Death of GA or SKSK

It is rare in a lifetime to realize, in real time and in the moment, that a meme is not only fading away, but is withering on the dying vine of communication.  The TDD/TTY -- Telecommunication Device for the Deaf/Teletypewriter -- dies a little more each day in the Deaf Community.

Photographs Prove and Forget

I have often wondered why so many people take so many photographs and digital images.  It's as if they're obsessed with the recording and the creation of false memory.

Supporting Coco Over Leno

Though not everyone here at the Boles Blogs Network is fond of Conan O'Brien, I do agree that it was a poor decision for Jay Leno to have been moved to a different show at ten o'clock. Rather, Jay should have retired so that NBC could continue showing dramatic television and Conan and Jimmy should have been put where they tenuously exist at the moment. Instead, the ridiculousness of the last few months took place and now NBC wants to push The Tonight Show to 12:05am.


Can we find memeingful introspection in a series of numbers? 

We are socialized by flocks -- but do we also heal and carve behaviors from the same social movement?

Do You Believe in Ripley?

Do you believe in "Ripley's Believe it Or Not!" Since 1918 Ripley's have been challenging the human condition by testing belief, trying honor and tempting our darker side with unknown and wanton wishings.

The Fatting of India


Obesity, usually considered a typical western phenomenon is quickly becoming a concern in rapidly developing countries like India, where the fatter wallets are making the urban population overweight. With the economic liberalization in early '90s, India witnessed a lot of changes in the ways of living and adapted a fast-food -- candy -- soda -- chips-centric lifestyle. Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo
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