Today is Thursday February 4, 2010

(Photo by John Major, the Ottawa Citizen)

"Is he an only child," the 20-something woman asks about Axl Rose, who by this point on Sunday at Scotiabank Place has kept 8,000 fans waiting for almost 90 minutes. "Hurry the f-ck up man, people are waiting," says the young woman, who, like her mother standing next to her, has a sloshing cup of frothy draught beer in her hand. “I’ve wanted to see this show for 20 years,” her mother says. So what’s another half hour?

Axl Rose has made such a business of keeping fans waiting that they'd probably be disappointed if he did show up on time. It was almost midnight when he took the stage here a few years ago. It was 11:15 p.m. Sunday when he finally appeared with his latest version of Guns N’ Roses – though calling it that seems silly, liking watching Paul McCartney and pretending you saw the Beatles. Not that the fans seem to mind, as they often roared “GUNS-AND-ROSES!” during the two-hour-and-45-minute set, a performance so long that it started in one month and ended in another.

It began with Chinese Democracy, and the song, like the album of the same name that was 13 years or so in the making, hardly seemed worth the wait. None of the songs that Rose has written since Slash and Izzy Stradlin left the band can stand with the earlier work. No better evidence was needed than the skittering guitar line that told the crowd the next song was Welcome to the Jungle, the monster from their 1987 breakthrough album Appetite for Destruction.

This was the trade-off that fans got all night long – a song from 2008’s Chinese Democracy and then a song from the back catalogue. Next came 1987’s It’s So Easy, complete with chest-constricting explosions on stage, and then another vintage GNR track, Mr. Brownstone. “The show usually starts around seven/
We go on stage around nine,” the song goes. Who says Rose has no sense of humour?

Rose seemed in high spirits, running full-out from one wing of the large stage to the other, rather impressively for a 47-year-old man who’s had his share of decadent living. He was talkative, too. After one of many wardrobe changes he told us he’d ripped his pants. “I blew my ass out.” This knowledge made it a bit scarier when he tried that serpentine shuffle he used to do so well back in the day, when he was younger and more limber.

They played Sorry and Better, two more from Chinese Democracy, before guitarist Richard Fortus kicked into Live and Let Die. This cover of McCartney’s song has long been a highlight of any GNR show, but the limitations of Rose’s voice were uncharacteristically apparent. He can still twist out that raspy howl, but his vocal cords, which serve an intensely demanding master, were crapping out on the high end, and elsewhere.

Sweet Child o’ Mine was his greatest test. Rose, in yet another new shirt, audibly clipped the first “whooaaaaaa, sweet child o’ mine,” but the crowd picked up the vocal slack quick enough.

The crowd was into it, though by 12:30 Monday morning it was a long way from 8 p.m., when most fans had arrived to see openers Danko Jones and Sebastian Bach. By 1:00 some fans were putting on their coats and leaving, thinking about work in a few hours, no doubt. Too bad. They missed Bubbles, from Trailer Park Boys, and they missed Guns’ classics such as the ballistic You Could Be Mine, Patience, and Paradise City, which closed the show at 2 a.m.

Rose stuck around and served shots of booze to a couple of fans down front. It was like he didn’t want to leave, and why would he? He’s a classic rocker, and if there’s one thing Ottawa loves more than politics, it’s classic rock.


(Photo by John Major, Ottawa Citizen)


Set list, Guns N' Roses, Scotiabank Place

Chinese Democracy
Welcome the the Jungle
It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Live and Let Die
If The World
Piano solo
(I had to leave the bowl for 10 minutes, missed a couple of songs)
Sweet Child of Mine
You Could be Mine
November Rain
Pink Panther theme
Out to Get Me
Knocking On Heaven's Door
Night Train


