Who likes Obamas plan to bring terrorists to our backyards?

by Kyle-Anne Shiver   •   January 28, 2010

Anyone who ran a business the way this president runs his administration would have been standing in line at a soup kitchen six months ago. Honestly, watching this president make one brazen decision after another, without so much as asking those wholl have to do the heavy lifting whether theyre on board, before he goes on record with another speech has been just plain painful.

News came out today that the president has asked the Justice Department to find other possible venues for the 9/11 plotters civilian trials. New Yorks mayor Bloomberg, the New York governor and just about every Democrat pol in charge up there have finally convinced these incompetent administrators that the people of NYC do not want, nor are they going to stand for the shenanigans of a terror trial blocks away from the 9/11 attacks. Both Republican and Democratic congressmen have mounted a strong effort to refuse funding - predicted to be in the tens of millions for this foolhardy trial, too.

Im plum sure cities from coast to coast will be lining up for the honor, arent you? Cities fighting 10% and rising unemployment, cities faced with melting revenues, cities already stretched to the max with this presidents foolish economic policies are just going to be jumping at the chance to spend millions they dont have to put on civilian trials for people who dont deserve them. Right.

What CEO makes a grandstanding decision like this one without first getting everyone involved fully on board? None.

Which is just another reason why people with postage-stamp sized resumes do not become CEOs.

Now, I wonder how long its going to be before the good people of Illinois stand up in open rebellion against this administrations plan to send Gitmo terrorists to a rural Illinois prison. As much as liberals and their bands of anti-everything-Bush demonstrators have denounced Gitmo, they seem to have utterly failed to understand the realities involved. If one does not have Gitmo, safely separated from the American mainland, then those terrorists have to go somewhere.

And, just like the NYC terror trials are proving to be, closing Gitmo has posed dire problems, evidently completely unanticipated by our teleprompted movie star in the Oval Office. The only way he has been able to get any other country to take handfuls of these terrorists is to bribe them with US aid dollars.

Now, Obama plans to send a couple hundred of these terrorists to rural Illinois, but hasnt thought through what that will mean for the citizens there. Jack Kemp has a very insightful essay on what kinds of hardships Illinois citizens will soon be facing if this foolhardy plan of the presidents goes through. Like in Israel, whose citizens face this kind of thing every day, American towns will see armed guards on their playgrounds, armed guards in their grocery stores and restaurants, and will face having their homes with round-the-clock bulls-eyes painted on them, just waiting for the rogue jihadist who wants to shake things up in the little town hosting his imprisoned pals.

Kemp knows all about this kind of life. He spent years in Israel.

Read all about his predictions on what we can expect once Obama brings terrorists to our own backyards. Its an eye-opening account.


Once again, nobody with a grain of common sense thought this harebrained scheme through to its logical conclusion.


A bunch of highly educated fools are running this Country. Hold onto your hats and load up on ammunition.

Are Liberals Encouraging Pedophiles with their Tea-Bagger Epithet? You Decide.

by Kyle-Anne Shiver   •   January 22, 2010

Reader Beware! This article is for adults only. Its not for the timid, squeamish or otherwise easily offended reader either. It contains explicit, graphic sexual descriptions. Any reader who objects to such subjects in the public forum should send a special note of complaint to mainstream media outlets and liberal politicians, as they are responsible for making this discussion absolutely necessary for the protection of our children.
Public commentators with huge, primetime audiences now use the phrase, tea-bagging, with utter impunity. Formerly respectable newspapers print columns by liberals using the phrase with perverse humor. NPR has even used donor dollars to produce a video making fun of the language of tea bag. The president of the United States has had the unrivaled depravity to joke about tea-bagging protesters. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has called political adversaries by the epithet.

Some conservatives have suggested adopting the phrase and turning it on political opponents.

I wonder whether any of these adults have considered a far uglier ramification.

