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CO$ troll Korax, taking a tea break
Korax owns you
Another KORAX motivator
Stickam whore agrees


The Incident

See also: KAYLA > YOU

On June 16th /b/tards found themselves pitted against an enemy as obnoxious and persistent as themselves. With an onslaught of spammed "KORAX > YOU", the raiding force effectively overwhelmed /b/, leaving anon reeling.

With their home overrun by tl;dr "KORAX > YOU KORAX > YOU KORAX > YOU ..." posts and facing an enemy of murky origin, /b/tards sought refuge in other chan boards. Other posts of the same cancer included "GOLDENPALACE.COM" and "DDOS AND". Following the /b/ raid around midday (5pm in UK), /b/tards poured into /c/, however, swift action from mods forced them to move on to /e/ and /r9k/. From 2pm-3pm, /e/ become the de facto /b/ board. By that time 10 and half of /e/'s 11 pages were full of /b/tarded threads including one or two CP posts (yes there was actual hardcore CP in one thread). Mods finally got off their fat lazy asses and commenced deleting fucking everything that was /b/. This resulted in page 0 being the only content on /e/. As all this was unfolding, the bot was not far behind, breaching the sanctity of the refugee camps. After the cleansing of /e/, /b/tards took /r9k/ as their main camp, but the robot overlord does not take kindly to cancer, thus they soon moved back to /b/ just in time to catch the dying moments of Korax's raid. The barrage would patter out until 3:30pm, that same Monday.

In the aftermath of the raid, one or two faggots tried to take over /s/ with a RickRoll thread and a "Motivate me" thread, but nothing was to be gained for /s/ wasn't as easily beat as the weeaboo boards. From an outside point of view, it would be hard to tell the difference between the cancer that is /b/, and the cancer that brought them down. Quite frankly, no-one probably cares.

What is presently known about the raiding party is that Korax, as referenced in the spam, is actually one 'DJ Korax' formerly from Raidchan, Now working for Z103 CACAW. His particular specialty being that of trolling Scifags with prank calls, and being a general internet radio celebrity.

Other theories have come to the surface, such as Korax being a Klingon executive officer of the IKS Gr'oth, serving under the command of Captain Koloth in 2268 or is the second Serpent Rider and the final boss of Hexen.

However, some say that Korax's misguided attempt to be the Bonaparte of the Desu revolt makes him a popinjay, although, perhaps KORAX > YOU and DESU spam came from the same source, then it would make him a faggot.

In the end, however, it was probably just the Jews.

Tl;dr On 16 June /b/ FAILED.

Korax Faces Jail Tiem

At an unknown time and undisclosed location Adelaide in or near his base of operations in Australia, DJ Korax goes out intoxicated (again). Someone insulted his supposed "girlfriend"; this ended up in a long, drawn out, and somewhat erotic fist fight with the offender; this, in turn, led to his arrest by the local police. For about a week on Raidchan Radio, listener volume drops dramatically, forcing the other homosexuals there to compensate for their errant sex lord's dereliction of duty with internets gossip.

As of Caturday, June 28th, Raidchan radio announces their fearless leader's return from gaol. His current batshit insane attempts at resuming a normal life are unknown, probably getting completely wasted and beating said imaginary woman.

The faggotry that consists of the primary raidchan circlejerk DJ's have yet to account for the tremendous loss of inane Ausfag activities.

On approx. january 27th KoraX announced in #fm that his case was dropped. On january 29th he held a return/celebration show.

This Korax.


Prank Calls to CoS

KoraX's New Radio Station

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