Liquor and Whores (with Bubbles)
This I Love
Shackler's Revenge
Paradise City



Your Comments


Peter, Peter, Peter...Why did you go to this concert? I'm serious. I actually want to see an answer back from you. (BBnote: see end of J's note for a reply after you read his comments.) I want you to read this. You claim to have seen GNR four times. Also you are a "long time fan." What was your hatred towards to "New GNR" to give a negative review to them? Is it because the original members are no longer in the band? I think that's it as you did mention that in the review. I shall delve deeper for you since you lack the brain capacity. What was it you's like calling Paul McCartney the Beatles. Well Peter, how many bands have always have at minimum or max one original member? Ex. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Sabbath. There's a big one. Tony Iommi has been the only member of the band to remain in Black Sabbath. Countless members being replaced and yet they were always known as Black Sabbath. The only difference is that with Guns N' Roses, they disbanded early in their career at the height of their stardom. Whether it is Axl Rose or Tony Iommi who owns the right to their own bands' name, they can do as they please. And they don't give a *** what anyone thinks because the true fans will sift through. But I do care, as do many others. I care how dumb shits can't get over the new members of the band.

It was very apparent reading your review that you either haven't heard Chinese Democracy and/or you have been living in a cave since the mid 90's. Maybe you did hear the album..once? "OH MY GOD!! Where is Slash?!?!" You know what? From people like you, all I ever hear about is Slash/the current sellout. No mention of Izzy, Duff, Stradlin, hell even Gilby or Sorum. It's all about Slash and Axl Rose to your kind. Dare I even ask if you know who Dizzy is....? Soo, if original members or semi originals aren't in the band, the music must automatically suck. Even though it's note for note with passion and energy put into sucks. Odd.....Even though Axl Rose has controlled his vocals and matured since the early days.

Do me a favour. Go to your local HMV and pick up any copy of a Guns N`Roses concert DVD. Play it. See how it compares to what you saw on Sunday night. Pay special attention to the vocals Peter.

Honestly, I don`t get what you were expecting with Chinese Democracy..another Appetite For Destruction? Oh great, why not ask Led Zeppelin for another Led Zeppelin IV. An album 14 years in the making doesn't necessarily mean it should be the greatest album ever made. Nonetheless, it is an album that I have been listening to many times since it's release. It is a very great album. Very well produced. If you were front row like I was at the concert, you could see people singing to every song GNR played. And in my case, 3 days prior in Toronto, I was in the 100 section. Still I saw people enjoying themselves and singing, not to just the Singles as you would. Sure there people moaning and complaining about transportation home...that's what taxi's are for. And that's what you should expect going into the stadium, otherwise don't even go to the concert or call yourself a fan. Luckily in Ottawa, we didn't have to wait till' 12am until they took the stage. Luckily we got a longer setlist. Luckily we got Bubbles.


Big Beat: Hi J. Thanks for your comments, and I’m happy to respond to any reader who asks in a civil manner - which you, for the most part, did.

For the record, I’ve seen Guns N’ Roses four times in concert, twice in Toronto c. 1990-92, and twice in Ottawa in the past four years. I’ve listened to their music since Appetite for Destruction came out in the late 1980s. I played Use Your Illusion II so many times I feared the disc would wear out – and so on. As for Chinese Democracy, I don’t see it as the band’s best record, but I did review it for the Citizen when it came out and – this may surprise you, J – I gave it four stars out of five.

What I don’t understand is why some readers, some fans, believe that if you claim to be a fan of a band, you have to publicly pretend that every single thing that band does is excellent, their absolute best, or you're some kind of  traitor or idiot. Do you really believe that GNR, be it the original or latest lineup, puts on a perfect concert, every night, year after year? I don’t believe any musician on the planet would be so bold as to make that claim.

What puzzles me is why some fans are so determined to ignore all the complimentary bits of the review – say, where I wrote that it was too bad that some people left early, because they missed some great stuff, such as the “ballistic You Could Be Mine,” and other classics. Or where I noted that fans forgave Axl for being late and changed “Guns-and-Roses” time after time, or where I wrote that Axl was “in high spirits” and seemed to be quite fit a 47 year guy who’s done some hard living. Or how about the last paragraph, which said, “Rose stuck around and served shots of booze to a couple of fans down front. It was like he didn’t want to leave, and why would he? He’s a classic rocker, and if there’s one thing Ottawa loves more than politics, it’s classic rock.”