Using sexual innuendo and double entendres is very tricky, quite risky business. And all grown-ups ought to know that anything sexual, which has been done between adults, has also been done to children.

Pedophilia has become nearly downright epidemic in this culture. We are living in a society saturated by unbridled sex. A new generation of pedophiles is now ginning up and getting all possible encouragement by a media and body politic drunk with power.

If so-called decent people and organizations wish to continue using the phrase, tea-bagging, in formerly respectable public forums, then they ought to know exactly what they are doing and how much grievous damage it is causing to those of us who have actually been tea-bagged by our pedophilic tormenters.  And how much damage they may be doing at this very minute to children being tea-bagged by sexual predators in the present.

You see, tea-bagging is the pedophiles very best friend and ally.  I know this because it was used against me.  Ive studied the issue of childhood sexual abuse and know that this vile deed against children is not as uncommon as some believe.  In fact, according to the most recent findings, about one in every four American women was sexually abused in some fashion as a child.  About one in five American men were as well.  Few of us talk about it openly; Im sure you can understand why.

Now, lets examine tea-bagging, which has become the liberal punditrys favorite insult against conservatives.   Are they, in reality, encouraging pedophiles?

For those, who still remain blissfully unaware, tea-bagging is the homosexual slang for a man placing his scrotum in the mouth of another man. Its meant to demonstrate domination and has sadomasochistic overtones. Perhaps the term itself did originate among adult homosexual males, but the act is, in reality, the pedophiles diabolical delight.

Writing as one who was, as a child, repeatedly tea-bagged by a bisexual pedophile, I can honestly say that every time I read or hear the expression, I still - to this very day - tremble with fear and self-loathing.

Tea-Bagging is scathingly brilliant in its tri-fold purpose.

First, the act defiles natural human sexuality and removes the beauty with which God imbued it.

Second, the act renders the victim immediately silent. The victims best defense against a sexual predator is speaking the truth to alert other adults. The simpleminded act of tea-bagging quite reliably squelches a childs screaming and calls for help. The victims only ally is her mouth; tea-bagging is the pedophiles perfect solution to this thorny problem.

Third, the act of tea-bagging has the rather remarkable effect of rendering the child victim immediately submissive. First, there is the physical size differential. The large, adult male scrotum in the delicate, small childs mouth (and usually, covering the nose as well) gives the immediate impression to the child that she is being smothered. The torment and defilement of the act, perpetrated upon an innocent child, veritably ensures that the child will remain acquiescent to the predators future actions.

And there you have it. This is hardly the stuff of jokes.

The pedophile uses tea-bagging to bring another innocent to the dark side, her only defense - her voice - silenced in shame.


It stalks its victims for their whole lives. No matter where we go or what we do or how much we accomplish, the memory of defilement by the tormentors tea-bag never leaves. These memories are recorded, along with the trauma, in the senses and remain entrenched. The shame seems nearly imbedded in the cells, as though it has become part and parcel of ones soul, not to be completely extinguished until ones passing from this life.
Shame on our Country for allowing this kind of perversity to enter the public forum. Shame on every enabler of this evil, whether on the public airwaves or in print media. Every decent American ought to be fiercely outraged by this blatant encouragement to pedophile perpetrators.

You see, the pedophile plays adroit mind games with his victim, always attempting to persuade him or her that these acts are not only acceptable, but fun. Victims, both former and present, are now being doubly abused by this public spectacle.

Nightmares. Flashbacks. Difficulty eating. Difficulty speaking. Self-imposed solitude, the result of our everlasting fear of people. These are just some of the milder, most personal trappings of adult life for the survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

For the little child victims, who now - at this very minute are being subjected to the torture of tea-bagging by sexual predators, I can only pray and weep. And speak out on their behalf.

