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February 3, 2010
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Dobson on the Gay Marriage Battle
The Nov. 2 election was the first step in a long fight for traditional marriage.


James Dobson and his political lobbying group, Focus on the Family Action, were instrumental in keeping the homosexual marriage issue before voters. Below Dobson discusses what the November 2 vote meant, and what's ahead.

What role did the marriage amendments (and the homosexual marriage issue) play in getting voters—particularly Christians—to the polls?
There's no question that the effort to protect marriage certainly helped to energize and engage many Christians in the election process. I have been critical in the past of the church's reluctance to "dirty itself" in these so-called political battles, which are in reality profoundly moral in nature, but I believe this signals the dawn of a new day.

Evangelical congregations in particular appeared to turn a corner with this election. Thousands upon thousands of pastors across the nation helped to educate their members on the critical issues at stake and the vital importance of exercising their citizenship responsibilities, and I heartily applaud their efforts.

Same-sex issues have been emerging on the political scene for the past 30 years. Why did the issue galvanize voters—particularly Christians—during this election?
There were a number of significant developments in the two or three years leading up to the election that awakened the public to the seriousness of this issue. Chief among them was the decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in November 2003 requiring the state legislature to recognize homosexual "marriages." That maneuver was itself made possible by the infamous Lawrence v. Texas decision a few months earlier by the U.S. Supreme Court, which claimed that the Constitution guaranteed a right to sodomy. There was also the creation of civil unions in Vermont, and the illegal move by the mayors of San Francisco and other localities to begin issuing "marriage licenses" to same-sex couples.

Mainstream Americans began understanding the urgency of these threats, and ultimately decided that they could not stand idly by while the radical gay agenda was forced down their throats.

There will be legal challenges to the state marriage amendments as well as challenges to the federal Defense of Marriage Act. This issue may eventually end up in the Supreme Court. If marriage between homosexuals were to be legalized, what do you think the outcome would be for America?
I believe there would be an irrepressible demand on the part of the populace for the Senate and the House of Representatives to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment in order to protect the institution of traditional marriage. The arrogance of the courts in suppressing government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" would be exposed for the usurpation that it is.

Why is marriage between persons of the same sex more important, detrimental, or sinful than heterosexual divorce? Or is it?
We certainly need to strengthen traditional marriages, but the legalization of gay "marriage" would hinder, rather than help, that effort. It is true that the divorce rate for heterosexual marriage is astronomical, but does that mean we should erase marriage laws altogether? We have laws against murder, but people still commit murder. Should we do away with murder laws? Of course not.

Just as no-fault divorce laws have undermined heterosexual marriage by eliminating the "till death do us part" component of that institution, the legalization of same-sex marriage would undermine it by eliminating the "husband and wife" component.

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