Tell me, J, do those sound like the words of someone who has a “hatred” for the band?

As for using the name Guns N’ Roses, well, you’re right that Axl has the right to use the name, but I’ll stand by my conviction that GNR had three essential members – Axl, Slash and Izzy – and when two left it was no longer Guns N Roses. Axl could just tour as Axl Rose, and still sell lots of tickets, so why drag around the old name that no longer fits?
There were two points of criticism in my review: one, that he was late, again. Many people around me were talking about this at the show. People were talking about it online before the show. People were leaving an hour before the show ended. I’m there to report, J, and I cannot ignore the fact that some people – many people – were upset by being made to wait for no good reason.

Just because Axl has always kept people waiting doesn’t make it right. He knows that many fans may have babysitters back home or may not be able to afford $60 or more for a taxi home from Scotiabank Place, but he chooses to keep people waiting. I’ve waited four times for Axl to come out on stage, and every time I’ve found it to be selfish and immature.

Let me ask you this, J: After 20 years of making people wait, why can’t Axl just announce a later start time for the show, and then come on at the scheduled time?
My other point of criticism was his voice, and I stand by my statements that his voice did come up short by times – which is not a surprise for a guy who has been screaming out kick-ass rock and roll for 25 years. But again, I can’t ignore what I heard, and it has to be included in the review.
I hope this answers your questions, J. I sincerely appreciate the time you and many others took to write, including both those who agree with my review and those who don’t.

Peter Simpson

P.S. Bubbles is always good, and the happiest Axl looked the other night when he was singing backup on Liquor & Whores. He looked like he was having a blast – or, as I said in my review, that he was in high spirits.

P.P.S. And thanks for filling in the gap in the setlist I provided. For the record, I didn’t hear the missing songs because I was away from the concert bowl dealing with somewhat overzealous security people, who periodically appeared throughout the show to ask what I was doing, despite my prior approval to be there. It wasn’t a huge hassle, but it did require me to leave my seat on more than one occasion, thereby missing a couple of songs. The security people were, of course, just doing their job on a very hectic night.





Full setlist:

1. Chinese Democracy

2. Welcome To The Jungle

3. It's So Easy

4. Mr. Brownstone

5. Sorry

6. Better

7. Richard Fortus Guitar Solo

8. Live And Let Die

9. If the World

10. Dizzy Reed Piano Solo

11. Street Of Dreams

12. Instrumental Jam

13. Rocket Queen Play Video

14. Scraped Play Video

15. DJ Ashba Guitar Solo

16. Sweet Child O' Mine

17. You Could Be Mine

18. Instrumental Jam

19. Axl Rose Piano Solo

20. November Rain

21. Instrumental Jam

22. Bumblefoot Guitar Solo

23. Out Ta Get Me

24. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover)

25. Nightrain


26. Instrumental Jam

27. Liquor & Whores (Bubbles)

28. Patience

29. This I Love

30. Shackler's Revenge

31. Madagascar

32. Paradise City


February 02, 2010
5:04 PM

Did you complainers really expect them to start on time? If you would have spent 1 minute looking at reviews of the shows this tour you'd see they never go on before 10:30-11:30. I didn't get there till 10 because I knew he wouldn't be on time. I didn't have a problem with it. I had a few beers, bought a couple of shirts and 'people watched'. Guns N' Roses really bring out all types...Anyways, I had an amazing ime. I thought they band was amazing. Axl is still full energy and gives his all and the new band surpassed the expectations had for them. Of course its not the same as in 92 but what band would nearly 20 years later? I only hope its not another 4 years before they come back to Ottawa. I'll be there when they do, loving every minute of it.

February 02, 2010
4:34 PM
Mike LaBonte

What a fantastic show.   GNR's 2 hour and 45 minute set was completely worth the wait..........

I disagree with Peter Simpson's opinion regarding Axl's voice.  

QUOTE    "but the limitations of Rose’s voice were uncharacteristically apparent. He can still twist out that raspy howl, but his vocal cords, which serve an intensely demanding master, were crapping out on the high end, and elsewhere"    

Get your ears checked.....His voice was amazing...flawless.......He sang with every octave and registar he had.     He's a one of a kind singer and nobody can sing like him.    Axl's never sounded better.....