As so-called adults continue to joke about these childrens agonizing torment on television, these young victims are being doubly abused - now. Just imagine the anguished confusion of an eight year old victim of a sexual predator, who accesses Urban Dictionary, identifies with the secret deed, then hears commentators joking about it on TV. The child understands it is no joke, but looks to adults for clarification and understanding. When adults joke about this kind of torment, the resulting confusion in the child sows seeds for later mental breakdowns, drug abuse, life-threatening promiscuity, suicidal thinking and acts, sexual criminal activity. And on and on the list goes.

Children are being victimized every day under our very noses.

Right here. Right now. Perhaps even behind the closed doors of the lovely home next door. Pedophiles are found in every race, creed and socio-economic group. They cross all boundaries and are often those whom one would least suspect of the heinous crime. A teacher. A priest or minister. A father. A scout leader. A neighbor. An uncle. A brother. A coach. A TV personality or movie star. Pedophiles thrive in darkness and prey on the most vulnerable among us, our precious children.

Sadly, some children who are thusly defiled, grow up to identify with their abusers. Some of the very people making the most fun with this sexual slang were quite likely child victims, who now attempt to hide their shame in either joking about it or actually perpetrating the crime on a new generation. There is no way to know for sure. Only about 3% of those who commit sexual offenses are reported and eventually convicted. It is a crime that thrives in secrecy. And pedophiles always know that these odds are on their side, not their victims side.

At the very, very least, these liberal enablers must be apprised of the true extent of grievous injury they have brought - and continue to bring to scores of victims through their adolescent insensitivity. And no conservative ought to even consider adopting the phrase, for in truth, its use defiles not the intended butt of the joke, but the perpetrator.

Anyone who thinks tea-bagging is a cute joke, needs to think twice. Anyone who thinks calling his political foes tea-baggers is funny, might want to reconsider.

For, in reality, pedophilia is no laughing matter.
For more information on childhood sexual abuse, here is a good website:

And another: http://www.advocatesforyouth.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=410&Itemid=336

America Rising

by Kyle-Anne Shiver   •   January 19, 2010

The State of the American People:  Angry.  The Scott heard round the world demonstrates America rising.

Great video says it well:

YouTube Preview Image

Whose Christmas Is It Anyway?

by Kyle-Anne Shiver   •   December 24, 2009

Here we go again. Even before the Thanksgiving turkey made it through the leftover cycle, the now-annual, national Christmas squabble began.

Neighbors in a stew over a manger scene in somebody elses front yard; call the ACLU. A store wont call their evergreens Christmas trees; it makes the evening news. A companys catalog says holiday instead of Christmas; a boycott is announced. Somebody get out the volume of Supreme Court rulings labeled, Christmas, so well know which way the Christmas winds of justice are blowing this year; its all capricious nonsense. This bickering is downright sacrilegious.

Time to plan the little tykes holiday pageant; Santa is fine but Jesus is banned. Santa brings sugar-laden candy; call the AMA. Now that you mention it, hes too fat; call Jenny Craig. Put the reindeer on hold and call the PETA; animals are people too. Santa says ho; cover the childrens little ears. Please, does it get any sillier than this?

Were not really celebrating Christmas on the right day. Jesus wasnt born in the winter. Its mostly recycled pagan ritual anyway. They didnt even celebrate Jesus birth until a couple of centuries after. The Church just co-opted a bunch of Roman stuff and made it conform to Christianity. Who really cares? A symbolic feast is a symbolic feast is a symbolic feast.

Christmas is too commercialized. Its not commercialized in the right way. Dont dare misappropriate our holy day for ghastly profits. Buy, buy, buy or the retailers and their families will suffer. How dare they put a Coca Cola in Santas hand? What, you prefer Pepsi?

My teacher said, Merry Christmas; Im scarred for life. No red and green this year; it says Christmas loud and clear. No, its really a holdover from a way, way, way bygone year. Just another pagan thing, you know. Hang a wreath; dont hang a wreath. Only a live evergreen will do. Artificial trees are more ecological. Get some mistletoe and kiss yourself.

Good gracious, who cares!

