Album Preview: Ludacris – ‘Battle of the Sexes’


Fresh off shooting a video with Justin Bieber for the teen sensation’s single “Baby,” Ludacris made his way to the famed Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood to preview selections from his new album Battle of the Sexes for a room full of tastemakers on Thursday (Jan. 28). Luda and his manager Chaka Zulu thanked everyone for supporting him throughout his 10 years in the game before launching into the star-studded album, which features “females from past, present, and future” including Lil’ Kim, Eve, Trina, and Nicki Minaj, plus R&B heavy-hitters Trey Songz, Monica, Ciara, and Ne-Yo.

The Atlanta rapper goes head-to-head with the opposite sex. “I talk to women, I have records with women talking back to me,” he explained. “Of course you’ve got the Ludacris sex records and you got the Ludacris fun records.”

Not all the tracks were played at the listening session and more will be added to the project prior to its March 9 release. Luda is so confident about his latest work that he may put out up to six singles. takes you under the hood of Chris Bridges’ seventh studio album.

1. “Hey Ho” featuring Lil’ Kim

The title raised some eyebrows when it was first announced, but Luda explained the concept of how it tackles the double standard of men sleeping around and being called players and pimps, but when women do the same thing, they’re called hos. “If men sleep around, we some players/ But for women, they be saying, ‘Hey ho,’” he raps on what he calls the sequel to 2000’s controversial “Ho” from his debut album. Luda said he got the “old Lil’ Kim” rapping again. “Ya’ll don’t fuck us, ni**as we fuck you,” spits the Queen Bee.

2. “Tell Me a Secret” featuring Ne-Yo

“You would never think that Swizz [Beatz] produced this song,” he said of the R&B-flavored jam. This one is on some “‘Lovers and Friends’ reminiscent type shit.”

3. “My Chick Bad” featuring Nicki Minaj

“She’s an animated female and I’m an animated rapper myself,” remarked Luda of his pairing with It girl Nicki Minaj. The chorus is bound to get stuck in your head: “My chick bad, my chick ’hood, my chick do stuff that your chick wish she could.” He even drops a reference to Tiger Woods’ wife. “That’s one of the records that we gonna put out there,” he told the audience of the potential single.

4. “Got a Man” featuring Flo Rida

Luda called this his “radio smash” featuring “radio controller” Flo Rida. It won’t be the second single, but may be the third or fourth. The Infinity production is the album’s most pop-sounding record with a catchy hook that recalls Positive K’s “I Got a Man”: “I know you got a man, man, man, but tell me what your man, man, man gotta do with me?” a male voice sings, while the female responds, “I know you got a girl, girl, girl, but tell me what your girl, girl, girl gotta do with me?”

5. “Can’t Live With You, Can’t Live Without You” featuring Monica

“Anybody who’s ever been in a relationship has definitely thought in their head that they can’t live with the person and they can’t live without them at the same damn time,” Ludacris said of this number that’s sure to appeal to his female fans. His “cousin” Monica sings the hook.

6. “How Low (Remix)”

There will be three or four official remixes to Luda’s chart-topping hit. One features Rick Ross and Twista, the other has Ciara and Pitbull, and Fabolous appears on a third. Ciara sings part of the hook on her remix and adds her own verse, as do all the rappers.

7. “Sex Room” featuring Trey Songz

Another song the hip-hop star likens to Lil Jon’s “Lovers and Friends.” “It’s exactly what you would expect if Ludacris and Trey Songz were to do a fucking record together,” he laughed about the X-rated material. Trey seduces while Luda talks dirty: “You can be my firecracker, my tongue gonna spark you up.”

When asked what the follow-up to “How Low” would be, Ludacris said it has yet to be chosen. He is selecting from three songs that are not complete and were not played at the listening.

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    yes hopefully ciaras version can go number 1


  2. SXSW

    I want to hear the Ciara and Pitbull remix.


  3. BlackNLatin

    Cannot wait to hear it! So very promising!


  4. mrstackhouse

    Been waiting on this but where is Shawna.


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    [...] to, Ciara is on the Ludacris  “How Low” remix. There will be three or four official [...]





  7. Carl

    I can’t wait to hear this album.


  8. Carl

    Why is Shawnna’s name not included?


    tdkk Reply:

    @Carl, I believe he scrapped Shawnna due to some dispute but she is on the original “How Low”


    ... Reply:

    @Carl, she signed to t-pain’s label, so i think he just scrapped all the material that they had done together.


  9. tdkk

    I love how low but why so many remixes? and Six singles? woah this album is going to be big, good for ludacris!


  10. ChRiS

    I bet that Ciara remix is fire!!!!! Gotta be!! 2010 is her year, and im ready!!


  11. incognegro

    @ Carl – my sentiments exactly.

    Maybe because she’s a hometown girl (Chi-Town), and I have been diggin’ her flow since the days of Infamous Syndicate (check out Jenny Jonez if you never heard it) – but I just hate how Luda throws Shawnna so much shade. Don’t get me wrong, there might be a number of creative differences that leads to their consistent splits; but I feel that if even an iota of promotion was invested into Shawnna she would take off. I am sure that the record label feels that she is not marketable enough to get additional sales – but it is as much fault hers and it is there’s for not promoting her well.

    But this just supports my belief that an artist should remain an artist, and not a record label exec, because few can give other artists the same support (musically and financially) that they would expect for themselves (i.e. Puffy w/ Mase, Da Band, Danity Kane, Jay-Z w/ Foxy Brown, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, Teairra Mari, Usher w/ One Chance, Luda w/ Shawnna)


  12. uhhhh...

    yeah something happened between them, because shawnnas on nappy boy now…they needa tell us whats goin on lol, cuz this originally was mainly between just Luda & Shawnna. Luda switched it all up, which im fine with cuz the songs sound hot and the features are fire. But im just curious in what happened lol


  13. Jeremy

    @ChRiS, we alread no that beyonce lady gaga alicia keys and rihanna gone run 2010 and this decade


  14. Jimmy

    This album is gonna be fire!


  15. Anthony



  16. CIARA'S #1 FAN!!



  17. Marquis

    yessssss ciara is on the how low remix ciara fening to kill these bitches


  18. queen beyonce

    cannot wait for this album wot


  19. CandyCoated

    I can’t wait for the Album and the “How Low” release featuring Ciara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ciara is going to dominate 2010 along with this decade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. An0thrDream

    Ciara!!!! wh00p wh00p – I cant wait to hear her on a song long this! hope they release her remix ASAP!


  21. Dave

    THE ALBUM GONE BE FUCKIN HAWT!! I think imma buy it. Imma be broke as hell for March, lol


  22. David Thespokenword Washington

    Can’t freakin wait, the album is gonna SMASH!! & Ci is gonna lace her remix, who else, but Ci can go low like that?! Only the QUEEN!


  23. Jan

    As both a Luda and Ciara fan, I can’t wait to hear that new material. VERY promising!


  24. drtash

    what happened to the track with Eve? Or is that not going to be on the album????


  25. Lisa

    So when is the album coming out? I can’t wait! I’m surprised he has Flo Rida on the album, it must be good then.


  26. 10 is ciaras

    Battle of the Sexes is out on March 9.
    How Low (Remix) with Ciara will be released to itunes on February 9.
    I heard the rck ross version on the radio today


  27. G...

    Luda and Ciara always kill tracks when they are together.


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