I also disagree with your statement that

QUOTE:  " None of the songs that Rose has written since Slash and Izzy Stradlin left the band can stand with the earlier work"

Are you kidding me!   There at least 5-6 songs from Chinese Democracy that easily match up with some of his bigget hits from the Appetite and  Illusion albums: most notably       1) This I love   2)  Street of Dreams    3)  Better  

4)  If the World    5)   Madagascar   6)   IRS    , etc......

I am sick and tired of hearing other critics dissing the band due to Slash and Izzy's absence.....

Come on...they sound just as good....Axl's has amazing musicians with him on stage.......

The only problem was Axl's lack of interest in properly promoting this album last year when it was first released.........He's gonna be on tour for most of this year and next year with Chinese Democracy and a few videos and more singles will soon hit the air waves......just wait!!!!!!!!!!!

February 02, 2010
11:08 AM

Im 100% sure that that  whiner Matt who is claiming that he was a devoted fan wjho has thrown away all his CDs after the late show  is a pathetic hater who is being overly dramatic.

if youre a fan, you'd know that Axl tends to be late. he's been starting the show much earlier than his routine times on this tour. if youre throwing away GNR CDs after a late start, you were never a fan anyway. march on out, you wont be missed.

February 02, 2010
9:27 AM

Overall a good show.. the late start was to be expected but it doesn't mean anyone has to like it. To be honest, I don't think most of his band members like it. I remember Slash saying he had a real beef with late starts and I am sure a few drones have left the ranks since then due to the same garbage and attitude. What is the point? Probably also the reason why Slash wasn't always the sharpest on stage given that he had an extra 2 hours to drink vodka :P.. that said, as a musician myself, I'd say the "clones" held up pretty well and are solid players in their own right but Ashba is a bit of a poseur who has horrible vibrato and bends flat or too sharp. Obviously he feels his look will get him by. Note to Ashba: lose the hat, you ain't Slash. Get your own identity. A minor complaint I suppose  and certainly one of preference but the show itself if you can take it for what it is, was a good one. Danko is a solid performer and Bach can still belt it out. I could do without the new Bach songs which reminded me of Anvil and Priest but hell, he's still bringing it so props to him for that. I just hope Ashba and company can help Axl write stronger material for the next album. I might be the only one who likes the song Chinese Democracy but the rest of the album left me wondering where the balls and drive went? 8/10 for me. I probably won't ever go see him in concert again, I'll stick to listening to Appetite over and over. Good enough for me. Ya can't beat a classic.

February 01, 2010
11:36 PM

When GnR come to town, it is not a concert.  It is an event.  I went to church, had a nice brunch with my family, slept the remainder of the afternoon, and took Monday off to recuperate. I prepared. I've never been to a GnR concert before and waiting, for me, was part of the fun.  We were all placing bets on when they'd hit the stage.  When they did punch in, THEY THREW DOWN!!!  FOR THREE HOURS!!!  I'd wait twice as long.  

February 01, 2010
11:32 PM

To all the people complaining on here, get over yourselves. This also applies to the asshat clownshoe who wrote the review. Ive never read such stupidity and utter drivel in all my  life. It would be nice if people would just have positive feedback.  The show was really great, if you guys are so uptight about your sleep hours, then dont go to a rock n roll show. For one, the show was starting at 8pm, did you expect it to be over by 11pm?  I left just before the last song of the Encore. I was out, and into my car, driving home and in bed by 230am.  I was up by 530am for work, and was excited to get to work to tell people about the awesome rock concert i went to. People are so uptight and crotchety.

February 01, 2010
10:06 PM

Unfortunately, the majority of whiney complainers on here are a solid reminder of the reputation of the city of Ottawa AKA "the city that fun forgot".  Can't wait for Bluesfest this year to see/hear the complaining continue.  GET a LIFE people, it was a R-O-C-K concert, quit your bitching, what did you expect??

