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Time to push back

Big Kiruv is on the march!

The haredim, thanks to NCSY, are recruiting straight from our public schools. Hillel is cooperating with Ohr Somayach, Meor Israel, Big Aish, JAM, and a bucket of other like-minded, deceptive, predatory, Big Kiruv organizations. It is not stopping anytime soon. Rather, these parasitic, blood-sucking organizations will continue to expand. Containment is failing.

So what do we do?

We need to aggressively begin recruiting young ultra-Orthodox Jews to secularism. They will go apeshit if that works, or if it even threatens to work. Websites, flyers, organizations, etc.

And the more violently the frum react, the the better. The frum are running out of time to recruit the masses of Liberal and secular Jewry.

The more acrimonious our relationship with them, the better. And their penchant for victimology is their weakness. It isn’t hard to get them to lash out in an offensive and abrasive manner. They can’t help themselves.

They are very big kikes.

February 4, 2010   5 Comments
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Dark Light Boasts of Getting College Students to Blow Off College

Dark Light reports,

A spaz version of emperor Palpatine

The JLE group was recruited by representatives of Ohr Somayach on a wide range of campuses, including Chicago, Toronto, St. Louis and Long Island. The interaction with the mentors was a tremendously moving experience for them and their mentors.

As a result a number of the JLE participants decided to spend more time in Ohr Somayach, and others made plans to come here upon completion of their studies.

This is whom Hillel is working with these days.
NCSY recruits them for Ohr Somayach before college, of course. Straight from the public schools.

JSU-Latte & Learning-Shabbaton-Trips-Ohr Somayach/Aish/Neve Yerushalayim

Controlled by the Dark Light's Palpatine. And by economic realities of the OU's Kashrut division and haredi market share

How do they do it? Through trickery and deception, in incremental stages.

“This is how we make them frum” — Rabbi Stephen Burg, on the “conversion process.”

That’s the frum way. If it wasn’t mandated by the Gedoylim, they wouldn’t be able to look themselves in the mirror.

February 4, 2010   4 Comments
Kiruv, NCSY, Ohr Somayach/Dark Light  

The need for Hebrew, and those who don’t see that

A couple of weeks back, a brawl erupted over whether an NCSY-backed program taught mandatory Hebrew to their students. It turns out, that one does.

The study of Hebrew is a critical issue, as the Forward notes this week in, “Taking Hebrew Seriously.”
[

January 22, 2010   1 Comment
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Orthodox Union admits JSU is “an agency of NCSY”

Don’t expect the community newspapers like the Jewish Journal to admit that, though. Such information is for the “already Orthodox” only.

No more lies?

Full story

Update: NCSY is consistently referencing the JSU as an “allied agency working in partnership with NCSY” in the new Jewish Action. This seems to be a shift in policy. After all these years of deception just on this issue…non-denial denials….protracted Wikipedia fights…now they finally admit the JSUs are NCSY.

January 20, 2010   No Comments
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JSU Turns to Big Aish for Israel Trips

So Aish'd up...

Even as Big Aish’s haskafa-focused curriculum is so dreadfully “fluffy” that even right-wing Modern Orthodox Jews that teach there take offense at being associated with the that institution, the JSU is using them for their trips to Israel with their new initiative, Torah High.

The Orthodox Union reports,
[

January 20, 2010   No Comments
Aish, Kiruv, NCSY  

Baal Teshuvahs are happier when they are poor

See? The Orthodox Union and Big Kiruv are just trying to make people happy, and their own poll proves that the baal teshuvah is happier and less “at risk” ;) when he is poor.

January 15, 2010   9 Comments
Economics, Kiruv, NCSY, Orthodox Union  

Celebration with cousins is the privilege of the FFB

Becoming a baal teshuvah will separate families, not strengthen them. And the ultra-Orthodox world could give a hoot.

This comment from Beyond BT is revealing.
[

January 15, 2010   1 Comment
BeyondBT, Kiruv  

Invest in a bobby pin, NCSY “cool advisor” guy

I write the songs that make the young girls cry.
I write the songs, I write the songs.
– Barry Manilow

And remember, only two days left until the Baruch Lanner Enabler Award ceremony! Did you get your tickets yet?

Also, the Texas Jewish Post reports,

The director of Jewish Student Union of Texas and involved in countless other organizations, he will also receive the Rebbetzin Elaine and Rabbi Pinchas Stolper Leadership Award.

ā€œIt is a wonderful achievement for nearly two decades of dedication to the teens of Dallas,ā€ said Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt, administrator of NCSY.

Hell yeah, it is. We love you Baruch!

January 7, 2010   11 Comments
Kiruv, NCSY  

Cheapest seats for the Baruch Lanner Enabler Award dinner are…

…a mere $250!

Stolper violated it for three decades

Stolper violated it for three decades

So just a reminder that the Baruch Lanner Enabler Award dinner is this Sunday(!) at Lincoln Square Synagogue, it’s going to be great, and as always, a slew of OU machers will be there to celebrate the occasion with the Ben Zakkai Honor Society. So please buy your tickets already. What are you waiting for?

January 6, 2010   2 Comments
Kiruv, NCSY, Orthodox Union  

Failed Messiah Weighs in on JSU/NCSY’s Program at Bar Ilan

Failed Messiah notes,
[

December 29, 2009   1 Comment
Kiruv, NCSY