Rebel Force Continues in Firefight

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March 13, 2009
The classic trilogy-era adventures continue in Firefight, the fourth book of the Rebel Force series of novels from Scholastic Inc. Here's a look ahead at what happens:

Deadly assassin X-7 has never failed to complete a mission -- until now. Unmasked and unarmed, he narrowly escapes from the Rebels with his life and little else. His cover may be blown, but he's not returning to Commander Rezi Soresh until his target has been eliminated. This time, he has a new plan. He'll gather six of the best pilots in the galaxy -- all of them roguish mercenaries who care only about money -- and turn them loose on Red Squadron.

He counts on his pilots' mercenary instincts to keep them in line. But one of them has a secret that could cost X-7 his victory.

Firefight, by Alex Wheeler, is due out in September. For a look at the first three books, see this story and this story here.

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