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Left: IRL psychiatric workers
Right: Average E-Psychiatrist

Analysis of the human mind as understood by insane internet geeks from their own marathon sessions with state-appointed counselors. Diagnosis usually occurs during a flame war, before discussion of opponents' ancestry but after examination of the most likely form of their sexual deviancy. "Nature vs Nurture" is a popular matter for philosophical debate, as in "Did your mother hold you underwater too long as an infant or were you born with only two brain cells working?"

Note that an E-Psychiatrist is unlikely to diagnose the patient as having something glamourous like Asperger's syndrome.


E-psychiatry In Action

  • Skiing Crystal
    • "You have no power, no influence, no family, no character, no job, no friends and no money. You just hang out here hoping that someone might be stoopid enough to befriend you. Too late, everyone knows you're a manipulative asswipe that just uses people for his own gratification. Even if they were that stoopid, after 15 minutes, they'd have you figured out. You're ancient history, yesterday's bully - today's laughing stock. I'd say get a life but you have no hope, no future and we can all be thankful for that. You really are insane. Get help. Or come make good on your threats, you gutless freak."
  • Sexcapades Gone Wrong
    • "Ok you know what..i am going to stop reading your blog when i am at work.....YOU ARE INSANE!!!!"
  • Gothic.net
    • "Hey... Im just cerous have u ever had some one of your family die a slow and painful death whal u watch. I dont think u have and i dont think u could take it. And maby u wouldnt cry. cuz it takes some one with a hart to do that. and emotions are things humans have, and i bet u dont have any cuz u are insaine thats why ppl who dress like u do are treated like crap."
  • Good Riddance
    • "How are you supposed to be able to help someone else when you can't even deal with your own shit. You suck. You put me through all this shit, and then you start bitching at me for being controlling and not being responsible? You are insane!!!!"
  • Animelyrics.com Forum: Strangest or weirdest moments
    • "I don't think your crazy, but anything is possible. if say the dead is mad at you well i guess they are. Now seeing a mermaid is crazy!!! And i saw one."

Diagnosed? U may have CYBERCHONDRIA

Patients who search for medical advice on the Internet can become afflicted with a condition called "cyberchondria," in which they misdiagnose their symptoms and seek unnecessary treatment, according to a study. Researchers found that "misleading" or "vague" advice online could lead to the problem, AFP/Yahoo News reports.

Researchers from the University of Derby in the United Kingdom for 18 months browsed medical Web sites that provide information on common symptoms and treatments on illnesses ranging from colds to cancer. They found that many sites, including those run by individuals, included inaccurate information that could lead people to incorrectly diagnose themselves. The study also found that Web sites associated with societies, charities and professional bodies provided reliable advice, AFP/Yahoo News reports (AFP/Yahoo News, 10/3). [1] Wikipedia of course gave wrong advice.

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