Ive had it up to my neck with the squabbling, the nit-picking, the analyzing and every other little bit of scrooging and religiosity. None of this bickering comes across to me as even coming close to the joy-to-the-world Christmas that I believe God intends it to be.

I take my Catholic faith very seriously; it defines my life. But Ive never been a form-over-substance person, so I cant get all worked up over what appear to be insignificant details. And it seems to me that when we take our eyes off Christmas meaning and get caught up in the details instead, we hurt God much more than any societal slight ever could.

I think it just might be time we get down to brass tacks on the matter and ask ourselves simply:

Whose Christmas is it anyway?

Christmas, as defined by the Church, is supposed to celebrate Gods supreme gift to mankind for all generations, past, present and future. As Christians, we believe that Jesus, born in Bethlehem in the land of Judea, is the Messiah, foretold by the prophets.

And we believe, according to our sacred Scripture, that when he was born, an angel appeared to the shepherds guarding their flocks in the fields, and proclaimed: Do not be afraid; for behold, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For today in the city of David a savior has been born for you who is Messiah and Lord. And this will be a sign for you: you will find an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. And suddenly there was a multitude of the heavenly host with the angel, praising God and saying:

Glory to God in the highest! On earth peace, good will toward men.

Luke 2:10-14 (New American Bible)

Just how we got from that idyllic scene of glory, peace, good will, good news and joy for all, to the current state of squabbling over every little detail, is a 2,000 year up, down, right, left, east, west and every which way story. But the bottom line is that Christmas belongs to God.

His idea. His Son. His angels. His manger. His gift.

Truth be told, if God were anything at all like Santa Claus, and he had asked us humans first what we wanted, most humans would probably have opted for a gift quite different than the babe in the manger who was supposed to hold the promise of internal soul-peace that surpasses understanding.

I dont intend to give up a minute of that peace this Christmas paying any attention whatsoever to a single squabble. Everywhere I go, Im going to share Christmas in a smile with everyone I encounter.

As for my husband, me and our house, we will shut the door tight this year against the cacophony of Christmas squabbling, and seek the peace of Christ in our own way.

Well hang the wreath on the door and not worry over whether a pagan ever did the same to honor some other made-up god with a wacky name. Well don the tree with the all-white lights, because to us, they most resemble the star of Bethlehem, and as we gaze magically upon them in our darkened living room by the fire, we will also be reminded that we know Jesus as the light of the world. Well hang our ornaments one by one, old and new, and talk about the year our little ones pulled the tree over and broke every single breakable object in sight. Well remember that Santa, to us, has always represented the spirit of sacrificial giving, and well try to play the merry ole fat guy for each other. Well put up the dozen golden angels over the mantle, and spread our collection of crèches all over the house. Well spike our eggnog, roast our turkey, and enjoy our friends, both Christian and non-Christian alike.

Well rejoice in the freedom to worship our God in joy and song and dance, not only in sacred liturgy. Well try to rekindle warmth with our neighbors and look for any who might be alone or neglected. Well buy gifts for the children of strangers just for the happiness of the smiles we wont even see.

Well stay up late for midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, and as our hearts are lifted to the heights of heaven on the majestic chords of the Gloria, well imagine that we were there on that starlit night, and heard the angels sing. And well know - yes, well know - that nothing else matters one little bit.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.

Tea Party Protesters, Creators Syndicate and Me

by Kyle-Anne Shiver   •   November 30, 2009

Dear Readers,

A few weeks ago I noticed that Creators Syndicate, with whom I was under contract for a weekly column, was allowing its liberal columnists to use the homosexual slang, tea baggers and tea bagging, in clear reference to American citizens protesting unconstitutional overreach and out-of-control spending of taxpayers hard-earned money.  I lodged a formal complaint with the top editors and demanded that the practice stop.  I said that I would disengage with the Syndicate if the practice continued.

