Bethania Queensland
Pioneer List

to gather a list of the pioneers of Bethania and their descendants.

The pioneers include the first 22 families ex-Hamburg, who arrived on the vessel Susanne Godeffroy on 18 January 1864 and who settled in Bethania and the neighbouring communities of Logan / Albert district in the year 1864 to 1914
the list will be based primarily, but not exclusively, on the records of the Parish of Bethania and the churces of the Logan District in Queensland, Australia.


The vision is to provide a record of the lives of the early settlers and to extend the record so the later generations can trace their origins.

The source of his list is 'Bethania the early years' published in 1988 by the Bethania 125 Committee, edited by Margaret Jenner, ISBN 0.7316 5569 9

Missing birth and marriage dates will be inserted on the basis of 20 years per generation and 1-2 years between births. Minor variations may occur.
All errors and omissions are to be corrected.