DIY Han Solo in Guacamite

February 2, 2010

Last February, we reported about the awesome Han in Carbonite “He’s No Guac to Me Dead” entry by Rob Saccenti at Guac Bowl 2009. So in honor of Guac Bowl 2010 we couldn’t help but hope Rob would give fans a few pointers how to do their own tasty tribute to Han.

Here’s some great tips Rob posted on his blog awhile back in this step-by-step process for making his Han in Guacamite masterpiece in case any fans want to try it themselves. Just be sure you have 50 avocados worth of guacamole on hand!

I built a 6′8″ x 2′8″ frame using 2×8 redwood boards. I made an inside lip out of 2×4s, leaving just enough room (3/4″) so that my 6′5″ x 2′5″ MDF board would be flush with the top when I dropped it into the frame, and then trimmed it all out with door casing. I used bondo to seal all my gaps and nail holes.

The only piece I bought ahead of time was the face, because I knew it was the most important part of the whole thing. I was lucky enough to find master special effects makeup artist Bill Forsche through the internet, who just happened to have an amazing sculpt of Han’s carbonite-frozen face.

I got the frame built, and starting adding the face and body elements. After making his legs out of chicken wire, I started sizing, cutting, and preparing the clothes for the papier mache bath.

The body was created using a plastic torso I found at a used mannequin/store display shop downtown. It only went down to the top of the thigh, so I had to build out the rest of his legs to the knees using molded chicken wire. The hands were tough…One hand was made using one of those articulated wooden artist’s hands you can buy at an art store, and covered it in papier mache. The other hand, not nearly as nice, was foil covered in papier mache.

The boots were old work boot toes I cut and epoxied to the board. For the clothes, I cut up and old t-shirt and pair of Dickies, and dipped them into a papier mache bath (flour, water, and Elmer’s glue) that Emily prepared. The next day, the clothes were still a little damp, but the warmth of the sun was definitely helping. While I waited, I started painting the frame, and I ran to the hardware store to pick up 6 paper towel holders to spray paint silver and add a little detail to the side panels. By the time I came back, Han was dry, and I finished the paint job.

Check out the photos and instructions here:
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(via NBC Los Angeles)

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  1. Doesn’t get much better than this. Extremely well done!

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