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Albus Dumbledore looked from one student to the other, his mouth hanging open, the twinkle absent from his eyes.

He was standing in the threshold of bedroom of the Shrieking Shack, scrutinizing the two prefects who sat on the bed. To say that both sixth years were stunned at the arrival of the Headmaster was a gross understatement.

"Explain yourselves," he said, in a quiet, enraged voice.

"We..." began the elder of the two.

"I…" said the other, who was nursing a newborn babe.

"We've had a baby," announced Remus Lupin, as he slid one arm around his former rival, who was still recovering from the birth of their child.

"Indeed you have Mr Lupin, and may I enquire on when you were planning on telling anyone about the recent addition to your family?"

Soon after Albus Dumbledore's sudden appearance in the bedroom of the Shrieking Shack, Remus found himself being escorted by his furious Head of House to the Headmaster's office. His thoughts, however, were not on where he was headed, but on where he had just come.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Whomping Willow
" I have a son," Severus Snape said quietly, not managing to keep the awe out of his voice.

He was propped up in bed in the Hospital Wing, holding the tiny infant in his arms. Dumbledore levitated a chair from across the room, to rest beside the boy's bed. "Yes you do Severus," he replied as he sat down. "He's beautiful."

Severus glanced up at the Headmaster before gazing at his son once more. "He's perfect."

Albus cleared his throat, "My boy, I need to ask you something rather personal."

Severus looked up at the old man, panic evident in his eyes. He swallowed, "Yes, sir?"

"How was he conceived?"

Thursday, 18 December 1975
Severus Snape strode purposefully across the grounds and down to the Whomping Willow. Earlier that week he had overheard Sirius Black loudly explain to his offsider, Peter Pettigrew, how to gain access to the tunnel under the tree which led to Lupin's secret hideout. Severus was sure that this was indeed a trap. His suspicions were confirmed when he heard Pettigrew complain that he already knew how to stop the Whomping Willow from whomping, and had known so for a number of years. But Severus wasn't scared. He knew Remus Lupin was a werewolf, and tonight he was going to prove it and get the boy expelled.

Armed with his wand, to defend himself, and a camera to prove to everyone that Lupin was a dark creature, Severus picked up a fallen branch from the ground and pressed the concealed knob on the tree. So intent on his task, the Slytherin did not see Potter come running across the grounds as he descended into the passageway.

Slowly, Severus made his way along the dimly-lit tunnel. He had his wand held out in front of him, in readiness to stop an attack by the transformed werewolf. Werewolves had been covered in Defence Against the Dark Arts at the end of his third year, and Severus had spent many hours studying them once he had come to the conclusion that Lupin was, in fact, a werewolf. He was very confident that he could defend himself against the raging beast.

Inching along the tunnel, Severus heard a low growl. He stopped short. His heart racing. Gathering his courage, Severus began to move forward once more. He rounded a small bend in the tunnel and for the first time saw the newly transformed werewolf.

Severus stood in the tunnel unable to move. He stared at the snarling and growling werewolf as it leapt down a flight of stairs, and came running towards him. After several moments, Severus did the only thing he could think of.

He dropped his belongings, turned, and ran.

The teenager had not travelled more than a few yards, when he was attacked from behind, Moony leaping through the air, and landing on the running Slytherin: both boy and wolf landing very hard on the stone floor. Severus struggled wildly, flaying his arms and legs, kicking and punching the wolf, as it ripped and tore at his clothes.

During the struggle Severus twisted and struggled so much that he found himself lying on his back, arms and legs spread wide. Moony was hovering over him, his front paws holding down his shoulders, his back legs stretched out, and positioned between Severus's sprawled limbs. Severus's robes were badly torn and did nothing to keep out the cold winter air, nor conceal his modesty.

Severus lay half-naked in the cold, dark tunnel as Moony hovered over him, howling before baring his teeth and snarling at him. When a globule of the wolf's saliva dropped from its frothing mouth, Severus felt his body betray him. Before he knew it, his cock was stirring and hardening into a full erection.

Moony stopped snarling, and tentatively began sniffing his captive. Slowly, he made his way down Severus's person, inhaling his scent. Severus knew that werewolves had an extraordinary sense of smell, and assumed that his… desire was quite obvious to the werewolf.

