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Avril Lavigne - "Alice"

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Avril Lavigne - Alice

Avril Lavigne - Alice

Courtesy Buena Vista Records

The Bottom Line

Reportedly, Avril Lavigne told Disney executives she could write a song for their upcoming new film version of Alice in Wonderland, they agreed, and it came together very quickly. There is a raw immediacy to the sound which grabs listeners instantly. It's hard to know if it will be a major pop hit, but the song does provide a suitably dramatic intro to publicity for the upcoming film.

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  • Avril Lavigne's raw, emotional vocals
  • High drama of the mix
  • Contemporary interpretation of Alice's predicament


  • A bit shouty


  • Written by Avril Lavigne
  • Produced by Butch Walker
  • Released January 2010 by Buena Vista Records

Guide Review - Avril Lavigne - "Alice"

After a brief surreal introduction, "Alice" slides into pounding piano, percussion, and Avril Lavigne's voice expressing the confusion of Alice falling through that rabbit hole. Soon, however, confusion gives way to a rousing survival instinct. The world may have turned bizarre, but Avril as Alice insists, "I'll get by. I'll survive!"

To some it may be a bit on the shouty side, but producer Butch Walker wisely leaves in the rough edges of Avril Lavigne's vocal performance. This gives a sense of reality to the confusion encountered by Alice when she landed in Wonderland. The pounding piano and percussion also can be seen as an echo of Alice's own pounding heartbeat as she explores her new world.

Lyrically, with words of "trippin' out," Avril Lavigne brings Alice directly into a contemporary context. This will allow young fans to see more clearly the metaphorical application of Alice In Wonderland to contemporary issues and dilemmas. "Alice" works both as an emotional, dramatic evocation of struggles with confusing times in life, and setting the scene for the movie making listeners eager to see the story that generates this heart-pounding, raw statement of the survival instinct.

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