Ysanna, Jem

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    Lightsaber, crossbow
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    Ysanna, Jedi

From the Expanded Universe

Jem Ysanna was the daughter of the Great Okko, chief shaman of the Ysanna tribe of Force-sensitives on the ancient world of Ossus. A year and a half after Grand Admiral Thrawn's campaign against the New Republic, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker came to Ossus. He hoped to discover the lost lore of the ancient Jedi to help him rebuild the order. There, Skywalker found Jem and her younger brother Rayf tied to an ancient, mighty tree. Their initiation ritual interrupted by Skywalker, the Ysanna tribesmen briefly attacked the Jedi, but soon came to recognize him as their ally. This allegiance was sealed moments later when Skywalker and his student Kam Solusar defended the Ysanna from Imperial dark side raiders. The dark side adept Executor Sedriss took Jem hostage in the scuffle, but the actions of Skywalker and the reawakened Jedi Master Ood Bnar saved her.

It was during this conflict on Ossus that Jem and Luke's eyes first locked. In that brief, silent exchange, they both sensed a deep kinship. Perhaps, if given time, it could have blossomed into love. But the galaxy rarely offers the time needed for tenderness in moments of war. With more pressing matters, Luke began training Jem and Rayf in the ways of the Force. New Jedi were needed to stop the resurrected Emperor Palpatine's mad grab for power and territory. The Chief, her father, gave permission for the two Ysanna youths to venture forth into the galaxy.

On the New Republic safe world of New Alderaan, Jem and Luke grew closer. Sadly, an Imperial assault by dark side adepts rudely intruded their tranquility. The dark Jedi Krdys Mordi and Tedryn-Sha attacked a sleeping Skywalker with poisoned scarab droids. Jem barged into the Jedi Master's sleeping quarters, brandishing her lightsaber. With an enraged slash, she cleaved Mordi in two, but Tedryn-Sha shot her in the abdomen with his blaster pistol. Had she been more skilled, she might have avoided the blast. Her life force left her body, and the Force reclaimed her physical form, leaving behind only her well-worn hides and Ysanna tribal clothes.

Jem was 23 years old at the time of her death. She was an athletic woman, with dark hair and sharp, exotic features. Although able to speak Basic, her speech often lapsed into the Ysanna tongue. Before she took up the lightsaber blade, Jem was proficient in ancient bolt-weapons like crossbows.

Behind the Scenes

Jem Ysanna first appeared in the third issue of the Dark Empire II series, published in 1995. She was erroneously referred to as Jem Solusar in The Dark Empire Handbook.

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