Severus stiffened when he felt a long, rough tongue drag long his erection through his greying underpants. Did werewolves castrate their victims? He had never read about that before. Moony bared his teeth, and bent his head over Severus's groin. Severus held his breath and scrunched shut his eyes, waiting for the inevitable.

The terrified teen heard a loud tearing noise as Moony forcefully ripped away his underpants. Within moments, the werewolf's mouth was covering Severus's impressive erection: suckling the head, lapping the heavy balls, licking the length.

After a several long moments, when it was clear that he was not going to be castrated, Severus began to relax slightly, allowing himself enjoy the first blow job he had ever experienced. He lay there passively, reflecting that it was typical that his first experience would be with a werewolf.

As Moony continued pleasuring him, Severus kept his eyes shut and allowed himself to forget that it was a wolf hovering around his cock, and let himself enjoy the sensation of a long rough tongue caressing his erection. Before long he was climaxing, the werewolf greedily drinking his seed as it spurted out of him.

While Severus was basking in post-coital release, Moony crawled up his body once more, and curled up around the relaxed boy, silent and content to rest for the moment.

Severus waited for Moony to turn on him, but the werewolf seemed content to lie on the cold floor and snuggle in close. After a while, Severus thought it safe to leave. Moving very carefully, he wiggled away from the resting creature. Knowing that he would have to retrieve his wand before leaving the tunnel, Severus rolled onto his stomach, before getting up on all fours. Noiselessly he started to crawl down the tunnel to where his wand lay.

A low growl startled Severus as he crawled along the ground. Looking over his shoulder, he saw Moony standing in the tunnel, glaring at him.

Without warning, Moony pounced on Severus, sending both boy and wolf face first onto the cold stone floor.

Pinned against the floor by Moony, for the second time that evening, Severus tried to move from under the heavy weight. He abruptly stopped his movements when he felt Moony's hard cock, firmly nestled between his cheeks. The werewolf growled once again, a long, throaty growl: primitive, and possessive, before burying himself deep inside Severus.

The act was wild, rough and primal: the two bodies moving in tandem, yet never really finding a rhythm. As the wolf emptied himself into Severus, his jaws clamped down on Severus's shoulder, drawing blood; saliva and Severus's seed entering his bloodstream.

Once spent, Moony collapsed on top of Severus, completely covering his mate. The boy was again trapped, smothered by the large heavy weight of the werewolf.

Unable to distance himself from the dark creature, Severus lay there, reflecting on the evening. Before long, large fat tears began to spill down his face.

That night, under the heavy weight of a werewolf, Severus cried himself to sleep.

The next morning, Severus awoke slowly. He was sore and cold. Various scratches on his skin stung, while his muscles protested as he moved to look over his shoulder.

The sight that met him shocked Severus considerably. Lying on top of him, as he had been in wolf form last night, was Lupin. The Gryffindor was sleeping peacefully as he lay covering Severus. He was completely naked, his semi-erect cock still buried deep inside Severus's arse.

Moving gently, so as not to disturb the sleeping boy, Severus slowly and tenderly extracted himself from his grasp. Gingerly, so as not to further upset his painful backside, Severus bent over and retrieved the tattered remains of his underwear and robes.

Hobbling miserably up the tunnel, Severus picked up his wand, before cast darning and cleaning charms on his robes. He felt unclean. He felt miserable and dirty, like a cheap whore.

Retrieving the camera from where it lay, Severus fled the tunnel and escaped into the Shrieking Shack before making his way back to Hogwarts from Hogsmeade, avoiding the larger than usual Christmas crowds.

Once safely barricaded in his dormitory, Severus took a long hot shower, scrubbing each inch of skin thoroughly with three different soaps, in an effort to cleanse himself.

Severus was grateful that his classmates had gone home for the Christmas holidays the night before, thus eliminating the need to explain his injuries, or last night's absence, to anyone.

Retrieving a mild healing balm from his trunk, Severus rubbed it into his assorted cuts and bruises. The cuts stung as the healing balm was rubbed in, while putting pressure on his bruises made Severus's eyes water.

Crawling into bed after the disastrous encounter Severus thanked Merlin that he was still alive.

Albus gazed at the teenager, propped up against stark white pillows. He looked sad, "Why didn't you tell anyone about the incident?" he asked softly, hurt that the boy hadn't thought of asking for help.