February 01, 2010
9:14 PM

I was at the show and loved it. :) Axl and the boys put on a great show! It wasn't without its flaws, as I could have done without the filler instrumentals or quite so much emphasis on the new album. But who can complain too much at a 2.5 hour show?! Awesome guitar work. Great lighting and stage design too!

For those complaining about the lateness of the show ... yes, finishing near 2AM makes for a late night, It's tough on some fans. But then when was the rock and roll lifestyle ever about getting to sleep early or following schedules or rules? G n R lives life on the edge, and you have to be cool with that if you want to enjoy the show. Admit it, don't you feel tougher and more authentic when you make it through the work day with only a few hours sleep? :D

February 01, 2010
8:53 PM

Wow. Matt you really need help man. "yet another first in this garbage i call a life". That is the comments of a disturbed individual.

February 01, 2010
8:10 PM

hey "guy".. you are a real ***. Make sure you get into bed nice and early tonite so you dont miss out on your precious beauty sleep. Guns n roses/ Axl Rose has ALWAYS done this. If you didnt know that your obviously were never a real fan of them and Im sure they arent gunna miss your pissy contribution to their massive overall record sales.

February 01, 2010
8:06 PM
Awesome Show!

You guys are so bitter! Why be like that? its a rock n roll show... it rocked. It was fantastic. Ive been to a few guns n roses shows... many of them when i was a teenager back in the last 80's and 90's. Im noticing most of the bitter comments were from people posting at 630am as they are getting their butts up for work after only 3 hours of sleep. Get over it, its one night of fun! Go to bed tonite early.. Every GnR show i have been to it has been the same, you have to wait for them to come on. Not a big deal, considering what you get when they do show up. It was a great show and i loved it. During that 2 hour wait, i got to mingle around and talk to people... get up and pee, get a drink, get a smoke. walk around. then sat down for an awesome show.

February 01, 2010
5:41 PM


My girl friend and I went to the concert, It was good show.

The Sebastien Bach show 1000 times better then G and R

Guns and Roses played a great show last night

The G and R concert was loud.

But 11:00 PM to start  a concert, it's too late give me a break..........

Clean and clear sound. Sebastien Bach MUCH BETTER.

ROCK ON --- Songs from SKIDROW excellent.

The young guitarists excellent player 20 years old something like that....

My girl friend and I were in the 225 section second row.

February 01, 2010
4:47 PM

"WOW" I made the four road trip to see the show with my best friend from High School! We both played out a few GnR tapes in the day. I enjoyed the show to the max....Bach delivered in a big way as did GnR did, thanks for an amazing time!!!!  Peace and Respect

February 01, 2010
4:23 PM

Wow ! Lots of bitter comments here. Sad to see.

I'll be glad to see the day when critics will be positive instead of negative.

Don't we have enough bad things going on in this world already?

I enjoyed the concert, yes there were ups and downs but that goes with the territory.  It was a great night out and I thought that was really nice of Axl ending with shooters for the crowd instead of just walking away like most bands do.  That was a nice "Thank You" to his fans.

February 01, 2010
3:38 PM


All most every band that has played in toronto has played in ottawa.So to say so many bands don want to play here is 100% false.

February 01, 2010
3:35 PM

It is good to see like minded people who pay good hard earned money to go a see a professional in action.......   that would be colin James.    I opted to spend almost 100 bucks plus parking beer and food for 5 hours to sit in a large sports arena .....and WAIT,,,,,and WAIT  and WAIT   for an overage aged over drugged and over egoed middle age rocker that shits his pants on stage.....and then talks about it.....    I like the previous poster  will never ever ever  buy anohter Gnr Record, or ever ever again give *** roose a dime of my money....   WHAT A WAY TO RUN A BUSINESS,   rumor has it that he had to come on before 12 midnight or their was a legal implication for thise who could get a refund as he did not appear in the same day as the concert was listed,  Priceless.....   If that;s how he treats his Fans  then I am not worthy.....gbye Axel,  your history in my books,  especially with your 2 clones that drone out your piffle that ook 15 years to write.......   never again,  save your money folks

February 01, 2010
3:17 PM

Wouldn't know how the band was cause I have a job and a babysitter so after waiting for over 90 minutes I had to leave. Didn't get home till after midnight and will never go to another GNR concert. If you don't want to play, just retire already.

