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What ACORN really stands for
ACORN is endorsed by furfags.

ACORN aka the Association of Corrupt Organizations for Reprobates Now or OBAMACORN is a US government-funded organization of community organizers that advocates for poor people on issues of neighborhood safety, voter registration, health care, affordable housing and other leftard social issues. In no way does the Black Jesus administration use it as an advocacy group for sex workers or a cover for doling out tax payer money and advice to wannabe pimps, hookers and general lowlifes.


Scandal 2008

In the runup to the 2008 US Presidential race, ACORN was accused of registering over 9000 dead people, felons and illegal immigrants as Democrats whilst stumping for former Chicago community organizer Barack Obama's campaign.

In a nutshell.

ACORN's national spokesman gets booted off Glenn Beck's show at 8:00.

Scandal 2009

James "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" O'Keefe and Hannah "The Ho" Giles
APORN cuz pimpin aint eazy

In the summer of 2009, ACORN was trolled multiple times by two Republifag college students, James O'Keefe and his partner Hannah Giles, with a hidden camera as they trolled for dirt on the troubled organization. Posing as a pimp and his hooker, the couple went to multiple ACORN offices across the country ostensibly to get advice on cheating the IRS out of boocoo Jew Golds, providing cover and staying out of jail for their fictitious nefarious shenanigans. Since ACORN is staffed almost entirely by illiterate niggers who have never heard of Sasha Baron Cohen, none of the trolling victims thought it the least bit odd that two whitebread, squeaky-clean kids were actually engaged in the adult entertainment industry.

In the beginning...

Only one ACORN staffer from San Bernardino, California smelled a rat and counter-trolled the dynamic duo by telling them she'd shot her ex-husband to death. In the video, she regales the trolls with stories of her past experiences in running an escort agency, and tells them that she killed her husband 10 years ago after laying ground for her defense by going to a shelter for battered women and bitching about her abusive husband.

I just picked up the gun and said 'fuck you'. And I shot him. And he died. Right there.


—ACORN troll

And I ran a service, yeah. I have some experience in how not to get caught.


—ACORN troll

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After these intrepid reporters notified the oinkers, they found that the husband in question was alive and well. Fox News didn't let this fact get in the way of reporting the story just as the counter-troll told it to the world.

This is journalistic malpractice plain and simple. A reporter right out of J-school would have taken the two minutes necessary to call the San Bernardino Police Department and verify Ms. Kaelke's statement. This never occurred to anyone at Fox News and it ran with the story. This kind of shameful work raises serious questions about the legitimacy of the entire campaign being waged against ACORN.


—Eric Burns, Media Matters

James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles

Well, compared to Anne Coulter...
Big Pimpin' himself
Gentleman Jim on Faux News explaining the troll.

James O'Keefe is an Ivy League elitist faggot and self-described conservative activist filmaker who blogs at the Big Government website. When not OTI, he enjoys going to Pimp & Ho parties with his mother's mink stole slung over his J. Crew NORP uniform. James also maintains his own Facebook fanboy group.

Hannah Giles is a minister's daughter studying journalism at Florida International University. She writes for Townhall.com alongside her father, columnist Doug Giles.

According to her page at Big Government, Giles claims to be "a 20 year old college student who became interested in exposing social injustice and the abuses of power when she attended her first conference in Washington, DC in 2007." In her spare time, she enjoys being a prop for James in his escapades and stepping stone to his IRL fame. However, since learning of the fantastic opportunities presented to a moderately good-looking young filly her age from the experts at ACORN, now feels empowered as a woman and plans to break away from Big Daddy James, her suitcase pimp, and strike out on her own vagoo. She already has customers lining up on her Facebook Hannah Giles is HOT group.

Hannah also maintains a Facebook fan page here.

Hannah the Ho on Glenn Beck

They claim that the ACORN trolling project cost them $1,300, and that they did it entirely on their own and paid for it themselves, which makes one wonder about the following statement:

This is now my full-time job.


—James O'Keefe, doing it wrong

Official Reaction

The US Congress has voted to cut off government funding to ACORN while indignant politicos and whiny conservative talking heads are currently calling on officials to ramp up the the various probes underway that are examining the organization's funding and questionable activities.

Since ACORN is comparable to many other advocacy groups that generate non-existent "voters" during registration drives (usually about one in three), this almost seems to be a pointless exercise, especially since it's not currently illegal to pay bounties to people and organizations to locate and recruit new voters, be they Democrats, Republicans, centrists, Libertarians, hippies, Nazis or the average fruit who enjoys phallic objects in his shit-chute. For example, former eBay President and CEO Meg Whitman is currently offering $3 a head for votes in her registration drive to replace The Governator of California.

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