Severus shrugged. "If I were to have come to you with that, what would you have done?" he asked softly, not looking at the Headmaster.

Albus remained silent, watching the boy and his son.

"Exactly," continued Severus. "Nothing. You would have explained to me that if I had encountered a werewolf on the night of the full moon, I would have been killed, not raped." Severus let the ugly word hang in the air.

Albus looked at Severus. "I would have believed you," he said quietly. "You had tangible proof. You were pregnant."

Severus glared at Dumbledore, "I didn't find out that was even a possibility until a week after the Incident," he replied coolly.

Chapter 2: Merry Christmas
Thursday, 25 December 1975

Severus made his way to the Great Hall for Christmas Dinner. Since the Incident he had been studiously avoiding other students, the Marauders in particular. But he knew that his presence was required at the Feast, as an absence would be noted and investigated.

Unfortunately for Severus, only twelve students had remained at Hogwarts over the Christmas holidays: himself, the marauders, a seventh year Hufflepuff, three sixth years of various houses, two fourth year Gryffindors and a first year Ravenclaw. The headmaster had decided that since there were only twenty people at the Christmas Feast, the staff and students would sit at one table.

Severus sat on the end of the table closest to the door, with the intention of making a quick exit once the feast had ended. The Marauders sat further along the table on the same side as Severus, talking spiritedly with the Headmaster and Professor McGonagall.

As the meal progressed, Severus shot several hateful glares towards the Marauders, their joviality bringing back unhappy memories of the night a week ago. Severus was almost physically ill.

He didn't blame Lupin. Not fully. Yes, it was the quiet Gryffindor who had attacked him and Severus was not quite ready to forgive him for that. But Lupin would never have attacked him if he hadn't been in the tunnel. And for that, he blamed Black. Black knew of the evil that Lupin could commit when he was a wolf, and yet he happily led Severus into danger. Not only that, but he nearly succeeded in sending one of his friends to Azkaban for life.

Halfway through the meal, Professor Flitwick, who had been sitting across from Severus, challenged him to a game of Wizarding Chess. Severus eagerly accepted the challenge, knowing that would serve to distract him from Black and his friends, until such time that he could easily excuse himself from the Hall, and return to his solitude in the Slytherin Dorms.

The charms professor summoned a chess set from elsewhere in the castle, and waited, bouncing in his seat, as the pieces arranged themselves on the board. After the first few moves, Severus was totally engrossed in the game, his attention diverted from the Marauders and their antics.

After an hour, most of the students and staff had retreated to their common rooms. The Marauders, following a lively debate with Professor McGonagall about the registration of animagii, stood and excused themselves.

Severus was contemplating sacrificing his remaining Bishop in order to capture Professor Flitwick's Queen, when Black "accidentally" crashed into him on his way to the door. Severus glowered at the Gryffindor as a wound on his shoulder was disturbed. Severus raised his arm to move his bishop, and felt the familiar tear of a half-healed wound opening up. Whimpering slightly, Severus held his arm close to his body. He thought back, trying to remember how he could have hurt his shoulder so badly.

The Slytherin paled considerably as he remembered the injury. Lupin had bitten him. A werewolf had bitten him.

Finishing the chess game in two easy moves, Severus immediately excused himself from the table, stating that he had forgotten to include his mother's Christmas gift in the owl he had sent home earlier that week.

Hurrying along the corridors, Severus made his way to the library. Removing his favourite (and the most comprehensive) book on werewolves from the shelf, the frightened student sat down on the floor in the middle of the restricted section.

Turning to the section on werewolf bites, Severus re-read the passage that he had read so many times before.

If one is unfortunate enough to be bitten by a werewolf, the ill-fated person will have contracted the curse if:

the werewolf was in wolf form (it was not in its human guise)
the attack occurred on the night of the full moon
the werewolf's teeth pierce the victim's skin
the bite draws blood
the victim's blood and the werewolf's saliva mix †
If the moon had not yet set, the victim will undergo the transformation from human to wolf instantaneously. If it is near sunrise, the victim must wait until the next full moon to transform for the first time.

Severus sat on the ground in the library, staring at the book in his hands. He wasn't sure what time Lupin had bitten him. Had it been near daybreak? Most possibly. If that were the case, then he was most definitely a werewolf. Just as he thought things could get no worse, he realised that Lupin had infected him with his curse.

