• Appeared in:
  • Homeworld:
    Kashyyyk, Teth
  • Size:
    3.35 meters long
  • Diet:

From the Movies

The primeval forests of Kashyyyk have fostered in them life forms that grow far larger and far more dangerous than counterparts on other, more tamed worlds. A prime example is the can-cell. It is an enormous insect, over three meters long, with gossamer wings that strobe an a fantastic rate, creating a buzzing drone as it flits through the skies, trailing behind it a feathery tail.

The insect is not dangerous, however. It can be tamed by other species, and beings small enough have been known to ride them, such as Aleenan scouts and even fugitive Jedi Masters.

From the Expanded Universe

Can-cells are insectivores themselves, but if hungry enough and the opportunity presents itself, they have been known to eat small rodents. They are ubiquitous, flying from the darkened forest floors to the highest treetops. Attracted by the buzzing sound of Wookiee Gnasp fliers and catamarans, can-cells often accompany Wookiee aircraft as they make their landing approaches. As such, Wookiees often look to them as pets as good omens.

During the Battle of Kashyyyk, the Wookiees employed a team of Aleenan scouts -- alert, brave little aliens who rode can-cells on reconnaissance missions, scoping out Separatist droid maneuvers prior to engagement.

Behind the Scenes

The script to Episode III described a scene of Yoda escaping the battlefields of Kashyyyk by riding atop a can-cell, "a large alien flying insect." Though the scene was cut from the film early in postproduction, and never completed beyond animatic stage, Hasbro had already chosen the can-cell as part of its initial toy line-up for Episode III.

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