LE-BO2D9 (Leebo)

  • Appeared in:
  • Size:
    1.7 meters
  • Vehicle:
  • Type:
    Repair droid
  • Manufacturer:
    Cybot Galactica

From the Expanded Universe

Dash Rendar's faithful droid companion, Leebo (or LE-BO2D9) is an early model Cybot Galactica LE-series repair droid. The feisty yet reliable droid served as Rendar's co-pilot and backup.

Leebo was originally the property of the Esseles portmaster, hired to inspect visiting starships for safety standards. During an inspection, a freighter lifted off of Esseles with Leebo still aboard.

With little else to do, Leebo became a shipboard mechanic. He was swapped dozens of time, each smuggler owner updating the droid with a new set of skills. Before Dash Rendar came into ownership of Leebo, the droid developed a quirky sense of humor belonging to a traveling comedian in the Outer Rim.

Dash's additions to Leebo's repertoire includes enhanced repair skills, a long range, single-channel shielded comlink and piloting skills.

Behind the Scenes

Leebo the droid was developed for the Shadows of the Empire multi-media project, where he appeared as a novel, comic book and video game character, as well as a miniature figure in a Micro Machines set.

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