Glancing down at the page opened in his lap, Severus noticed a footnote at the bottom of the page.

† If a male victim's blood was contaminated with both the werewolf's saliva, and his own sperm, then he may have escaped contracting the curse. See Procreating Lycanthropes by Aristotle Moonshine for further information.

Severus sat and re-read the footnote once, twice, three times. He had never heard of a book called Procreating Lycanthropes before. Wondering if the Hogwarts library even held the book, Severus pulled out his wand and cast a simple summoning charm. Above the boy's head, a small, thin book slipped out from a shelf and floated down to his outstretched hand.

Although Severus was disappointed with himself for failing to notice the paperback sitting alongside the other books on Dark Creatures, he wasn't surprised that he had overlooked it. It was a tiny, slim volume; quite old and dusty, its fragile pages yellow with age.

Severus gingerly opened the book, discovering that it had been published in the late 1200's. Scared beyond belief, he began to read the introduction to the book, unsure of what he would find – what did procreation have to do with werewolf bites?

Werewolves, on a whole, have a higher than average fertility rate. Any problems reproducing with the opposite gender is usually found to be the fault of the werewolf's partner and not of the werewolf him/herself. Furthermore, male werewolves have the capacity to impregnate other males. This is the subject matter of this book.

Not much is known about a werewolf conceived pregnancy. I, myself, was conceived of one, and have been studying the matter for most of my adult life. I write this book as a means to consolidate my research, and educate the world about this incredible phenomenon.

Severus sat taken aback. They hadn't even mentioned this in Defence of the Dark Arts, let alone taught it. Flipping to the first chapter, he continued reading.


The creation of a new life is often a wonderful and magical moment in the lives of its parents. Unfortunately this is not the case for a werewolf conceived pregnancy. A couple's first conception is often violent and brutal to the carrying parent as they are at the mercy of their transformed mate. However, subsequent conceptions tend to be very loving and gentle.

In both cases the following must occur in order for a child to be conceived, and a healthy pregnancy to result:

the werewolf partner must be in wolf form
it is the night of the full moon
the werewolf partner must penetrate the carrying partner
the werewolf partner's seed must be ejaculated into the carrying partner
the werewolf partner's teeth must pierce the carrying partner's skin
the werewolf partner's saliva and the carrying partner's seed must mix and enter the carrying partner's bloodstream during intercourse.
The resulting magic of this union will fertilise a magically created egg, and grow a womb inside the carrying partner, providing for the safe incubation of a child.

Many partners had been turned whilst trying to conceive a child in this manner. However, if a child is conceived, then both the carrying parent and the child would be free from lycanthropy, and be effectively vaccinated from the curse for life.

Time passed as Severus sat on the floor of the library, reading the antiquated book. The author had gone on to explore the "incredible phenomenon" of werewolf conceived pregnancies, discussing the bond forged between the two partners, the werewolf's protective and possessive instincts over the carrying parent, what the carrying parent should expect over the course of their pregnancy, and the birth itself.

But Severus didn't really absorb anything from the book. He was in shock. All he could think about was that night . He gingerly touched the wound on his shoulder. Was this a normal bite? Could some of his sperm have entered his bloodstream? He wasn't sure. He knew that Moony had bitten him, and had… pleasured himself, but was he pregnant? He hadn't instantly transformed into a werewolf that night, but was that due to him being pregnant, or the moon having set?

Severus curled himself up into a small ball. Only time would tell which of the two options it would be. He wasn't sure which was more favourable, being infected with Lupin's curse, or being pregnant with his child.

After a short time, Severus stood up from his place on the ground. He stretched, stiff from sitting and reading for most of the afternoon. He gathered up the two books which lay on the floor, and made his way back to the dungeons, not bothering to check them out.

In a daze he returned to the Slytherin dormitories, giving the password to the portrait which hung on the entrance, and heading straight for his bedroom.

Crawling into bed after placing the books on his bedside table, Severus abused Merlin over his lousy Christmas.

"I'm so sorry Severus," whispered Albus.

"What for?" replied Severus, his voice soft, so as not to disturb the infant he held in his arms, but his eyes glaring dangerously at the headmaster. "For favouring Gryffindors? For not keeping Black in line? For leaving me to discover for myself that I could be pregnant?"

"Yes. That, and much, much more."

Severus snorted, and tried to calm his upset child.

"What happened next?"



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