February 01, 2010
3:13 PM

I'm just glad GNR didn't cancel the show since half of the arena is empty, and that I didn't have to go to Montreal or Toronto. High fives to those who went and enjoyed it!

February 01, 2010
3:05 PM

Great show! I thought the one in 2006 sounded better (I was on the floor) but the band was tighter this time around. Lots of interaction among band members (sharing mics, spinning past each other back-to-back). DJ Ashba was a great addition. He knows how to work a crowd. I like that he was dressed in black with a fedora, giving a Shash-esque presence.

I read that Axl's backstage ventures were to get oxygen. Hey, if it makes the show better, why not? He sounded INCREDIBLE on Democracy and Jungle. Faded a bit in the middle but finished strong. I was not disappointed. Taking the stage at 11:15 gave me an extra hour to enjoy the amenities in the Casino Lac Leamy box. No complaints there.

February 01, 2010
2:47 PM

I was in the 300 level last night and the sound was just awful. It was muffled and difficult to distinguish between guitars. What's worse is that Axl's mic kept cutting in and out for those of us sitting up high and the volume was way too low. So for most of the songs, we could hear evidence of his voice but it was like getting a soundbleed of his voice while he was singing in another room.

I wouldn't entirely blame Scotiabank Place for this - we watched AC/DC and Metallica from the same general area recently and for both shows, the sound was loud and clear with no difficulty in hearing the lead vocals. Last night we had a hard time hearing his voice even when he was talking to the crowd in between songs! And it was not just in terms of volume (although that was part of the problem). His mic was clearly cutting in and out throughout the night.

That aside, the whole show (late start, poor sound quality, pyrotechnics, weird graphics, bras, lighters, multiple wardrobe changes, shooters with the crowd, guitar/piano solos) had the feel of a cheap cover band. It was kind of like watching a bunch of pretenders playing Rock Band.

If you compare this show to AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, KISS and other "aging" rock bands that are past their prime but still touring and putting on a good show for their fans (and making tons of cash while doing it), this show just did not measure up. There is a reason why only 8,000 showed up last night....Next time he comes to town, he'll be lucky if he can get half as many!

February 01, 2010
2:42 PM
Loved It

Wow, people. My experience couldn't have been any different. I'm starting to see why Ottawa concert goers are considered weenies compared to fans everywhere else.

Loved the energy, loved the tightness of the band. There were huge stretches where the entire band was playing passages note for note, with bang-on tempo, too. I friggen love that at a show. I get that lots of bands want to jam a little, maybe do an accoustic version of a fan favourite, but sometimes I like to hear it like it was laid down on the record, and we got plenty of that last night. Too bad some of you got hung up on appearances, I was there for one thing only - THE MUSIC.

The lateness, yeah, that sucked. Was anybody really surprised? People, it has always been that way with GnR, regardless of which version you got. Buyer beware, I suppose. I'm happy that I stayed until the lights came up. The way that they performed Paradise City was worth the wait. That's a helluva closer, you've got to admit!

I give this one five stars out of five. The event was a marathon in more ways than one, with athletic performances from the band and dogged determination shown by the thousands of fans who remained standing at the very end, raspy voiced and spent, satisfied for having seen a great kickoff to this year's concert season.

February 01, 2010
2:03 PM
Great Night

What a long night.  Waiting one and a half hours for GNR to finally waltz on stage was something I won't soon forget.  Still, this was the FIRST concert for my 9 year old son, James.  He has loved GNR since he first played Sweet Child of Mine on Guitar Hero.  He was very disappointed his rock idol, Slash, was no longer part of the band and I had to explain to him that the dude who was "trying" to look like Slash, was not him.  

I've been to many excellent rock concerts here in Ottawa, my favorite being the historic Momentary Lack of Reason tour by Floyd at Landsdowne.  For me the concert was poor quality.  Watching 40-50 year olds chugging beer and acting like they were still in their 20s was amusing for the first 30 minutes - it wore off fast.  Watching a middle-aged Axl strutting around was entertaining.  His voice is so damaged now though that you need to strain to hear the old GNR sound.

