!

10-14-2006: Some interesting notes of what could have been at Ford from

9-24-2006: Town Car will be produced in Ontario, Canada after 2007, although unprofitable until at least 2009, The Journal News reports.

9-22-2006: Warren Buffet's 2001 Town Car sold for $73k on eBay, Reuters reports.

8-8-2006: AutoWeek's Ford Future Products Update--stop Town Car production in Michigan in calendar 2007, though Crown Vic/Grand Marq continues in Canadian plant. Is this the end?!?!

7-19-2006: Forbes commentary on the Town Car's lifespan.

7-2-2006: Photo gallery back online! We resurrected the brochures and some others--please resend your current pictures on the Gallery page!

7-2-2006: ABCNews reports on Ford 2007 Lineup, including the MKX and Navigator L.

7-2-2006: AutoWeek says Plant closure, low sales could sink Lincoln's venerable town Car flagship

6-1-2006: Some interesting Ford sales statistics for May at

5-7-2006: $175,000 not too much?

5-7-2006: Car discounts making a comeback

2-3-2006: A short opinion piece at on older Town Cars.

2-3-2006: 2007 Mark MKS concept, aka Zephyr

2-3-2006: 2007 Lincoln MKX concept, aka Aviator

11-20-2005: Cracked Intake Manifold Settlement Site--we all got em!

11-10-2005: 2006 TC will be a FFV.

10-31-2005: Pics of the 2007 Aviator here.

10-30-2005: Info on 2009 TC here.

9-25-2005: Saw the Zephyr at a local dealership. Looks pretty darn nice!!

7-4-2005: Happy 4th of July!

6-20-2005: More possible info about the updated Town Car at

6-4-2005: A brief historical look at the Town Car at

5-18-2005: F Fleet has details on 2006 Town Car. Thanks BAW264!

5-9-2005: MotorTrend reports Town Car freshening in 2005

Edmund's Inside Line reports Crown Vic until at least 2010, maybe AWD Town Car.k

4-24-2005: Pics and release of the Lincoln Zephyr at

Ford Motor Company's page on the Zephyr

Detroit News says Zephyr poses risk, reward for Ford

Detroit News says Jury awards nearly $43.8 million in Town Car crash

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