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Inkscape :: The Clone Tool :: Render Bitmap Images using Tiled SVG Clones


The "Create Tiled Clones" Inkscape feature offers the ability to generate some interesting tiled patterns based on a master object, however the most exciting option (imo) is the ability to render a representation of an underlying image using tiled cloned svg objects.

How To

Open Inkscape, and import a bitmap image (File -> Import...) - for this example I'll use a wine bottle. Place the bitmap on the canvas
Inkscape Bottle Bitmap

Create a small circle (relative to the bitmap) at the top left corner of the bitmap, then use the Fill and Stroke dialog to set it's fill and stroke to "Undefined"
Make sure the circle is selected, then open the "Create Tiled Clones" dialog - it can be found under Edit -> Clone -> Create Tiled Clones...
Click on the Trace tab, and set the following options:
  • Check "Trace the drawing under the tiles"
  • Under "1. Pick from the drawing", select "Color"
  • Under "3. Apply the value to the clones", check all boxes
  • Set the rows and columns to an amount to cover the bitmap (note this will cause a large performance hit depending on how many objects need to be created) - in my example I'll use 40 rows x 12 columns
Inkscape Tiled Clone Dialog

Hit the Create button and watch the magic unfold! The best way to view your results is to right-click the bitmap object, choose Image properties and check "Hide"
Inkscape Tiled Clones

The Tiled Clones dialog offers a large number of options for modifying the effect of the final output. I won't go into detail on the other tabs but present some examples of how each of the options can affect the final image.


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