But the truly important part of last night - it was pure entertainment.  Watching the face of my son light up as each song started to wail across Scotiabank Place was worth every penny.  The cheap, 80s pyrotechnic displays and stage setup was as new and wonderful as a 9 year old boy can ever hope to see.

He was pissed that he had to wait 90 minutes, by the way.  Blamed the band and wanted to know why they could do that.  Hard to explain ego issues.  Thank God he didn't know about Montreal from years ago.

Bubbles was fun and exciting and then he sang and I wanted him to leave.  JHC, who plays sh*t like that at an old fashioned rock'n roll concert?  I laughed when the camera would pan to the crowd and all you saw were stunned, non-singing faces of people staring in shock at the stage.  Bringing out Gordon Lightfoot would have achieved the same shock value.

I got what I paid for.  So did everyone else.

February 01, 2010
1:58 PM
old enough to know better

To anyone here who is complaining about the wait or the quality of Axl's performance... like seriously, did anyone really expect it to be a great show?  This evening had a zero percent chance of being a success.  Live and learn.  If you want to see washed up megastars well beyond their years, stick to Bluesfest.

February 01, 2010
1:12 PM

It's been a few years since GnR has been in Ottawa, although the almost 2 hour wait wasnt great and not knowing what to expect from the Chinese Democracy... I felt that he rocked Ottawa pretty hard. The 2 tour interval between bands was expected for me, since i  had read the review from previous shows. I joked that Axl was in the back taking the time to have botox and naptime. However, im sure that all those awesome pyrotechnics needed some type of setup, since that is what i could see people doing.

Those guitarists were not Slash, however they were incredible. They fit the new band with the Chinese Democracy album. Despite the comments above, the crowd was screaming and singing along and eating it up.  Id love to look as great as Axl does at 47. Good for him and we were glad to see him back.

Bubbles was awesome .. what a suprise to see him there. As a big trailer park boys fan... i loved that too.

We also wanna thank Sebastian Bach for rocking the sheeit out of Ottawa.  He was great...loved him as much as i did when i saw them the many times i did back in the early 90's. Sang along with every song.

Overall impression: Loved the show.

February 01, 2010
12:37 PM

Good to see people know the true meaning of a rock concert. Sit on their ass and blog about every song and costiume change.

February 01, 2010
12:19 PM

This clown probably doesn't even like music, so for him to make a review of a rock n' roll show is rediculous! Every time a rock concert comes along, this reviewer blasts the band and doesn't give credit where credit is due. Last night's show was awesome! Sure Axl came on a little late but if you know GN'R, you know that's part of the deal. Love it or leave it. Besides having a 3 hour spectacle is well worth the wait. Love it or leave it... the reviewer of this article should adopt this mentallity because it's really clear that he truely doesn't love rock music.


BB: Hi Ghell. Just fyi, this was the fourth time I've seen Guns N' Roses, a band I've listened to and enjoyed since they broke out in the late 1980s. Not sure what your comment about me always criticizing rock bands is based upon. Read back through blog posts and you'll see that, if anything, the opposite is true. Also, if you read through the reader comments you'll see that many people who went to the Gunners' show this time liked it a lot less than I did!

February 01, 2010
12:18 PM
Tara J

Yes - we waited. That was a little bit frustrating, as I'm sure the babysitter who was at home with my kiddies would agree. HOWEVER - Sebastian Bach was as amazing as I have always remembered him, and the wait although it was long, was quickly forgotten, Those boys put on a wicked show!  Bubbles cracked me up - and I unfortunately had to leave a couple of songs early, not because I wanted to, but the sitter couldn't stay all night. November Rain was spectacular - loved it.  As for the new band - the guitarist may not be Slash but he is damn good - they all are.  The concert was worth the wait and every penny! *****

February 01, 2010
11:46 AM

Boo hoo hooooo.... I want to be home by 10 o clock and in bed with my horlicks at 11... Waaaaaaaaaahhhh its so unfair that mean ol' Axl wont hop jump and skip to my demands. I want it my way, play the songs I want to hear, me me me me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 01, 2010
11:32 AM

