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Former Aberdeen midfielder Scott Severin returns to Scotland with Kilmarnock

Scott Severin has returned to Scotland by securing a loan move to Kilmarnock until the end of the season after making just four league starts since his summer move to Watford.

The former Scotland international was expected to be the experienced older head in Watford’s midfield this season following his free transfer from Aberdeen.

However, injuries and the form of John Eustace in particular have contributed to Severin only making six starts in all competitions and 11 appearances in total, with his only goal coming against Barnet in the Carling Cup.

Severin will link up with Watford youngster Rob Kiernan, who is also set to join Kilmarnock on loan until the end of the season.

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stevyweavy, Watford says...
7:33pm Mon 1 Feb 10

Well at least we can't play him again this season - he has been very disappointing. Good move for Kiernan and us.

hollywood101, borehamwood says...
7:44pm Mon 1 Feb 10

Bye Bye severin.

Keirnan has also extended his contract with us until june 2011 which is good news

WFC4ever, Watford says...
7:49pm Mon 1 Feb 10

Maybe injuries didn't help but he seemed rather slow so off the pace of the Championship.

Much like Sadler and to get him off the wage bill of sorts if we aren't going to play the bloke.

Dr.Oftaw, wd18 says...
7:56pm Mon 1 Feb 10

i`d just like to say january has been a good transfer window regarding players in and out including keeping the existing loanees

Hexham Hornet, HEXHAM says...
7:57pm Mon 1 Feb 10

Perhaps it will also be good for Kiernan to have a club colleague with him and an older head to guide him. If they both play regularly and do well they could both still be a great benefit next season. Also it has reduced the wage bill for the next 15 to 20 weeks, so possibly a good move for all concerned.

4boys, Hemel Hempstead says...
11:09pm Mon 1 Feb 10

I agree its been an excellent transfer window, when only a few weeks back we thought we would struggle to keep any of our decent players.
Dont see where he gets his idea that Severin was kept out by Uselesses form I think my son can pass the ball better and he's 5.
What a cheek Spurs have.
Lets hope at least one of the signings comes good.
Come on you Hornsxxxxxxxxxxxx

not a regular, says...
1:35am Tue 2 Feb 10

4boys I don't know what team you've been watching, with the exception of Cleverly and possibly Loach, Eustace has been our best player this season.

Wrighty_Hornet, Bovingdon says...
10:30am Tue 2 Feb 10

Yeah i'm with 'not a regular' there... wot have u been watching '4 boys'? Eustace has been the best player consistantly this season (yes Cleverly and Lansbury are absolute mustard but as they are so young they come and go from game to game)

well happy with the wheelings and dealings recently, we would of really struggled without extending the 3 loan signings, got rid of the duke (i always got behind him but he was absolutely awful and thats about time) Keirnan is one for the future, a top top tallent alledgedly, lets hope the experience can do him good and he comes back a better player... As for Loachy what the hell are totenham playing at? did they really think we were going to accept that offer?

Anyways looking forward now, lets hope we can start with 3 points 2nite and consolidate a mid-table finish

Up the orns!!

getafix, the village surrounded by romans says...
11:55am Tue 2 Feb 10

need at least a draw tonight to steady the ship, win would be absolutely great and well within the lads... perhaps someone should spoof them that the games on live TV? COYHs!!!

sec word wish-post, I hope not!

GrahamTaylor, Watford says...
1:29pm Tue 2 Feb 10

Sorry I agree Useless can tackel but whats the point if all do is give possession back?
He either hoofs it into the channels, often to nobody, or makes a poor pass putting his team mate under pressure.
At the moment we NEED his expierence and leadership I can see that but I hope once his contract expires in the summer better options are available.
Yes I haev been to every WFC home game. Did we miss him away at Middlesborough errrr no!!
Over rated and over paid £7K basic evern after re negotiating his salary.
Watch his didtribution tonight and count his COMPLETED FORWARD passes. Its ok you wont need to hands!

Your sayYour Watford

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