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1: Basic Requirements

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West Point uses the results of your ACT/SAT, high school class rank, and the recommendations of your faculty to determine your academic qualification. Consideration is also given to the types of courses taken and the percentage of students from your school who attend four-year colleges after high school, as reported by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

West Point encourages a strong college preparatory academic background as a prerequisite for admission. Recommended areas of preparation are: four years of English with emphasis on composition, grammar, literature, speech; four years of math, algebra, plane geometry, intermediate algebra, trigonometry; two years of a foreign language; two years of laboratory science such as chemistry and physics and one year of U.S. history. Additionally, you will find courses in geography, government and economics to be very helpful. College courses taken prior to entrance to West Point may be substituted for similar courses in the Military Academy curriculum.

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You should strive to develop the personal traits that will allow you to be an effective leader in school, church and community activities. Participation in secondary school extracurricular activities, both athletic and non-athletic, and the attainment of responsible positions in those activities, provide valuable leadership experience. You should try to make significant contributions in leadership positions on athletic teams, in club and class activities, and in church, scout, civic and community activities. Working to provide family financial support may limit participation in extracurricular activities at school. If so, that should be noted in your application.