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Variable Star of the Season: W UMa
W UMa is the focus of this edition of the Variable Star of the Season. This bright, short period eclipsing binary is the prototype of its class. Read on to find out more information about this interesting variable star. Read article
Image credit: Dirk Terrell

News and Announcements  
December Solar Bulletin Includes SID and sunspot numbers for December 02/01/10
Alert Notice 416 Nova in Sagittarius (V5585 Sgr = N Sgr 2010) 01/31/10
AAVSO observers featured on Sky and Telescope.com Barbara Harris and Shawn Dvorak are featured as "The Amateurs Who Discovered the U Scorpii Eruption". 01/29/10
Long Anticipated Eruption of U Scorpii Has Begun Article by Mike Simonsen on Universe Today 01/28/10
Alert Notice 415 Recurrent Nova U Scorpii in outburst 01/28/10
MyNewsFlash User Survey Please take this four-question survey to help us design a new version of the MyNewsFlash system. 01/27/10
AAVSO on Astronomy.FM Mike Simonsen will talk about the AAVSO and more. Show airs live this Sat. 30th at 2am UT and then will be rebroadcast 01/27/10
Friedrich Wilhelm August Argelander The father of variable star astronomy is the subject of this week's 365 Days of Astronomy podcast 01/25/10
Special Notice #190 Probable Nova in Sagittarius 01/24/10
Special Notice #189 Request for observations of KT Eri / Nova Eri 2009 01/20/10
Variable Star of the Season: W UMa 01/19/10
Manual for Visual Observing of Variable Stars Version 2.0 includes updates and revisions. It is now available in pdf format with translations coming soon. 01/19/10
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