When the editors refused to even entertain a discussion on the merits of my complaint, and instead showed me the door, I apologized for my hastiness and tried to save the prestigious contract.  This is the thing which I, of course, regret.  Words either matter or they dont.  If they do not matter, then we are all clinging to a quickly sinking civilizational ship.

I am putting my final letter to Creators here in its entirety for my readers to judge.  Ill still be around and Ill still be writing from my own research, my gut and my lifetime of real-world experience.  I hope there will remain a few wholl give me the time to consider my opinions.  Thank God and the USA for the internet!  Without it, thousands of valid voices would go silent.

Here is my concluding letter to Creators Syndicate:

Mr. Rick Newcomb, President
Creators Syndicate
5777 W. Century Blvd., Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Dear Mr. Newcomb:

I respectfully accept your decision to release me from my contract with Creators Syndicate. I would appreciate your forwarding written confirmation of the release as soon as possible. My attorney has requested this so as to avoid any future involvement between myself and Creators.

Now that I have had time for reflection, I realize that my effort to reconcile with you after lodging my formal complaint was against both my conscience and my own best interests. The tantalizing lure of keeping the national-syndication prestige indeed got the momentary better of me. I was wrong to recant for asking you to prohibit the sexual slurs, tea-bagger and tea-bagging, from your published columns.

Not to worry, though, Ive already gone to confession!

While I respect all of the people with whom Ive worked at Creators, I stand by my belief that words do indeed matter a great deal and that, as a leader in the public discourse, you bear a burden of responsibility to both your subscribers and to your readers. Permitting the use of guttersnipe sexual slurring seems irresponsible and unbefitting an organization of Creators stature.

I have been reading newspapers for 50 years. I have never read a syndicated column anywhere in these United States - in all that time! which made use of heterosexual slang in the way that the homosexual terms, tea-bagger and tea-bagging, are now being used in Creators columns to refer to American citizens, who are protesting profligate government spending and unconstitutional overreach.

Reputable authors certainly employ self-restraint regarding heterosexual epithets and its doubtful that columnists ever submit work to your editors, using words such as cocksucker or pussy or dick-brain, as clear references to political adversaries. If they did submit work with these types of sexual slurs, I do not - for even one minute - believe that your editors would give them a pass.

Hiding homosexual slurs behind the ignorance of a 95% heterosexual adult population is the kind of thing one would expect from middle-schoolers on an unsupervised playground. It is not acceptable behavior from presumably civilized adults.

In fact, it is the equivalent of a person shouting vile insults in English at a foreigner, while standing upon the assumption that the person being slimed doesnt know the language and is therefore an easy target for unbridled scorn and ridicule. Such childish, contemptible behavior ought to, at the very least, have some sort of boundary. This is not, as your editor suggested, censorship. Its just plain decency and ordinary common sense.

Now, perhaps my failure to produce the sales you anticipated, after a mere two months of syndication, was indeed the only reason you decided to release me so prematurely from my contract. The fact that your telephone call was timed immediately after my lodging this complaint, however, leaves me skeptical on that point. Speaking with other Creators columnists about the number of years theyve written for you and the paltry numbers of sales they have, adds greatly to my skepticism. But you are a businessman of seemingly good judgment and have certainly acted within your rights in making the decision to release me. I have no quarrel whatsoever on that count.

I do sincerely hope, however, that you and your editorial board will seriously consider the nature of my complaint. As editors, and as ladies and gentlemen, you do have a responsibility to uphold decent standards of public civil discourse. In that, I believe, you are falling far short in your duty and if I failed to say so, I would not be abiding my own conscience. If ones moral conscience does not supercede self-interest, then whats a civilization for?

Now, thats my two cents, honey, and Im sticking to it. It was also my penance for trying to back down, and now Im off the hook with the Big Guy, the only One I ever have to answer to.

Thank you for your attention. Please forward a written and unconditional contract release at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely yours,

Kyle-Anne Shiver
Independent 100% Liberated Author