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Inglis Weekly Blog : What Massachusetts Means: The People are setting things right!

Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts changes the political and policy landscape. It became a national referendum and the people won. Those who thought they could cram healthcare reform down our throats, now see that they can’t. Those who felt powerless have discovered their power. This majestic constitutional republic has just corrected its course-not by bullets, but by ballots.
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Inglis Weekly Blog: I’m voting no, no, a thousand times no!

Late Wednesday, I argued for an amendment before the House Rules Committee that would require all unspent and repaid TARP money to go to deficit reduction. Americans cannot afford this continuing spending and borrowing, I argued, and it is
contrary to the language and intent of the law. more »

Inglis Weekly Blog: Wrong Way/Right Way


Wrong Way / Right Way

There’s a right way and a wrong way to reform health care, to create jobs and to get to energy independence.

Wrong Way Health Care

  • Public Option
  • Attempt at public funding of abortion
  • Tax increases
  • No real malpractice reform

Right Way Health Care

  • Robust, 50-state competition among private insurance companies
  • Medical malpractice reform (loser pays in court if medical panel says unfounded)
  • Let self-employed deduct premiums
  • End the cost shift/free riding; bring premiums down

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