What a pack of whiners !  No wonder so many bands don't want to play Ottawa. As a conservative, government grey, blindered city it knows no boundry with negativity. Roll up the sidewalks, call the decibel police, read the riot act, etc. Thank God a high percentage of the people in attendance last night actually enjoyed a great rock concert. You wouldn't know it following the meanderings and timely dropouts of Peter Simpson, another incompetent in a long line of pathetic music critics for the Ottawa Citizen. At least we weren't subjected to the nugatory ramblings of the matronly, meathead Lynn Saxberg.

Guns and Roses played a great show last night. The players, which are far superior than the drunk/drugged out original band (look up Steve Adler on Wikipedia), were smokin'. The transfer of the songs on Chinese Democracy to the live stage was incredible. The songs sound better live. Stage, lights, firebombs and fireworks all contributed to supercharged rock n' roll. If you don't know that G n' R start shows late then get to the back of the short bus.

As for Simpson's review I have to ask....when is the Citizen newspaper going to get a competent, intelligent music critic ? For years (particularily the aforementioned Saxberg) we have been sadled with mediocre, middleschool meanderings from illiberal observers whose lack of musical insight is beyond belief. Cleaning house in this department would better serve this community as a whole.

BB: Wow, Raven. It never ceases to amaze how angry people can get if they see a reviewer has an opinion that differs from their own. If you read through the comments after my posts from the GNR show you'll see that many fans are far more critical of the show that I am. I guess that makes all of them incompetent too.

February 01, 2010
11:21 AM
Loved it!

I think poor Matt just needs a good night's sleep.

I was front and centre and I had a blast!  Are people actually still complaining about him coming on stage late?? Really???

February 01, 2010
11:21 AM

I think the missed songs from the above set list were "Street of Dreams" and then a guitar solo/jam that led into Sweet Child O' Mine.

I thought the show was pretty awesome. Axl gave it his all for the whole show and still sounded pretty damn good. The GnR fan base is a little older now and not so inclined to mix it up in the mosh pit anymore but even the Chinese Democracy songs seemed to be well received by the crowd.

February 01, 2010
10:36 AM

What a Loser

Why are you blaming all of this on the ciity.

February 01, 2010
10:20 AM
Gus Sant's van

I hope you people who were at this show realize you just witnessed rock and roll personified...that's right, Mr. Tommy Stinson on the bass guitar.

February 01, 2010
10:18 AM
What a Loser

A Sunday night concert in Ottawa? The retard doesn't appear after 11pm. People leave in droves. He blew his ass out? Trailer Park Boy? Ottawa's continuing welfare show. City Hall? City staff? Foodbanks and free needles. Let's build a roundabout. Green Bins for coyotes. Give this loser the key to the city. He's material for Mayor.

February 01, 2010
9:42 AM

Great show, but really unprofessional behaviour from Axl. My husband and I kept commenting on "Fake Izzy and New Slash" - notice how the new guitarists' dress resembles the old ones a lot? The Diva wants a certain look, and I'm sure that's what he went for. And what on earth was he doing when he ran offstage during every guitar solo? I have SO much to blog about later...

February 01, 2010
8:17 AM

Dear Axl;

I realize that I live in a pathetic existence where a 9-5 job and other responsibilities require me to get more than 3 hours of sleep per night. Yeah, I usually go to bed around 1130-1200 because I am a huge loser at life, but don't make me pay you $100 just for a reminder of that fact.

I've been to more rock/metal shows than 90% of the people in that arena last night, and I've NEVER left before the final song....never. Thanks Axl for giving me yet another first in this garbage I call a life.

No wonder the actual talent of GNR is all are an inconsiderate idiot (trying to keep it clean here) and you have no musical talent to speak of (I could have also written ONE single album if I was given 15 years to screw around while doing nothing of real importance all day). Your cd's are in the garbage and your songs have been deleted.

Thanks again you.

Signed: GNR fan forNever

February 01, 2010
6:53 AM

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