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Norm Macdonald in his natural habitat.
Norm and Bob Saget after the roast, discussing unfunny.
Saget is unsure of Norm MacDonald's trolling techniques.

Norm MacDonald is a bone-dry Canadian comic and one of television's greatest trolls as of August 2008 -when he roasted Bob Saget. Prior to this, he made a living off of being a snarky Canadian with arcane jokes and sub-Adam Sandler films like "Dirty Work", the sitcom "Norm" and doing the news on Saturday Night Live for a while, being generally fucking hilarious but underrated. In fact, he got B& from the show for being so lulzy it went over everyone's head, an honor previously held by Andy Kaufman.

A year or so later, he was finally 'forgiven' and was invited to host SNL. Norm accepted and Norm MacDonald trolled the fuck out of Lorne Michaels.

If you've been paying attention for the last multiple years, many uncomfortable moments have been had thanks to Norm, i.e. repeatedly calling Micheal Jackson a homosexual pedophile and saying that O.J. did it on SNL.


Trolling Bob Saget

The lulz of this situation is beyond conceivability. Basically, Norm appeared on Comedy Central's Roast of Bob Saget with nothing but shitty puns and unfunny. Speculation (and clips of him writing on the same damn paper he read off of) leads us to believe that he improvised everything on the spot, which is awesome. He also forced millions of Americans to sit through his shit, making him worse than Hitler.

The Video
Linked because JewTube fucking sucks.

Bob Saget is a swingin' guy! He was born with a bungee cord and not an umbilical cord! LULZ!!!


—Norm MacDonald

Greg Giraldo... has the grace of a swan, the wisdom of an owl, the eye of an eagle, ladies and gentlemen this man is for the birds! LOL!!!


—Norm, just before staring at the audience for not laughing.

She may be a vegetarian, but she's full of BOLOGNA! OMG!



Gilbert Gottfried, when you go to the bathroom you'll see a sign that says, "Gentlemen." Pay no heed, go right in. There's no sign that says "Scoundrels" on it.



Bob, you have a lot of well wishes, and a lot of them would like to throw you down one...a well. They want to murder you in a well. It says on this card. Seems a little harsh.


—Norm, obviously high.

Bob has a beautiful face like a flower...a COLLY-flower! No offense...but...your


I came.

There are times when Bob has something on his mind...WHEN HE WEARS A HAT! OMGLOL!!!



He came to a ball game with a shotgun cause I told him that the teams were the BEARS and the TIGERS!


—The world's most elaborate yet painful joke.

What the 'H'?


—Norm, being obvious.

He never bought Christmas seals, because he WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT TO FEED THEM!!!!


—Norm, comedic genius.

Sadly, Norm's incessant trolling went straight over the heads of most of the American people, and many considered him unfunny. They are right.

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