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The Sarlacc of Aargonar

Creature Feature

By Owen K.C. Stephens and Steve Kenson

Most predators in the galaxy hunt their own food, but the Sarlacc of Aargonar prefers to allow prey to come to it. It has to, since it is immobile. The sarlacc lives at the bottom of a deep pit in the wastelands near the Rebel base on Aargonar. (See planet description in the Rebellion Era Sourcebook.) This place is known to the natives simply as The Pit, and everyone knows to stay well clear of it. It is unknown if this creature is related to the Sarlacc of Tatooine, although the strong similarities between the two creatures certainly suggest a connection.

The appearance of the Sarlacc of Aargonar is horrifying: a giant maw of armored plates and razor-sharp teeth sunk into the ground. Only a small portion of its gigantic body peeks out of The Pit -- its mouth. As a result, attacks against this sarlacc suffer a cover penalty (+10, already added). The Sarlacc of Aargonar is also protected by hard, bony plates, and all of its vital organs lie a dozen or more meters under the earth and rock (Damage Reduction 25).

The sarlacc's prime method of hunting is by emitting odors that attract herbivores and scavengers to its maw. Seven segmented, chitin-covered tentacles rise out from the center of the maw, waiting to grab the unwary and drag them to a terrible death. Each tentacle can reach just past the edge of The Pit -- about 4 meters from the creature's mouth -- and all can attack simultaneously (at a -2 penalty, already subtracted). The tentacles themselves inflict no damage, but rather simply pull victims further toward their doom. Escaping a tentacle requires an opposed Strength check; the tentacles each have a Strength of 22. Opponents with no solid object to cling to (such as those already in The Pit) suffer a -4 penalty on this check.

When prey reaches the sarlacc's mouth, one of two things happens. Creatures greater than Large size suffer attacks from the creature's beaklike mouth designed to reduce them to more manageable chunks. Medium-size and smaller creatures are simply stuffed into the sarlacc's mouth, then carried along by esophageal action into its primary stomach (to be digested immediately) or to one of several secondary stomachs. Creatures in the primary stomach suffer 2d6 damage per round, and can escape back through the alimentary canal with an Escape Artist check opposed by the sarlacc's Strength check (Strength 42). Obviously, few victims escape this way before succumbing to the digestive juices.

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Creatures in a secondary stomach arguably fare better, because the sarlacc stores its meals in a conscious form of suspended animation until it is ready to devour them. Held tight to the stomach lining by meterlong cilia (opposed Strength check against Strength 28 to escape), the victims are exposed to somewhat weaker digestive juices, suffering only 1d6 damage each day. The sarlacc sustains creatures in this predicament by letting nutrients from its system seep in through their skin, preventing them from dying of hunger or thirst. Victims remain aware during their torturous stay in the secondary stomach, with the release of death a long way away.

Perhaps the only redeeming feature of being imprisoned in the sarlacc's secondary stomachs is that its Damage Reduction does not apply to attacks from the inside. Someone trapped inside who freed an arm could launch an attack against the sarlacc's stomach wall and conceivably fight through to the earth outside the beast and dig upward to freedom. Provided the sarlacc's cilia were not able to again restrain the victim, one need only inflict 80 points of damage to create an opening in the stomach wall large enough to climb through.

Many believe the Sarlacc of Aargonar to be a unique creature, but in fact there are more like it in other isolated parts of the planet, where they are treated with great respect -- even reverence -- by locals. Some people have been known to sacrifice victims to these sarlaccs to appease their hunger.

Sarlacc: predator 10; Init +0; Def 23 (+11 natural, +10 cover, -8 size); Spd ?; VP/WP 200/320; Atk +16 melee (dmg special, 7 tentacles) or +18/+13 (dmg 6d8+15, crit 18-20, bite); SQ DR 25; SV Fort +20, Ref +7, Will +2; SZ C; Str 42 (22), Dex 10, Con 40, Int 4, Wis 8, Cha 7, Challenge
Skills: Hide +10, Listen +9, Survival +9
Feats: Multi-attack

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